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Can anybody help me to choose right medicine

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  • Can anybody help me to choose right medicine

    Dear All,

    Good Day !

    Since long time one patient is facing problem in taking breathe from his nose. Most of the time his right nostril is block and he has to take breathe from mouth but not satisfy 100%.

    He is also facing too much flatulence + belching.

    He went for Apendicitis surgery in 1999.

    He concern with Allopathic Doctor and initially they gave him a nasal spray that contain beclomethasone and Myteka tablets that is for chronic asthma.

    I will be appreciate if anybody can recommend me any medicine.


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    . . . Most of the time, his right nostril is blocked, and he has to breathe from his mouth but not satisfying him 100%. [Shortness of breath.]

    He is also facing too much flatulence + belching.

    He went for Apendicitis surgery in 1999.

    He is concerned with allopathic doctors, and they initially gave him a nasal spray that contains beclomethasone and Myteka tablets for chronic asthma.


    Sir, I like the question, but there's not enough information. There have to be more symptoms in such a case -- believe me. Nor is what you have provided of a sufficiently qualitative nature without any modalities hiding likely uncommon symptoms. So, inquire for them by asking open-ended questions (i.e., not ones that can be answered yes or no) something like this but in your own words looking for modalities:

    "Is there no condition of weather or position or anything you do or whatnot that allows you breath [to breathe] through both nostrils? The one is constantly blocked? That can't be! You didn't come out of the womb with this, so when is it not blocked, and how long has it been blocked? Better, how long does it stay unblocked, and what causes that? These things will be consistent. When, what, where . . . stuff like that.

    "Surely, mountain air would do that. Have you ever been to high altitudes and noticed something different? What makes it worse, too? What about wet weather? I'd guess that aggravates it; does it? How about eating hot peppers or spicy-hot food? That would clear the nostrils of a bull! What happens to you? Most Pakistani food, like Indian food, is extremely spicy and often quite hot. You don't eat spicy-hot food?

    "Better and worse . . . when is this blockage of your nostrils better and worse? Go home and think about it for a week or two because there have got to be answers to those questions. You've forgotten these details, but I need them. When is it better and worse?"

    There have got to be conditions that modify this blockage, and then there would be drainage. What about the drainage state? Does it run; does it bleed when this crusty stuff comes out; does it have any consistent color or character that seems strange? How long does it stay unblocked? I mean, for real, there are lots of such questions, so you’ve got to ask them in search of differential details.

    As for the nature of the person asking this question, I love it because the posting just exudes the humility of the real physician. We’re not dumb people, so this is not a merely intellectual humility forced by the size and grandeur of the universe or anything else about the magnificence of Nature or the effects of God or whatnot. No, devotion causes real humility, and a person is just lost if homeopathy doesn’t produce devotional love in them since it’s obvious that God created homeopathy so that, as Hahnemann put it, “we’re not helpless in diseases.”

    Nose, obstruction, right (K340 -- KENT0340 Alum., bapt., bor., brom., camph., carb-v., croc., gels., kali-bi., lac-c., lil-t., mag-c., nat-a., nicc., phyt., sars., sep., stict., Teucr., thuj., xan.

    Catarrh = Catarrh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Nose, catarrh, dry, chronic (K325 -- KENT0320 Carb-v., dulc., nat-m., Sil., spong., Stict., sulph.



    Eructations/belching with flatulence/farts is foolishly not listed in either Kent's REPERTORY (KENT0485) or in Boenninghausen's CHARACTERISTICS (Eructation. - BOENNINGHAUSEN'S CHARACTERISTICS MATERIA MADICA & REPERTORY - C.M. BOGER). Nor is a reverse search productive in KENT (KENT0545) or von Boenninghausen (Flatulence. - BOENNINGHAUSEN'S CHARACTERISTICS MATERIA MADICA & REPERTORY - C.M. BOGER). However, the online version of KENT does lead us to eructations ameliorate flatulence (KENT0545). That and their own knowledge of our materia medica should have told both authors they made a serious oversight by leaving out this common concomitant pair of symptoms. Some will argue that intestinal gases will produce both, but Nature has other ideas. Of course, one lacking would be peculiar, but that’s just one reason it should be listed. Neither is it listed under flatus in KENT (K617 -- KENT0615) or in any of the many entries I found for flatus and flatulence in BOENNINGHAUSEN (e.g., Hypochondria. - BOENNINGHAUSEN'S CHARACTERISTICS MATERIA MADICA & REPERTORY - C.M. BOGER). Such is the repertory, though, and why we need to fix it once and for all.

