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3 year old son cannot shake off a bad cough

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  • 3 year old son cannot shake off a bad cough

    Sounds familiar, my 4 yr old has had similar - pre-asthma symptoms w/some bad viruses-flus, etc. On this one, I agree with your husband as its been nearly 3 weeks. If asthmatic symptoms or breathing is involved I tend to move quicker to an allopath, if homeopathy or naturopathy, acupuncture, etc. aren't showing quick promise. If the rhus tox doesn't do it tonight, I'd hurry him to a regular doctor tomorrow. I definetly prefer the homeopathic/complimentary approach too. Sometimes though allopathy is needed. We have a family practice doc here in Boise that is very accepting that sometimes we choose alternative care for our kids. He just tells me what he can offer and says its up to me. He knows my preference for avoiding antibiotics and works with it, with me. He has even referred people on occasion to an acupuncturist, etc. I hope you have that kind of doc where you are or can find one. I believe we need allopathy sometimes, sometimes when things calm down homeopathy can come back in or to help speed healing. Last time we took my 4 yr old to our naturopathic/RN/acupuncture person (she does all 3). It did work w/her asthma. However, if it didn't that night, definetly would have gone to the allopath doc. Best wishes & please update us on your little one.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem regarding my little boy he has a cough (which my other kids had too)which is taking him badly.

    Every night at about 11pm he wakes with a hard tight cough there is one long pause when you think he will not be able to get his next breath. Then he starts the chesty coughing it sounds if his lungs are full of fluid and he is choking. He coughs like this for about 2 mins. He gets relief when I pat him on the back around the lungs.

    Eventually at the end of such a spasm he is sick bringing up a mixture of flem/catargh (white /stringy) and undigested food.

    He seems to be still asleep through all of this.

    This process may repeat 3 or 4 times lasting up to an hour in total. He seems hardly awake at all. Sometimes he passes urine thinking he is on the toilet. He becomes very stubborn and will not be sick in the toilet or the bathroom he just wants to lie down.

    After all this he falls back to sleep and does not wake until morning.

    In the day he is happy and healthy looking. He does cough but not this nightime deathrattle. All this is very draining for him. The nightime routine has been going on for at least 3 weeks.

    My husband is now keen that I should take our son to the doctor. He says its 'too serious' for homoeopathy. I am sure the doctor will prescribe ventolin and steriods for asthma. He was diagnosed as asthmatic when he was one years old. In fact I was told he had a 'pre-asthma' cough. I do not want to go down the route of steroids and medication for him again. I took him off all that about 3 months after we saw that doctor when he seemed to be better. Anyway that was before I knew anything about homoeopathy and suppression.

    So I would be grateful for some input, I can provide a history and constitutional info if anyone can help...



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      use one dose rhus tox 200 at betime, it should help fast, and if helping only a while, a higher potnece mayt be needed, or the suspected by me calc phos.


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        Thanks GM,

        I'll try it tommorrow night!
        Goodnight for now.



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          There are many remedies for asthma but I think with children it is important that they use a local - preferably classical homeopath - who can take a full case and follow the progress being made. Having not started on the steroid band wagon you child is an ideal candidate for homeopathic treatment. Just make sure that you find a fully qualified practioner. There are plenty of sites now where you should be able to find one in your area.
          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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            Hi GM

            Just a quick question - am I supposed to give him Rhus Tox 200c every night at bedtime? I gave him one last night (the first one) he seemed to get worse ie. worse coughing and sickness and he wet the bed (as I thought you might have expected). Should I now give him one again tonight?

            Is GM back? If not does anyone else know?



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              No, no more now, wait till to morrow and see if beginning to get beter.


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                Thanks GM
                Will do that. Tonight he has been waking, coughing and vomiting so we'll wait and hope! More later...



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                  Dear Deb,

                  First of all may I sympathise with you having a child who may be asthmatic, I myself have a four year old who has the very same condition. I must admit that I was also reluctant for my son to take steroids but he is doing fine.

                  Although I can well understand your concerns in taking your child to a traditional doctor i would stress as your husband appears to be also that it is very important to get this cough diagnosed correctly. It may well be asthma causing it but after three weeks (especially with the amount of fluid and vomit he is bringing up - asthmatics usually have a dry night cough by the way)it needs to be diagnosed as such.

                  Please, take tothe doctors, if it is diagnosed as asthma you have lost nothing except a small amount of time, if it is not then you will have avoided something which could have more serious consequences.

                  Please remember there are many illness' show symptoms of a chesty cough and one that lasts three weeks or more is always advised to be checked by a doctor.

                  homeopathy ( which by the way I believe can have great benefits)should always be backed up by advise from a traditional doctor to get the best from both

                  Please diagnose and then you can treat it with homeopathic remedies in the right manner. You cannot treat something correctly if you dont know for sure what it is.



