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    My name is asim and i am a 26 years old boy.My problem is that as soon as summer season comes, my palms and foot underneath start to perspire excessively. As soon as i go under sun perspiration start to come on my hands palms .palms sweat with chest anxiety in chest region. i am thin lean dark complection. in routine hands remain cold. palm become sweaty in blanket while exhursion when exposed to sun and when in warm room or near fire or when i wear warm cloths. in humid weather and summer every year problem aggravates. i use calcaera carbonica 200 for 5 days on daily basis but no improvement.. one thing i want to add is that palms sweat after taking tea as well with chest anxiety. what should i do next its been happening for last 8 years.kindly suggest me an alternate medicine.

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    I use calcaera carbonica 200 for 5 times on regular foundation but no enhancement. One factor I want to add is that hands sweating after getting tea as well with chest area stress.
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