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Severe acid reflux problem..

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  • Severe acid reflux problem..

    Hello all,
    I have been suffering from severe acid reflux problem for last 5 yrs and following are my details:


    Problems and details:

    Probable cause:Stress and some other medications + food habits whihc prescipitated the problem

    Problem: Acid reflxu problem every night and on waking up. No hearburn but acid come s up down the throat making it sore everyday

    Problem worse after: Eating food, drinks especialy tea, about of stress etc. Any gas orr petrol smell.

    Stools:Iritated after the problem staretd, usually tend to be bulky and foul smelling
    Sometimes irritaion in rectum region. Also mild abdominal pain sometimes especially after taking antacids

    Mouth: Get mouth ulcers every two weeks especilayy when acid reflix is worse..
    Urine: Normal



    Metabolism: Poor tend to gain weight easily

    Eyes: Some pain or pressure in eyes
    Head: Pressure in forehead
    Mind:Quiet overall but gets irritated by small and petty things.
    Friends; Not many
    Also I hjave lways been kind of sick having something or other all the time jumping from one problem to another, always been stres sprone and tendency to think deepely about small small things.
    Medicines used:Antacids

    Homeopathihc meds used in past: Phos, Nux Vomica

    Phos 1M helped just a little bit but afterwards effects s went away.

    Nux Vomica 200 hasn't helped much.

    Let me know if you need further information.

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    China c200, one dose.once.


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      Thanks, GM will this help with my recurrence of mouth ulcers also. Let me know..


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        Does thos ulcers itch?? Pains, burn? and the colour and placement of them??
        Do you smoke? use tobacco?


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          larryj With those cholesterol and trygl levels, could you tell a little more about your lifestlyle. 240 Ch and 400 trygl is not to be ignored. Also, foul smelling stool. This all adds up to an acid problem coming up. A remedy might do for you, but you need to tell more about yourself.


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            GM, these ulcers just pain but its berable and doesn't hurt while eating food. Only when you press it more with hands it pains
            I do not use tobacco or smoke Also does this chnage my remedy
            Also Kylene, my chiolestrol levels is because of heredeitary, i now maintain a very healthy diet with lots of ruits and begatables.

            Could you elaborate ypou comments on foul smelling stools and acid coming up?


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              These ulcers are in the mouth just below front teeth.


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                Yes it changes things, it changes remedy, use Petroleum c200 one dose once. report back after three days.
                And i have to ask, do you have seasickness, or travelsickness??
                PS. monitor will go down, and to get it further down use Udos Choice, a food oil with essential fats that you need, adn ti blocks bad fat that gives colesterol.
                Also high doses of vit E, pluss use 50 uie of zing prday.


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                  Also one more thing just came back from a doctor doc told me that I have psorais pathc on one of the elbows of hand. Its a smalll patch. Let me know if this chnages theremedy any further.


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                    It could, to sepia, but try petroleum first.
                    If to use sepia, avoid all acids, vinegars, coffe and wine.


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                      I still feel that remedy chosuld be China 200 as originally prescribed bY GM a that remedy matches most of the symptoms.


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                        GM as per ur instructions I took petroleum 200 but it had no effct whasoever. Acid refluc continues to eb same as before with bulky and sticky stools. Pleaseadvise what to do next.


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                          Well, have you followed the food prescriptions? and i would like to know what food you use to eat, and if any of them aggravates more than others, or give other problems.
                          Any spots on nails?..
                          Any fears,?? reaction to ligthning, changes?


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                            Well fod I am regulating quite a bit now.Somtime I take litle hot food with some chillies but 90% of times I am ok. I also take juices, carrit juice etc. Also I have seen hotr foo givesme abdominal pain.
                            Lightning etc have no effect on me.
                            Other details;
                            Buly and sticky stools. The first part of teh stool is unform and then it become sticky and then it ok again.
                            Stool often chnages very days, sometime diarehhea type sometimes normal.
                            abdominal pin on bothe left and right side.
                            recurrence of mouthe ulcers evbery two weeks
                            some burning etc in rectum region especially on drinking tea
                            Like tea a lot and drink two cups a day.
                            Eat ice cream, chocolate etc sometimes.

                            See my firts post for further details.
                            Thanks GM.


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                              Another thing you want to do with acid reflux is to go to the doctor & get the blood test for H. pylori. If you test positive, then the medicine--HELIDAC--will kill it off. Plus it will also kill of protozoans & amoebas.
                              It is the metronidazole that kills off the bugs.
                              Helicobactor pylori causes ulcers, so does aspirins, and these ulcers can turn to cancer, so take it serious.
                              Search for H. pylori & HELIDAC, in the internet for more info.