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Experience with Homoepathy so far

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  • Experience with Homoepathy so far

    I am trying to find solutions foy my stomach problems through Homeopathy from last 3.5 years. I have tried both types of homeopaths - classical who gives single medicne at a time and then ask to wait for 2-3 weeks and non classical, who gives combinations.

    Whenever I am on classical mode of treatment I feel lethargic, sleepy and low on energey but with non classical treatment atleast i feel more strong and energetic. I feel this change of state as soon as within 12 hous of taking medicine in either mdoe of treatment.

    Now though I have read on many forums that classical treatment is right way of practising but the kind of lethargy, sleepinees and weakness during it has made me scared of classical mode of treatment. Atleast combination mode of treatment is making me feel better if not curing me fully. I persisted with classical treatment for long and in the hope of getting cured but now getting really frustrated with it.

    I am still looking for solution throguh homeopathy but dont know what is good for me. Should I go by my expereince or follow what i read on forums and at other places. I am really confused now and looking for some help from forum members.


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    First, read what I said here: Then, seek out Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel for his closest or most easily accessed student to you. While I find he's made a lot of both small and large mistakes in his large body of writings, none of them override my praises of him as the most reliable exponent of homeopathy in the whole of Asia.

    He's been at teaching homeopathy for centuries (my humor) and therefore surely has some competent student close to you or in a place where you can go with the help of family or friends to stay with for a couple-three days. He'll need to see you the first time and for occasional face-to-face case takings (say, once or twice a year), but intermediate follow-up interviews can now be done via the Internet's camera and voice functions on instant messaging, Skype and whatnot.

    Finally, you did not properly define classical homeopathy, and that proves the person or persons who told you they're classical homeopaths are just misguided high-potency pseudo homeopaths. Here's a superb calculus to discern this about them: Ask them if George Vithoulkas is a classical homeopath. If they say yes, run like hell from them because they have no business dispensing our medicines.

    God bless, dear!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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