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                    Dear tinkerbell, while I understand where you are coming from in your statement above, I don't agree .

                    A homeopath does not always need a pathological confirmation from an allopathic doctor in order to treat a given ailment. Doesn't work this way .

                    So, if a conventional doctor diagnoses this little child with pneumonia, asthma or whatever - the Homeopath is STILL looking at the same set of symptoms that the child is presenting - and prescribes based on those symptoms, and nothing else.

                    Also, Homeopathy is much more powerful and reliable than conventional medicine, with proven results for many many years. From what I've learned and know now, Homeopathy does not need to "be backed up by advise (sic) from a traditional doctor to get the best from both". I wholly disagree with this statement - and it shows that you perhaps don't really understand Homeopathy well enough to realise how much more effective it is than conventional medicine.

                    In any case, I thought your concern was very sweet - and it is nice to see people that show concern for others.

                    And, believe me, steroids will do much more damage in the long run....the suppression alone! scary.

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                    "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                    Carroll Dunham


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                      Hi Folks!

                      Good to get everyone's input.

                      I have been watching the thread and have not been ignoring you, honest! But I am regrouping and trying to consider my answers more thoughtfully.....

                      Firstly (and most easily), Ricky - thankyou for your comments. I totally agree with you that the best thing for my son is constitutional homoeopathic treatment. However, I value the input of you homoeopaths on this board and have enough respect for GM, Anna etc. to know that their prescriptions are sound. I value the interaction that the board offers.

                      Darien, thankyou for your prompt reply, I was not ignoring you. Also Tinkerbell, it was caring of you to post a reply re my little boy's case.

                      However, my intention was not to stir up an 'allopathy vs homoeopathy' discussion.

                      I regret bringing my husband's opinions into this. I think I was just stressed at the time...

                      My husband is a good man whose opinion I respect. He also sees a homoeopath regularily. But the tenacity of this cough has shaken us both up. Our 8 yr old son has had it since Aug (different picture of course). He is not an asthmatic child. I have doubted myself on this one too.

                      Here I am the parent who withheld hers kids from the recent Men C innoc. programme. Everyone knows we favour homoeopathy and avoid doctors. And yet, my 3 kids are coughing for weeks on end whilst the innoculated antibiotic fed kids are strong and vigorous!?!

                      You see my point and my husband's too.

                      But I still feel this is the right route...

                      For the record he has been seen by a doctor who prescribed amoxil (which he will not be taking). By her own admission, 'they may not work'. No steroids, no ventolin. She says there is a 'rattle' in his chest (technical term you understand )

                      But thanks both for your concern.

                      Anna - thanks for your reply. I did wonder about verat. alb too (is that what you meant?). GM said that the Rhus Tox should work quickly, so I am waiting to see what happens tonight. It's usually about 11.30 pm.

                      I will post more if necessary later, there is quite a lot to say. A lot has happened in his short 3 years. Bless him!

                      Lisa 007 - It's always nice to get your cheery input and your gentle, tactful replies. Thanks!

                      Best wishes to all
                      More later (after 11.30pm!!!)


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                        Hi GM

                        Just a quick update on my son's progress...

                        The coughing got better within about 2 days!!!

                        He still coughs now and again, in the day time and at night. He is not sick, and the cough is short and manageable - he can handle it!

                        So it seems he is getting better!!

                        I do still have a problem with him though. The problem for him seems to have changed from physical to emotional..
                        He is afraid of lots of things such as going upstairs on his own ( this was an old fear which went away but is now back), and dogs.

                        He has become very naughty and mischievous. He causes trouble with his older brother and sister. I think he does it for attention mine and theirs but when I am cross he laughs...

                        This all sounds very silly. Also he has been very emotional, he didn't want his grandparents to sit with him when I went out. He screamed and cried said to them 'go away I don't like you' until I let him come with me. It is strange for him usually he is placid and easy going....

                        I think what I want to know is do you think this is a kind of aggravation or is this the emotional side of the illness coming out or something else?

                        Sorry to be unclear.



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                          It sounds to me like a suppression of the cough with Rhus Tox!! You better wait and see what GM says as I don't wish to interfere with my suggestion of a remedy! When symptoms go from the physical to the mental and emotional they are going the wrong way!

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                          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                            Shall I post his case in full now?

                            As I said before to Anna there is a lot to say. Where should I go from here?



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                              I ought to add that 'yes' he did have a lot of fears before the cough, and insecurity.

                              He started a new nursery and calmed down a lot. Then the cough started... So it is an old symptom...

                              Hope that helps.