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    Selection of a potency is important while treating a patient there are certain critaria the lower and higher potencies suits to the patients of their nature...opinon and experience invited

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    Over 8% of the population receives addiction medication which is why addictive disorders must be openly discussed. Serenity addictive disorders are just like any other illness that can be easily treated with proper care and management.

    Serenity cannabis withdrawal | Serenity codeine withdrawal


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      potency selection ..secondary to med choice..yet once ful case analysis..and most homoepathic remedy is chosen (following all guidlines established in organon)
      then smallest dose given experience dictates..yet question is "wht is the smallest dose?" the referenc e to experience ....let's say starting with no experience yet ..fully have read rereda understnad homoeopathic principles liad out in ''organon'' we start as new prescriber..1st time 1st case......we need know the sensitivity of individual ..some of which can be determined thru full case analysis..investagtaio..yet not fully known....this brings us to paragraphs "organon 6th edition).if this has been studied .over and over ..and understood ..then application and how respond to the dosing response/lack of is already explained......hope helps


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        Dr. Herring said: "to find the right homeopathic medicine is a science, but to choose the right potency is the art".
        You can read more here:
        Philadelphia Holistic Clinic - The Home for Alternative Medicine in Philadelphia founded & directed by Medical Doctor, Homeopath, & Hypnotist - Victor Tsan