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bumps on nose (Rosacea and Rhinophyma)

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  • bumps on nose (Rosacea and Rhinophyma)

    Hi there,
    i am 37 and a strong beliver of homaopathy and had remidies from different homeopaths which worked perfectly fine, now recently i have devloped bumps on nose and very few tiny red viens appearing side of my nose, my nose is getting like bulbouse (Rosacea and Rhinophyma).

    A month ago i ve been given lycopodium 10m for my other symptoms. my next appointment with homeopath is in mid feb.
    can someone advise me about the above condition and any remidy.
    many thanks in advance

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    Sounds like rosacea.

    You could try putting something that is anti-inflammatory such as coconut oil. Some people feel that poor digestion causes it. Perhaps trying to improve your digestion through adding good bactera. Probiotics is one way, which is in yogurt.

    There is also something called prebiotics that are 10x better than the stuff in yogurt.

    Geting too much sun, spicy foods and stress could also be culprits, so maybe reduce them.

    Here is a video on what causes rosacea as well as more ideas on dealing with it. Hope it might help.