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Return of the Cold From Hell

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  • Return of the Cold From Hell

    Hello forum. I hope you can help me minimize what will be a wretched next few weeks.

    My colds are usually the same: lethargic, low grade fever, stuffy nose, sore throat, loss of appetite. Last year I was hit with something viciously worse. I prayed it was a one-time aberration but it is coming on again.

    It starts with throat pain and loss of appetite, just like a traditional cold. But accompanying it is a real mental shift. The moment I get in my car to drive anywhere, I begin to hyperventilate and gasp for air. My breathing becomes fast and erratic. I'm better once I'm out of the car, and only improve on returning home. This has never happened before.

    This symptom has not started yet but I expect it will: with last year's illness, I could not listen to the radio or music. Radio agitated me and music made me cry uncontrollably, especially my favorite songs. For about 5 days, I sat in my house in utter silence, unable to work, think, or talk.

    The hyperventilation/panic attack reaction to driving lasted well over a month, making it impossible for me to drive any distance. I did force myself to go see an NLP therapist and it was torture. My hands and face went numb from the hyperventilation on the drive to see him.

    I can deal with an annoyance cold. But the mental shift concerns me. It leaves me dysfunctional, for weeks in the last instance.

    I tried several remedies, including Aconite, to no avail. I really hope someone can help me this time. If you need any more specifics, please ask away.

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    Way to go guys, great job. Seriously. Thanks for all the help.



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      Sorry, pal.
      I don't have time to do such things and didn't recognize a remedy from what you said.
      Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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        Cold comes due to several reason like due to change in weather, due to getting injured and many more reason are also there. To get rid of itjust take complete rest, eat properly and remain clean. If with in 3-4 days you will not find any changes then just consult with a doctor.
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