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  • Severe Depression

    I have been suffering severe depression for 2 years. I have been treated by a homeopath since November last year. My depression is related to abuse. The homepoathic treatment has helped but I am currently waiting for Physcotherapy which will mean reliving my experiences all over again. I had a terrible flashback last week which I couldn't cope with. While being treated homeopathically I have not taken anti-depressants. I now feel that, a year on, the homeopathic treatment is not strong enough to help me cope. I just wanted advise really. My GP says I have given it a chance and that he thinks going back on to antidepressants is better for me as the depression is so severe. I'm at a loss as to what I should do next. I haven't picked up my prescription yet. Is there some powerful remedy that I can take for flashbacks for instance that will help me deal with them. It really scared me because I couldn't control my emotions and went really down hill and stayed that way for about 18 hours. Can anybody help me?

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    I agree with the above comments:

    "I would advise homoeopathy with a good homoeopath instead of drugs, since drugs won't cure, and homoeopathic remedies, well-prescribed can do in a few weeks what therapy can take years to achieve." Anna Bryant

    You can read my thread and see how I was helped by homeopathy under: Skin Diseases - Persistant Roseasa


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      Dear Reynolds,

      Why don't you give Homoeopathy one more try? If you did that whilst waiting for your psychotherapy referral (notoriously slow in this country) you may notice some improvement before that appointment comes through! If not you've lost nothing.

      I am not a homoeopath, but as a user of homoeopathy and a visitor on this board I would recommend you to try. If GM suggests NM try it - its worth a go!

      I had severe depression after the birth of my last child (now 3 years ). Today, after 9 months after first seeing my own local homoeopath I am off Lithium and Prozac (not advisable to be taken in combination even by allopaths). I feel beter that ever. It has not always been an easy ride, but neither was it with conventional drugs. But I know it's a healing and not a suppression.

      Psychotherapy is good if you can get it. But the best person to sort your life out is you - and a good route to take on that journey of self-discovery is Homoeopathy.

      Love Deb


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        Thank you for all your comments. I am seeing my homeopath on Wednesday and see what she thinks. I don't want to give in to antidepressants but I'm frightened about ending back in hospital again as I was admitted twice last year for a month each time.
        The remedy I'm taking, I will find out what it is as I don't know or what potency.
        I will mention all your comments on Wednesday and I'll let you know what the outcome is. Thanks again, your thought are appreciated.


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          hi... just a few words about psychotherapy (from someone who has trained in it and has worked with many survivors of abuse). Not homeopathy, but please indulge me guys

          If you are going thru the NHS you probably have less choice than someone searching for a therapist privatly. BUT it is really important you feel comfortable with the person you see.

          Psychotherapy is not necessarily going thru it all again and having to re-live it. It is important to establish a relationship based on trust and respect, if someone tries to push you to re-live things and you do not have that trust you will not feel safe and it will be a very traumatic experience.

          Have you read anything about being a survivor? The book "Courage to Heal" by Laura Davis and Ellen Bass has a lot of strategies which can help you to find ways of coping with flashbacks and the process of surviving. You should be able to get it from any bookshop.

          There is no easy way to go thru it, you should trust your intuition... not the easiest thing for a survivor to do. Ask for help when you need it. Have you considered contacting any other kind of help such as a telephone helpline, this may help with the flashbacks?

          Hope this is helpful and you find what you need in therapy.

          And yes, drugs suppress the things you are feeling and can work against the process of healing emotionally. Some therapists (not all) will not work with clients who are on medication for this reason. The advice here is good.


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            Thanks for your comments. I have now been waiting for a year for therapy so I think I am just now getting over anxious as they can't tell me when it will start but aparently it is imminent. I am also getting very anxious about what my therapist will be like but I have taken note of your comments. I've just heard so many horror stories!!! I do go to a group for abused women and it has helped some but has also hindered others. Thanks again.


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              *thinking and this is how we are supposed to help people* ... the NHS and helping services at their finest... *shaking head* After so long a run up to getting an appointment it is no wonder you have concerns and worries.

              Reynolds... there are things you can do to help yourself and I can see you are doing some of them already. Do not despair. Trust yourself.

              Remember, surviving is not a destination, it is a journey. We cannot turn back the clock and make everything ok again. Think about what you want to get out of this appintment when it happens and have a few questions to ask the therapist you see about how they work, confidentiality etc. It might help you make better use of the time and help you feel more in control of what is happening.