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Folliculitis rash from Thuja remedy??

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  • Folliculitis rash from Thuja remedy??

    My homeopath prescribed me Thuja 3 LM. I have been taking this remedy for about 3 weeks now. My main concern has been daily loose stools which is why I began seeing her in the first place. A few days ago I developed a few red bumps on my neck and also on my trunk, the urgent care MD diagnosed this as folliculitis. Unfortunately my homeopath is out of the office for a few weeks and her partner took over her patients and she told me that yes it is possible that this rash is from thuja and she advised me to stop the remedy for a week. I am wondering what other peoples thoughts are on this?

    Thank you

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    Originally posted by vkorniye View Post
    . . . Thuja 3LM . . . for about 3 weeks now. . . .
    These drugs are taken in single doses in each potency except in infections, and this is invariable and is actually so because it's governed by the Law of the Single Dose, the fourth of four Laws of Therapeutics, all of which are just as absolute as those of chemistry and physics when properly understood how to apply and precipitate them. Also, the only proper way to utilize the Q-potencies ("quinquaginta-millessimal" potencies), which you and your homeopath are wrongly calling LM potencies due to British corruptions of this terminology in the 19th century, is by beginning with Q1, then Q2, Q3, etc. Therefore, there are two mistakes right there typical of high-potency pseudo homeopaths (HPHs), who're more accurately and charitably called quasi homeopaths because they do think homeopathically -- just not fully. Likewise, the only reliable pharmacies I am aware of are Schmidt-Nagel and Hahnemann Labs, and it's unlikely your prescriber knows what's wrong with all of the others. The main error of all of them is that they engage in what are called fluxion potentization. That's not the classical methodology of real homeopathy, so we just avoid those pharmacies as unreliable.

    Reliability is extremely important in homeopathy. In fact, it's what drove Samuel Hahnemann into exile inside his own country to a principality and the protection of someone who admired him and his new medical system. The German apothecaries never produced our drugs correctly but had a legal monopoly on manufacture of medicines, so he insisted upon making his own and that we do so also. They thus repeatedly brought suit against him and his students in his small clinic in Leipzig. After a much-loved German general and prince had basically crawled all the way from Vienna to Leipsig to be treated by Hahnemann but died about six months later despite the fact that he was a walking corpse by the time he and his small army of Germany's best soldiers -- all of whom had saved Germany from collapse after being attacked by Nepoleon -- arrived at Hahnemann's small clinic, the god-damned German apothecaries again brought suit against him. This time, it was devastating. Most of his students (MDs, all) were jailed, and Hahnemann was forced to flee.

    No, our drugs have to be made correctly because this medical system is inherently fragile. Any number of things can interfere in remedial medical reactions, and any number of adverse effects from poisons have to be ruled out before we can call any symptom part of disease. That's not all of it, either. We simply have to avoid anything that could be at all deleterious to our treatment, and incorrectly made drugs is high on the list.

    All of the drugs made by the other pharmacies appear to work but not as well as they should. We therefore tend to almost solely rely upon Just Schmidt-Nagel and Hahnemann Labs. That is to say, some people have made their own, but that's inside stuff I will not publicly discuss.

    Also, the fact that s/he is clearly an HPH does not automatically mean horrors are in store for you, but Hahnemannians know to avoid these mistakes. Please don't tell me your other symptoms. Just insist that your prescriber do it right. No repetition of doses is an absolute demand in homeopathy in chronic cases. I've written a lot about this here, so that's good enough.

    God bless!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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