    First, notice all of the modalities of eructations (K489 -- KENT0485). He doesn't have any of those? That's extremely unlikely, sir, so keep digging.

    Second, this would normally cause extremely bad breath, the fancy word for which is halitosis. If he doesn't have that, I'm inclined to think that's important as unexpected and thus strange in the same way an insulin-dependent diabetic without thirst would be very strange, rare and peculiar. Halitosis or not?

    Shortness of breath seems to be what you meant by it being less than 100%, but the actual statements of patients are pivotally important. We transfer them into the language of the repertory, but that’s sometimes wrong. For instance, there’s gasping, difficult respiration from eructations and whatnot. And there’s impeded/obstructed breath from flatulency. What did he actually say?

    IMPEDED, obstructed (KENT0770 Abrot., acon., anac., ant-t., arn., ars-h., ars., aur-m., bar-c., bell., berb., bism., brom., bry., cact., calc-p., calc., camph., cann-s., canth., caps., carb-an., carb-v., caust., cham., chin., chlor., cimx., Cina., clem., cocc., con., croc., crot-c., cub., cupr., dig., dol., eupho., grat., hell., hydr-ac., ign., iod., kali-bi., lach., laur., led., lyc., merc-c., merc., nat-m., nicc., Nit-ac., nux-m., nux-v., ol-an., op., phos., pic-ac., plb., podo., psor., puls., ran-s., rumx., ruta., sabad., samb., sant., sel., sil., spong., squil., stann., stram., sul-ac., sulph., valer., verat., verb., vesp.

    Ultimately, these scant cases from novices and well-meaning but overwhelmed experienced prescribers encountering allopathicly minded patients are like big puzzles with only a few pieces seen. What if this guy is an alcoholic or drug fiend in a Muslim country? That would be very important. What if he occasionally has distinctive and therapeutically differential headaches?

    There could be many details that are simply missing because modern patients foolishly expect the same from us as they get from allopaths and thus offer us no more information. They'll go, "What does that have to do with this?" Disease is fully interrelated throughout one's life -- period! Allopaths and their seven-billion patients think it's not. They think diseases are each separate events, so they eventually throw in dozens of drugs for each and every thing they can treat. God, help us!

    So, without further time to devote to this question and further searches, I can only notice what comes up in the man's history of appendicitis:

    Abdomen, inflammation, appendicitis (K552 -- KENT0550 Bell., Bry., cadm., calc-s., chel., chin., cocc., con., crot-c., dulc., echi., graph., hep., lach., lyc., Merc-c., merc., nit-ac., Phos., plb., Sil., ter.

    Good luck, and God bless!
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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      Thanks for your detailed reply.

      I took some other information as per below details:

      Maxillary Sinusitis
      Inferior Turbinate

      He is not taking too much spicies, but whenever he is taking then his nostril is open and running water

      Normally during bath is nostril is open

      He is in too much tension due to financial and other domestic problems

      His age is 47 years, Physical fitness is normal.

      He is also facing problem in sleeping, several times disturb during sleeping. different types of dreams came.

      His diet is normal, normally he like pulses and veg and in a week or twice he is taking white meat and very rarely red meat.

      Some times feel better in open air and some time worse.

      His chest X-Ray is clear.

      Still I am trying my level best to do some more digging for his proper treatment.


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        Originally posted by akghauri View Post
        . . . Normally, during bath, his nostril is open. [Didn't find a relevant rubric for that, but it probably does exist.]

        He is in too much tension due to financial and other domestic problems. [What does that mean?]

