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Limestone Durren??

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  • Limestone Durren??

    A friend of mine asked me to search for information about an homeopathic remedy called limestone-durren. Does anybody know something about this?

    TIA, Axel.

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    I am assuming this would be limestone taken from some place called Durren?

    Limestone the remedy is made from rock taken from St. Fachanan's well in Carran, Co. Clare Ireland.

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      You are unlikely to find much on Limestone as it is a recent proving by Nuala Eising. Limestone is from the Burren area not Durren. Suggest you get a copy of her proving which also includes the remedies Granite and Marble.
      All the best<BR>Frank


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        It's in Vermeulen's 2nd Synoptic MM. I just found it.
        RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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          Hello, I am the said chick who has a copy of this proving and if there's anything you specificaly want to know, will try to oblige.

          It is a sedimentary rock formed from the remains of tiny shellfish, who absorbed lime to form their shells, then on their death fell to the sea bed. Under their own pressure and with passage of time, were cemented and pressed together to form Limestone. Violent earth movement raised up the sea bed to form mountains.

          The Burren is full of streams, and many provers were preoccupied by the notion, feeling of water running over them, as well as a long list of many other symptoms.


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            Interesting quote but studying the provings is always the best source of information on any remedy. Unless you can talk to the proving superviser of course! As I trained at the Burren school with Nuala we got a good insight to the remedies she has proven. For limestone think of trolls......
            All the best<BR>Frank


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              I remember the trolls in the Hobbit and how they are a little slow on the uptake. By day they are fixed as rock but come alive at night. Thought process is slow and tendancy to get stuck in a rut in conversations which &lt;. Remember trying to raise a point with Nuala once repeatedly and discussion had moved on (AM with hangover). She said it was like talking to limestone....
              MIND Misunderstood feels
              MIND Talks - one subject, of nothing but
              SPEECH Repeats, same thing
              All the best<BR>Frank


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                hey guys- I have been looking vainly in the last couple of days for information on limestone Burren, so was so relieved that there are other people looking for info on this.

                I'm doing an assignment on Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is characterised by excessive preoccupation with and exaggeration of a perceived/imagined defect in appearance.

                Basically, these people think they are extremely ugly and focus on particular features, usually on the head or face, such as acne, skin discolouration, pigment, wrinkles, or balding, just to name a few.

                Behaviour in this condition is characterised by frequent mirror checking which is often alternated with avoidance of mirrors because they think they are so ugly,obsessive pimple squeezing and do-it-yourself face lifts, becoming reclusive because they believe they are so ugly they don't want to be seen, and suicidal tendencies- just to name a few.

                Anyway, I repertorised symptoms of this condition and limestone Burren came up alot, as did Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Bald-faced eagle). I'm having trouble finding info on both of these remedies because they are quite recent provings I think- although I just found out today that a student in my H class has a copy of the haliae-lc proving.

                If anyone can tell me anything else about limest-b that would be really great.

                Sarah (vatapower)


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                  Thanks to all of you for your replies

                  I'll hand your postings over to my friend (she has no internet access yet) - maybe she'll post here soon, too.

                  CU, Taurus


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                    A few mentals from Limestone B:
                    Mind, confusion, reality, cannot tell what is real and what is not.
                    Confidence, loss of.
                    Delusions,dirty, is.
                    diffused, body is.
                    diminished, body L side has; head, L side has.
                    enlarged, body parts are; head is.
                    mind and body are separated.
                    tall, is very
                    thin, is; body is, but arms and hands are enlarged.
                    wretched, she looks(when looking in mirror).

                    Fear, observe her condition, others will.
                    Ego, feels devoid of.
                    Hide, desire to.
                    Old, feels.
                    Reproaches, self.
                    Saddness, mental depression
                    Trapped, is.

                    A few extracts from proving ;
                    'When I looked in the mirror earlier, I thought I looked fine. But I looked a few minutes ago -all I could see was that pale and very haggard expression around my eyes. Black sunken hollows under my eyes and lines.'
                    'Felling fat and old, saw my flabby tummy in the mirror and felt disgusted. Why can't I be thin?'
                    'Bum feels big and square like a mans.'
                    'I feel terrible,I feel very old.'
                    'I've been thinking of shaving all my hair. I don't know if I am loosing too much hair. I keep finding hairs and I do not like it.'
                    'I feel stiff and heavy and old and disgusting-shameful.'

                    I saw an amazing documentry about that Body Dysmorphic; people who didn't like their legs, tried all sorts to get rid off, lying on train tracks and such. A surgeon in Scotland actualy performed an amputation for one such person before media attention prevented furthur ones.

                    Frank, thanks for the story, it helped to gel stuff. Trolls have big heads, can be thin with big hands...?(bet you've seen them on the Burren in the wee hours..?!)

                    Anna, such gorgeous lines...
                    Flip side to the ugliness, many provers felt beautiful, lovely fluid clarity. It is entertaining reading; one prover was in a hardware shop determined to spend 40 on a spanner, for her boat, then got upset cos she realised she didn't have one(boat).
                    Also here is, speech, American accent, with loud; repeats same thing. Her/his family must have had a good laugh.



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                      It is raining outside wont you come in for a minute? Now did you see that rock there with a face to it? Sure it must be the stout for its never alive.

                      I wonder now if there was something to it. The rock musics on and I had no hand in it.
                      (Fictional with apologies to Terry.P)
                      All the best<BR>Frank


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                        Vatapower - this all sounds very Thuja to me!!! Top remedy for the delusion or feeling that they are ugly.
                        RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                          Louise- thank you so much for that info on limestone! I had all those rubrics (I basically read the whole repertory to find most of them and then remembered I had a Radar sample disc which brings up all rubrics of a remedy/remedies), but the extract from the proving is perfect for comparison to BDD and is such a huge help!

                          I can't BELIEVE that leg story!!!!!!!!!!! Cann-i and haliae-lc have a delusion that one leg is longer than the other, and sabad has a delusion limbs are crooked. The solution...........just cut it off!

                          The Hobbit comparison is spot on!!!!!!! And lets face it- Mr Baggins and co. are not the most attractive looking people- no wonder they prized the precious ring so much- it made them invisible!!! Wouldn't a BDD person love that!!!!!! As for trolls- well they hide under bridges.

                          Ricky, I looked at Roger Van Zandvoort's Repertory of the Mind and found the rubric delusion is ugly (it's not in Synthesis). Remedies shown are haliae-lc (bald faced eagle), lac-humanum, and thuj. Thanks for that tip. For delusion wretched when looking in mirror- we all know- Nat-m and limest-b. Hey, in R.V.Z.'s rep., limest-b is lap-c-b (lapis calcarea Burren)- same thing, diff. name.

                          Would love to hear anything else on any of the ugly remedies.



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                            what about baryta carb...I had read from dana Ullman that they have a preoccupation with looks so much that they would get surgery.

                            also in the complete rep I did not see limesb under delusion wretched hwen looking in the mirror...also there are 8 remedies listed for this


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