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Azoosermia Homeopathy Treatment Advantages

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  • Azoosermia Homeopathy Treatment Advantages

    Advantage of treatment
    • The homeopathy treatment is completely free of any side effects. Medicine is effective in 95% in sperm abnormalities i.e. Low Sperm count, Low Motility, Low Semen Quantity and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology.
    • It is the fastest among all treatment. It raises sperm count fourfold with every monthís treatment till optimum count. So with low sperm count like 3 million per ml. to normal count of 40 million per ml. can be achieved within 2 to 12 months of treatment.
    • The lowest count which can be helped is 1 lac per ml or 0.1 million per ml. Below, this the result may be variable.
    • Homeopathic treatment support azoospermia or zero count at all. It improves not only sperm count but also itís quality. It raises low sperm motility to high sperm motility. It also improves grades of sperm motility simultaneously.
    • The success rate of system is very high. In about 3000 patients, it succeeded in 95% of the patients. The Medicine provide by us are free from hormone.
    Dr Harshad Raval MD Homeopathy
    Honorary consultant homeopathy physician to his Excellency Govern.of Gujarat India.

    Homeopathy Treatment

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    You get used to it.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post

    The homeopathy treatment [Homeopathic treatment] is completely free of any side effects.
    That's not true, and no less than the Law of Similars says so.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    Medicine [Homeopathic medicine] is effective in 95% in sperm abnormalities [i.e.,] i.e.[,] Low Sperm count [low sperm count], Low Motility [low motility], Low Semen Quantity [low semen quantity] and Abnormal Sperm Cell Morphology [abnormal sperm-cell morphology].
    That's true, but the illiteracy demonstrated by this abuse of capitalizations and the atrocious punctuation mistakes are uncharacteristic of scholars, which all real homeopaths are. However, like all such facts proven by our singular cures of endlessly incurable diseases in allopathic hands, I doubt that anyone will ever be able to actually prove that to allopathic standards because their double-blind drug trials are flawed in both basic parameters; i.e., 1) their names of diseases are total falsehoods and distortions of reality (viz., they're delusions, as allopathic psychiatrists would call them), and (2) their false notion that there are specific drugs for their flawed diagnostic categories is total nonsense. Therefore, only allopathic stooges ever engage in such hokum. In fact, it would be smarter to spit in the wind than try to prove things within allopathic parameters.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    It is the fastest of all treatments.
    Likewise, that's true. Allopaths don't care, though, and neither do the servile masses numbering in the billions. Indeed, the entire theoretical structure of allopathic medicine is totally wrong in every important detail, so they're wholly incapable of examining any evidence that calls them what they call themselves: quacks ("therapeutic incompetents"). What's wrong with that picture?

    Given the Golden Rule displayed in the nine specific Laws of Karma and Economy, things I have repeatedly stated here, allopaths violate every single one of them in everything they think, say and do. Therefore, if we were even slightly civilized, we'd simply exile them all to the Moon and be done with it. No, people clearly like and even love half-truths and lies and therefore embrace doctors without cures. God help us!

    Fortunately, allopaths will eventually murder all of them (euthanasia, they call it), and we'll simply run out of low-grade human Egos (Latin for "self," which is quite distinct from the Soul, which refers to our Egoic identity created by our Egoic memories from our 2000-3000 lives and which is why it's always referred to as being immortal but perishable in all legitimate literature) 1000 years from now, counting from November 1998, as they finally exit the possibility of life on this sacred planet of life by ignorantly either:

    1. Opting for embalming, which sustains the etheric energy pattern of the physical body and remains intact until the tissues fall away from the bones more than 5000 years from now, which is an insoluble problem because the universe-wide Progression of the Life Waves (PLW) will occur in about 7000 years and it takes one about 5000 years to reach human perfection (traditionally called Mastership) once First Degree Sainthood is reached, so they're all kaput or, as Christ said, "They will lose life [their Souls}";

    2. Exiting life as the rich, who number 9% of incarnant humanity at any given time, which also guarantees that a steady number of low-grade Egos will find themselves locked up discarnant awaiting the destruction of their clearly unwanted Souls at the PLW, so they're also kaput;

    3. Exiting life as men of war or the wives of them, and that also numbers a tremendous number of people because it includes vast numbers of people who adopt that primary attitude and worldview in all of its ramifications within the power structures, so they're also kaput; or

    4. Acquiescing to all of the power structures even though Christ denounced them all and condemned everyone in them to Hell, remembering that these insane power structures do nothing but create an endless stream of crime, corruption, tyranny and social injustices of all kinds and that they have remained the same since dynastic Egypt, which thus actually defines Western Civilization as beginning then; and we have to remember that Christ also condemned everyone in the masses (90% of incarnant humanity for the entire 26,000 years of the Dark Ages of our planet) for exactly this reason.