        . . . He is also facing problem in sleeping, several times disturb during sleeping. different types of dreams came. [Details, details, details, sir.]
        This is not a well-taken case, sir. There are any number of issues we need to look into before we call the case well taken. Axiomatically, a well-taken case is half-cured because the indicated remedy comes through that. You don't have that and would be well advised to start again after rereading what Hahnemann says about properly taking the case in the ORGANON.

        If you don't, or if the patient is unwilling (that happens), you can try a drug because the one I'm thinking of that came up from looking up "right catarrh" certainly has all of those accessory and therapeutically unimportant symptoms, especially the belching and intestinal gases in general. In fact, it's quite famous in homeopathy for that singular complaint. I don't know why (probably from low-potency pseudo homeopaths prescribing on lone symptoms), but it is solely listed. None of these are particularly important concerns, but that's also the Lycopodium mindset of cowardly types. For instance, President Clinton is a typical Lycopodium patient. He's kind of a whiner and does little more than sell total hokum as a used-car salesman. Yeah, and he was President of the United States. Who is surprised? Anyway, look at this:

        Originally posted by KENT'S_REPERTORY
        , right (K324 -- KENT0320 Lyc.
        Unbelievably, it lists only Lycopodium. That can't be (i.e., it would have to be an undeveloped subrubric), but you can try that remedy in a single dose and see what happens; just one dose, sir. Odder things have happened. It has to be from a reliable pharmacy, too, and I'm not aware of any in Asia. We use Schmidt-Nagel and Hahnemann Labs as well as ones privately manufactured by dedicated homeopaths and pharmacists. All of the ones in India and everywhere else I'm aware of use fluxion potentization. That method works but just not as well as they do in the traditional method of Hahnemann, so we just avoid them.

        I'd bet it won't work, though, because you don't have three differential symptoms, and everybody has those. Three or more uncommon/differential symptoms lead to an unambiguous/homeopathic prescription because only one drug will have those when we check for actual homeopathicity in the materia medica. Strictly speaking, three or more uncommon symptoms will produce somewhere between three and five drugs running though those strange, rare and peculiar symptoms, and then we check for actual homeopathicity in the statements of the provers with those of the patient.

        Whenever someone tells you some symptom, leave blank spaces for the details you're later supposed to look for according to these four parameters of well-taken symptoms:

        sensation (usually a pain)

        You don't interrupt them, though. You just say, "What else?" or the like. They'll keep telling you stuff. You then inquire about the issues they haven't mentioned. "No headaches? No sleep disturbances? No skin problems? No sight issues?" There are numerous issues to inquire into, and we have to do it because past symptoms will almost invariably also point to the indicated remedy since a person's current totality of symptoms changes as they age but still indicate the one drug. You keep going in this search for a well-taken case. Only when you've exhausted all of that and they cease having things to say after you ask "What else?" can you inquire into the details about the symptoms they've told you.

        I'm not in the business of explaining these basic things, sir, so I'm not sure what else I can tell you. I'd try Lyc. but insist upon telling the person it probably won't work because it probably won't.

        Homeopathy is a noble thing, sir. Keep studying. You'll get it if you persist and keep penetrating what Hahnemann said. Subsequent Hahnemannians simply perfected it, so you read them, too. Carry on, sir.

        God bless!
        Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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          Respected Sir,

          Thanks once again for your detailed reply.

          Yes you are 100% right that still I am not satisfy with my case taking.

          Unfortunately in our region if we will ask any question from patient for his family history and other details mostly patient shouted on us we came here for our treatment not for our family treatment.

          Another mentality is that every patient wants to cure with 1 or 2 doses while in homoeopathy it will take time.

          As our theory that we have to prescript single dose medicine and wait for the result for the result, but mostly homoeopaths are now use too to prescribed homoeopathic combinations or more than 3 / 4 different medicines in a day just like a allopaths treatment.

          Anyway I am very junior chap in this field and want to learn from you kind honour.

          Can you advise me any good book for potencies.
          Because we learn that in acute cases we have to use below 30C and for chronic cases we have to go above 200C.

          In your above msg you advise Lycopodium but no potency mentioned.

          In my opinion I have to recommend 30C or 200C what's your guidance.

