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  • Indicated remedy not working

    I would appreciate some input in my case please.

    Last march, I treated a patient with Natmur, presenting with eczema on her hands and neck. Not much characteristic symptoms for the eruptions. Started on left and moved to right. But mainly left sided. Generally she is very cold, hates drafts, loves bread which aggravates. Mental symptoms include fear of hurt/rejection/timid/lack of confidence. She was given 30c three doses.

    The patient's eczema got better after a slight aggravation. It cleared following Herring's law.
    However, in the run up to Christmas, almost nine months later, it came back again. She hates christmas because she is single and doesn't have children. She likes children and having family around wasn't something she wanted.

    A repeat of the remedy didn't do anything. We waited for a bit and I moved onto to Nat Mur 1LM. After each dose of Lm, it made her tired. So we stopped a week ago.
    The skin is no better but has spread to her finger tip which she didn't have before. No new symptoms or old ones coming up. It is not worse than it was but comes up, itches in places, moist in places, heals and then comes back again - a kind of periodicity here.

    Emotionally she is fine. She is terrified of dating, partly from fear of rejection but also it is going beyond her comfort zone. She is awkward with men. She was divorced years ago and had to take three months off work.

    I am wondering if Nat Mur is an earlier level and that she needs another remedy right now, although there is nothing new to prescribe on. Would a remedy that is not the simillimum work acc to Herring's Law? Any ideas please!

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    Before you continue you should in such a case with problems in the past (divorce followed by long emotional/mental problems) look for a potential Aetiology (Cause and onset of the problem with emphasis on physical, emotional problems). It could be that this started it all and that Christmas could reopen it again but in both cases the underlying feeling could be the same (as an example Forsaken Feeling).

    Dr. Mose


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      Thank you, Dr Mose.

      As the divorce was seven years before the eczema came on and with the patient saying she had got over it, I didn't want to assume that the separation/grief was the aetiology for the skin eruption.

      However, as you say, Christmas highlighted all the main issue - the fact that she is single and wants nothing more than to be in a relationships and maybe have children.

      She did emphasis the fear of hurt/rejection being her current state which was stopping her from going out and dating. Nat mur still covers this. Relationship is the big theme here for her.
      However, fear of undertaking anything (she mentioned hating driving test as well) throws up other remedies.

      As modalities hardly exist apart from hate of cold and better for warmth there is not much else to go with as is sometimes the case with skin problems.

      Forsaken feeling is certainly worth looking at! Thank you.


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        You might have to do with a latent miasm and in this case the latent psora miasm.

        Just in case you are not familiar with miams. The word "psora" is derived from the Hebrew 'tsorat' and Greek 'psora' which means a groove or stigma. Psora is called the miasm of deficiency. On the physical plane, the psoric miasm is expressed as itchy skin, lesions, eruptions, vesicles or other skin related conditions. This includes skin diseases things like psoriasis, eczema and extends to allergies and asthma The skin will be itchy and dry, and sometimes be dirty looking and bad smelling from the discharges. Psora also has the symptoms of joint inflammation and arthritic conditions. The psoric person often has chronic ear infections and they may suffer from hay fever, allergies, sinus infections and asthma. They are worse for cold or open air and better for warmth of any type.

        On the mental/emotional plane, psora has a mental restlessness, and this is why it is also referred to as the “itchy mind”. There is anxiousness and also hunger at night. The person may over eat due to stress, worry and anxiety. There can be feelings of being forsaken, despair, anxiety about the future or any situation. The psoric miasm has strong religions affections. At the same time, there can be obsessive, negative and strong emotional reactions to grief, fear and loss. With psora there are many types of constant worries as well, such as fear of change, fear of health and fear of poverty. There can be hopeless as well as guilt and melancholy.

        Dr. Mose


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          Thank you once again, Dr Mose.

          This is certainly a psoric case. There is a struggle going on. She has neither given up nor is trying to hide/escape from her problems.

          Psorinum is coming up fairly highly in the repertorisation but does not fit the totality as some other remedies, so will have to look for another psoric remedy.

          I was also looking at the kingdoms. While her sensitivity makes her plant like, there is a huge element of wanting structure in her life. She is a list-maker, organised, rational and so on hence a mineral remedy also needs looking at. Ars, Lyc, Rhus tox, and Sil are some of the remedies showing up.

          Will report back on what I give and how the patient gets on with it!


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            At a follow up the patient revealed Ars traits - said she would straighten curtains, was a perfectionist etc. Also appeared a have a bit of a problem paying for a follow up!

            I gave her Ars 30 one dose and the skin cleared up. There was a bit of a relapse later but now appears to get better again. I am waiting to hear from her.


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