    It therefore doesn't actually matter that humanity as a whole thinks allopathically and creates all of these endless evils through ubiquitous ignorance, servility, complacence, selfishness, brainwashing and the horrible brain damage created by premature cutting of the umbilical cord -- the standard practice in partruition by god-damned allopaths. We will simply run out of these horrible people numbering in the billions, and there's no indication that this Great Plan of Christ to create the Kingdom of God on Earth will unfold any other way. If you believe otherwise, show me someone who doesn't think allopathically, who isn't a bottomless karmic pit resonant with Hell, who avoids involvement in the power structures as much as possible and certainly never votes because all politicians and governmental people are direct tools of Hell, who knows the requirements of discarnant Saints and thus knows how to attract them back into incarnation, who . . . (bla, bla, bla), such lists are endless. We can't fix this. We have to try, but nothing has ever demonstrated to me that anything but an extremely minor fraction of humanity (viz., class-A thinkers, numbering far less than 1% of incarnant humanity during these Dark Ages) deserves further life on this planet.

    Of course, it depends upon how high your idealism is, how great your sense of social justice is, what you want out of life, what you know about the nature of existence and the nature of the universe, how many of the truths of existence you know and lots more. It takes me about three minutes to size up most people as products of conditioning who have no idealism and foolishly believe this is a good culture even though it actually rates fifth/last in the only measure of civilization worth considering; namely, the number of Masters they've produced. So, I have no faith that this will change, and the constant unfoldment of Christ's Great Plan stultifies any dreamy-eyed foolishness and hope for this humanity. Put simply, they have to go, and Christ (our Regent ArchAngel) said so.

    For those who failed to connect the dots, it is intended that the 12 billion low-grade Egos in this 13-billion-member Human Life Wave choose unwisely and find themselves stuck discarnant so that only the one billion discarnant Saints are alone left to incarnate on the Earth. There is simply no other way to save them all, for those Saints will then reestablish the truths of existence as a birthright. It will take 1000 years to get rid of these ignorant monsters all around us. Thousands of questions reveal low-grade Egos, but a sure one is: What do you want out of life? They don't want much because they don't know anything worth knowing. It's pathetic, but you get used to it because you can't change it.

    Rather, the only way I have found is through homeotherapeutics, but very few people stay with me long enough to dismiss them as cured. You get used to it because you can't change it. My mommy told me this a long time ago, too: "Albert, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." It's all obvious. You simply need to discover the truths of existence by effort. "What did Christ mean by this?" Hardly anyone ever asks themselves these questions, and most of those who do ask the wrong people and are servile, so they get hopelessly lost. You get used to it.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    It raises sperm count four-fold with every monthís treatment 'til optimal count [is reached].
    That seems correct, but I've never seen any numbers like that.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    So, a low sperm count like three million per ml. to a normal count of 40 million per ml. can be achieved within 2-12 months of treatment.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    The lowest count that can be helped is one lac per ml (i.e., 0.1 million per ml.). Below this, the result may be variable.
    I have no idea if that's true or not, and I don't know what's meant by the last statement.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    Homeopathic treatment supports azospermia, or a zero count. It improves not only sperm count but also itís quality. It raises low sperm motility to high sperm motility. It also simultaneously improves grades of sperm motility.

    Originally posted by homeotreat View Post
    The success rate of this therapeutic system is very high. In about 3000 patients, it succeeded in 95% of the patients. The medicines provided by us are free from hormones.
    Like most of them around the world, the homeopathic pharmacies in India are wholly unreliable. In fact, the only ones I use come from Schmidt Nagel in Switzerland and Hahnemann Labs in the Bay Area of San Francisco. As for the medicines used, it can be guaranteed that they have particular ones for this issue because that's simply the way it is with Indian homeopathy because none of their schools teach Hahnemannian homeopathy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that in real homeotherapeutics. You get used to it.

    God bless!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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