          In our homoeopathay we have to take all symtoms from head to feet and then prescribed any single medicine according to patients whole symtoms. But that is very difficult now days as people are use too to take heavy dose antibiotics medicines for their cure.

          I will be grateful to you, if you can learn me more to become a good homoeopaths.

          Once again I am really thankful to you for your detailed guidance.

          Take Care Sir.


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            Originally posted by akghauri View Post
            . . . Unfortunately, in our region, if we will ask any question of a patient about his family history and other details, they mostly shout at us, "We came here for our treatment, not for our family treatment!"
            Okay, first understand that I did not say anything about inquiring into the guy's family history. I well understand that it is a common belief today that so-called "miasms" will run through families, but that (1) is an extreme distortion of the meaning of miasm (literally, "contagion"), and (2) it horribly misrepresents Hahnemann's brilliant and very logical but nonetheless erroneous/failed Theory of Chronic Diseases. I'll therefore try to briefly, succinctly explain this yet again in this forum.

            Having seen and cured no less than malaria, gonorrhea and syphilis (all of which were endemic in his time and constituted constant horrors for him and his students beyond our wildest imaginings!) in his first five years after rediscovering homeopathy -- "rediscovered" meaning that it was previously known as spagyric medicine, of which he was aware, then Hermetic medicine before that and also an unnamed form of homeopathy in the ancient Rama Empire of India, neither of which he was aware of -- and having been cognizant of pathogens as a true pioneer in bacteriology, virology, immunology, epidemiology, etc., far earlier than almost anyone in allopathic medicine and certainly a full century before the general acceptance of infectious diseases, which was marked in time by Koch's Three Postulates, Hahnemann reasoned that all of the other horrible skin diseases constantly all around him would reasonably also be attributable to some little beastie. He named this hypothetical pathogen psora and commenced to search for the cure-all for it. His Theory of Chronic Diseases held that it causes all other chronic diseases, but it doesn't. Even though he was clearly prepared to adjust his theory to however many pathogens he might discover as causative of chronic diseases, he never found any.

            It turns out, however, that there are a lot of them, tubercular bacillus, cytomegalavirus and heliocobactor pylori being prominent among them today; and certainly long-term poisonings are another major body of what he called "avoidable disease agents and influences." Likewise, everything else he said about chronic diseases was absolutely correct, especially his observations about the Laws of Cure, which Constantine Hering would later simply reduce to the cogent statements demanded of natural laws, as were Hahnemann's observations about an invisible level of being that's actually responsible for all diseases. Here, you have to understand that pathogens are but half of the picture of infectious diseases, an immature, dysfunctional or fully compromised immune system (fully compromised being almost solely attributable to god-damned allopath) being the other half.

            Nonetheless, that part of his theory attributing all other chronic diseases to psora was wrong. So what! Having been right about almost everything else in medicine and certainly 10,000-million-gazillion times more correct than anyone else in the entire history of medicine, he's permitted this mistake -- period! Moreover, all of his experience with infectious diseases that have chronic sequel led him to believe it was right, and there was no other way to discover it was wrong than to search for the one drug that would cure all other chronic diseases.

            That's Hahnemann, the true scientist. Hence, we never find him surrendering his theory as wrong because he had no reason to believe it was. Indeed, Constantine Hering, the Father of American Homeopathy, picked up that mantle and continued the search, mostly by exhaustively testing Psorinum, the potentized pus from scabies. No, there is no cure-all for all other chronic diseases. The theory is wrong.

            Hahnemann was instead right early on when he several times said within THE LESSER WRITINGS, "Diseases are infinite in number and will never be seen exactly the same again." That's why we need all of these drugs and more. Specifically, there are no specifics (specific drugs) for specific diseases -- period! Even Hahnemann's specifics for malaria, gonorrhea and syphilis are now listed among many of our drugs that have since cured them.

