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mycobacterium avium complex-third ocurrance

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  • mycobacterium avium complex-third ocurrance

    Once again I have been diagnosed with MAC; first in fall 2008, then fall 2009 and again this spring. According to the ct scan, it has actually spread into new areas of my lungs. I am doing hydrotherapy and diathermy 3 times a week and getting weekly IV's of nutrients, but would like to explore this using homeopathy; with hopes of getting to the core issues. I have used homeopathy with success in the past.

    Can anyone help? What do you need to more about? General symptoms: cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, night sweats, weight loss.

    Thank you, anyone for your help.

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    I really think you need to find a highly qualified and experienced Homeopath in your area

    I think your case would be far too complex for any internet forum to treat

    You will need to record in minute detail your symptoms and how they affect you
    plus your own personality and what weather /foods etc agree or disagree

    Getting exactly the right remedy to resolve your problem is complex


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      Thank you-I understand. I will do that.