            The theory was wrong, so just ignore all you hear from George Vithoulkas and his followers about so-called "miasmatic layers" of disease transferred through generations. While they do transfer through generations, that idea of so-called “miasmatic layers” has nothing to do with Hahnemann's Theory of Chronic Diseases and is just a notion of high-potency pseudo homeopaths (HPHs), people innately given to presumptuous psychobabble as extremely right-brain dominant personalities. In fact, they use it to justify their wrong prescriptions by saying stuff like this: “Oh, it would appear we’ve lifted one miasm, and now you need another remedy, probably a nosode.“ Get away from me! The best that notion can do for us is to instantly identify HPHs so that we can run like hell from them.

            Why people don't is beyond conception since all it really demonstrates is the servile nature of almost everyone alive. Servile means something like "blind obedience to authority." Right, they essentially say, "I'll follow you right into Hell!" Get away from me!

            As for people shouting at us, don't put up with that. "If you shout at me again, you're out of here, pal!" I well understand the mentality, sir, but don't put up with it as a homeopath. You can surely find something else to do for work while you continue your private studies of Hahnemann and subsequent Hahnemannians and only occasionally take cases so that you can do this right. You really have no choice, anyway, because it takes a long time to understand homeopathy, and they certainly don't teach Hahnemannian homeopathy in any of the schools around the world.

            Originally posted by akghauri View Post
            Another mentality is that every patient wants cure with 1 or 2 doses, while in homoeopathy it will take time.
            That's generally true, but not for the reasons you seem to believe. Trust me, when you finally hit someone's indicated remedy, the curative effects will be almost instantaneous and will continue through subsequent potencies. That's how we have eternal power over all natural diseases, for they will all yield to Nature's insistence that no two similar diseases can exist in the same organism. Actually, it does appear that chronic diseases often today are allowed to advance too far for even our divine medicines to correct, especially given severe disruptions of their symptoms by allopaths throwing in years of poisons and similar high-interference interventions with the knife and ray gun without any possibility of cures. That should not, however, be allowed to happen, so it has nothing to do with us. It thus takes ascending potencies until it's all gone, and that often takes years in this allopathic environment. You’ll read in the back of the ORGANON what Hahnemann says about that final dose of a person’s indicated remedy instead producing symptoms because the person is finally healthy, and their organism can thus only react that way with them being a prover of our drugs.

            Originally posted by akghauri View Post
            As for our theory that we have to prescribe single-dose medicines and wait for the result, most homoeopaths are now used to prescribing homoeopathic combinations of more than 3 or 4 different medicines in a day just like a allopaths treatment.
            Right, and to Hell with them, too! The Law of the Single Remedy, a direct cognate of the Law of Similars, and the Law of the Single Dose, which is similarly a direct cognate of the Law of the Minimum or Optimally Ultramolecular Dose, are not mere theories. These are actual natural laws mediated by presently unknown fundamental forces of nature specific to medicine. After all, they couldn’t be the universe-wide absolutes we know they are unless some presently unknown fundamental forces of nature specific to living organisms and unique to homeopathy and its three previous forms drive and order them.

            Look at the four presently recognized fundamental forces of nature, five if one includes the colour force to explain quarks. None of them are specific to living organisms. Indeed, school scientists don’t have the slightest idea of any of those, and yet there would have to be a great many given that far more things are living than mere dust and rocks and the so-called “no-thing universe.” It turns out that medicine has some of those, and homeopathy alone applies them. Who is surprised?

            The people you’re talking about don't understand this any more than do allopaths, so abandon them to their own destruction just like we do all allopaths. Indeed, pseudo homeopaths are really just allopaths who tinker with homeopathic drugs and use them in allopathic ways. What small Minds and careless personalities they are that they've never seen fit to study Hahnemann or subsequent Hahnemannians sufficient to understand them. In no other profession or academic discipline does such arrogance exist except among allopaths and pseudo homeopaths. What does that tell you? Imagine a physicist saying, “No, we don’t need Newton anymore!”; a chemist saying, “We don’t need Dalton anymore!“; an educator saying, “We don’t need Amos Comenius anymore!”; an English linguist saying, “We don’t need Shakespeare anymore!”; or any other supposed expert at something saying that about their pioneer and the father of their profession. It will never happen! Yeah, well, it happens with pseudo homeopaths and allopaths. God, help us!

            Indeed, most of those people also don't have the slightest idea of how to use the homeopathic repertory, but we are totally lost without it! You can’t remember 80,000-million-gazillion symptoms or even 1000 with the precision demanded of homeopathcity. No, they instead have these quasi-allopathic notions of small sets of symptoms of our drugs even though each of them will produce and cure more than 5000 symptoms. For instance, they’ll go, “But he doesn’t have the gastrointestinal complaints [typical, although they forget that stipulation] of Lycopodium patients.“ We respond: “So what! He probably did earlier, but you never bothered to inquire about them, did you, you lazy moron!?” You'll constantly witness these abominations of pseudo homeopathy, and you'll eventually take such fools to task for corrupting, adulterating and destroying homeopathy because the Golden Rule requires it of us, of the Truth, of humanity and of the future.

            Originally posted by akghauri View Post
            Can you advise me any good book for potencies?
            Because we learn that in acute cases, we have to use below 30c, and for chronic cases, we have to go above 200c.
            That's not true. All of the problems encountered with C-potencies went away when Hahnemann developed the Q-potencies. For readers, C-potencies means those serially diluted at 1:100 and then succussed in half-full vials, and Q-potencies means those serially diluted at 1:50,000 and then succussed (stridently shook) in half-full vials with the important but little-recognized difference being that we instead also begin the development of Q-potencies with a single micro-globule instead of with a single drop as with C-potencies. (Forget the D-potencies because low-potency pseudo homeopaths developed that scale in the 19th century, but no Hahnemannians or even high-potency pseudo homeopaths ever use them.) Likewise, we always begin with Q1 "and proceed as necessary" (Hahnemann, Article 270, ORGANON OF MEDICINE, best rendered into English within the Kunzli et al. translation of 1982).

            It turns out that the higher C-potencies cannot be repeated in still higher potencies as often as necessary, and they also act with violence we cannot get rid of with any adjustments of our methodologies. For instance, they can last for months and preclude repetition of the indicated remedy in a higher potency. “That’s not acceptable!” In fact, I put that in quotation marks because I can well imagine Hahnemann banging his fist on a table as he shouts that and then suddenly realizes the solution is a wider dispersion ratio. For historical purposes, it appears that Constantine Hering gave him the hint for that new scale by suggesting either a 1:5000 or 1:10,000 ratio -- I don’t remember which.

            Again, all of those problems just went away with Hahnemann's new pharmacological advancement he called the Q-potencies. It was his last of many major advancements to medicine, so it‘s no small thing and certainly does not deserve to be virtually unknown today. You won’t read a proper English-language rendering of Article 270 in other than the Kunzli et al. translation, and that’s most certainly not the one available online, which -- God, help us! -- was translated by a low-potency pseudo homeopath.

            You can still use C-potencies, though. You simply have to understand their limitations and correctly interpret reactions according to these facts. I rarely use them anymore but do, especially in infectious cases.

            Again, pay attention to the fact that most Hahnemannians exclusively get our drugs from either Schmidt-Nagel or Hahnemann Labs or from private manufacture by dedicated homeopaths and private homeopathic pharmacists because they're almost solely reliable in the way we need them to be. By comparison, I cringe when I think of what Indian and Pakistanni homeopathic pharmacies produce, but they‘re actually about equal to all U.S., British and French homeopathic pharmacies. We’d stop that if we could.

            Originally posted by akghauri View Post
            In your above message, you advised Lycopodium but no potency was mentioned.

            In my opinion, I have to recommend 30c or 200c.
            Yeah, but remember that I said just one dose and most especially said that it probably wouldn't work because so little indicates it. It's rather striking that his right, chronically stopped-up nostril and his chronic complaint of constant gastrointestinal gases seem to indicate Lycopodium, as does a general read of his concerns, but that doesn't constitute actual homeopathicity because lots of other drugs also have those kinds of complaints. It's just a possibility that it could work, and patients like the guy you're talking about would be grateful for the rest of their lives.

            You can’t ever pay for cure with money, but we don’t do this for profit, anyway. “What are you going to pay me? You’re a billionaire; I want all of it so that I could actually do some good with it, you mongrel!” No, that’s not going to happen with me because I won’t take the cases of the rich, and they wouldn’t do it, anyway. What are you going to pay me? Here’s a little scenario:

            “Oh, doctor, you’ll surely come to my home tonight for a feast, won’t you? I want my family, friends and business colleagues to meet you. Can I paint your house? Does your child need a bicycle? I have an extra car -- a good one! We have extra chickens. I‘ll fetch you whatever you need for the rest of your life; just ask.”

            Whatever. Money should have nothing to do with medicine -- period! We today think it’s a business because it is one in god-damned allopathic hands, but governments should understand that health is a divine right of all citizens! With the mongrels presently in charge of all governments and all private interests, do you think we’ll ever see that happen? Dream on. It will eventually happen when all of those people in positions of power are locked up discarnant so that we can properly render civilization into existence, but there are billions of reprobates ready to take those positions of power, so it will only happen when we totally reform civilization according to the Golden Rule.

            That’s one of the essential elements of Christ’s message, sir. He called it the future Kingdom of God on Earth. It will happen but not within our lifetimes because we first have to get rid of all the tyrants and demagogues by allowing them to destroy themselves through (1) embalming, (2) exiting life as the rich, (3) exiting life as men or war and their mates and (4) people exiting life after having mindlessly sustained all of the evil power structures Christ condemned to Hell. Beginning in November 1998, the hyper-accurate pyramid prophecies of the Great Pyramid of Giza show that Christ has given over 1000 years of His Great Plan to save this wretched humanity from its own much-deserved destruction by allowing that removal from the possibility for further life to happen at their own hands. BTW, only God could do that! We’ll clearly see great changes within our lifetimes because humanity simply cannot go on the way it is and expect the Earth to survive, but we won’t see this level of change while we live because all of the power structures will preclude it as tools of Hell and tools of god-damned allopath because allopathic medicine is extremely profitable.

            Which potency? 12c, sir. Better, Q1, because what are you going to do if it does prove to be his simillimum ("thing most similar") but you instead began with centennial potencies? "Huh, which Q-potency fits between 200c and 1M?" None! It's close to being like the difference between apples and oranges, so there is no answer. You're therefore then stuck having to begin anew with Q1, but then you have a different set of problems of interpretation. That's just one of many reasons we rarely use the C-scale of dynamization.

            As far as I know, no homeopathic pharmacy actually makes them correctly with the correctly sized micro-globule, but it's a rather small point compared to their benefits even with the wrongly sized medium. 12c would be a reasonable initial potency because it's ultramolecular.

            As for your silly praises of me, just forget that, sir. In Islam, people wonderfully insist upon giving all praises to the Prophet and Allah: “All praise to God and His Prophet!” That’s wonderful, but why do they do that? Because ordinary people really don't deserve it. Restated, if people do good, they really only ever do so because their Minds and hearts are turned to God to do His good works in this world. True religious thought does that to one, and one of the admirable characteristics of Muslims is that they are required at the behest of God to feed a hungry person. Likewise, the Golden Age of Islam was one of the most civilized periods of known history with major Islamic cities having almost no policemen because real Muslims are self-governed people. I quote Thomas Paine, the true Father of both “these united states of America,” a phrase he coined, and the true Father of the Republic of France: “A self-governed man is the key to civilization!” Yeah, quite true.

            If you want to praise anyone in homeopathy, give it to Hahnemann. The world was truly lost before he resurrected homeopathy from the ashes. For instance, what was the life expectancy for someone like him born in 1755? Ready, Eddy? Twenty-five years, and a person was damn lucky to live to be 40! That’s almost as bad as it was during the advent of Christ. He gave us back the true Science of Medicine, so praise him.

            God bless!
            Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
   and and and


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              Serenity cannabis withdrawal | Serenity codeine withdrawal


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                This patient may suffer from either sinusitis or adenoids, or polyps, or allergy. For each of these diagnoses the treatment would be different. Also, don't forget that the constitutional part of the diagnostic in homeopathy even more important than symptoms.
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