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  • Increasing breastmilk supply

    For the third time, I have a lack of breastmilk. I very much wish to wholly bf my son, but am unable to do so, despite seeking the advice of 2 lactation consultants, tons of reading, and attending LLL faithfully to garner even more information/help. The amount of milk I produce is (or I guess don't produce) is not from incorrect positioning, latch, or infrequent nursings. I truly am part of the small percentage of women who do not produce.

    A book I have suggests several remedies; specifically, I am intrigued by the mention of ricinus. This book also says that applying castor oil to the breasts can increase milk. I haven't had a chance to try this, and am also wondering if there is a certain way I should do so---just rub it on, use as a poultice type of treatment, what?

    If anyone knows of ways to increase supply, please let me know. I am unable to find ricinus for sale in the few places I can find online that sell homeopathic meds. If you recommend a remedy, please tell me also if there is an online source for it.

    Thanks so much,


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    No womnder you cant get ricinus, its a deadly poison, so i wonder from where you got that wild suggestion?? castor oil, is like wise, completely nutty.
    The child will get seriously ill cause of that if its used.
    If to help you homeopatically, we need info, and to get that info, you got to go to my homepage, and use the questionarie there, and either take it privately with me, or post it here, it depends whater i have the time, to take it on the bb, or not too.And if you find it to public, cause lot of info you give is personal.
    Link to my page under here.

    Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.


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      Ricinus Communis--Castor Oil--is available from Helios pharmacy, UK. In Boericke, the third potency is suggested for use in increasing flow of milk. It also suggests a poultice of the leaves applied locally for the same result. I wouldn't suggest that castor oil be applied to the nipples, though, that sounds dreadful for the nursing baby.

      Incidentally, its not a poison. People used to take doses of this stuff to keep themselves "healthy", as an herbal. Too much, of course, will cause the symptoms listed in the materia medicas. Lots of discomfort and purging from every orifice--something which doesn't sound good.

      Despite the information about the remedy and its availability, it shouldn't be taken allopathically--that is, as a solution to your problem of producing milk. Have your case taken in person by a homeopath, who will prescribe based on the totality of your symptoms. That's the best way to treat your problem. You may find that an entirely different remedy may be needed in your case.

      ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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        please, dont listen to that dabbler, ricinus is poisonus, no doubt about that, ask a chemist!
        And, a homeopath, knows about 75,-34-105 esp, 149 about laxatives... of organon, what that dabbler dont.
        Its not a homeopats recomendation, to play with sutch stuffs.
        If she by her recomandation, refer to homeopats, and by that imply the same quality as she shows here, then your not getting any help, im afraid.
        Depending on where you live, it should be possible to recomend someone safe for you, if you feel not to take it here, or with me.
        If England, Anna has knowledge of that, if us, Craig repaz knows whos usable there.

        Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.

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          Dear momof3boys
          I recommend that you do your history right away by referring to to get help. Then a proper remedy can be found for you and you can start on it as soon as possible for I am sure you need to increase the breast milk right away. There is not sufficient information given so far to help you out. Homeopathy is not based on one remedy for all but rather on your individual case.

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          Carole Franske


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            I have a book written by a well known Homeopath and he recommends rubbing castor oil into arthritic joints and also onto keloid scars.
            How can different homeopaths have such conflicting views?


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              I think that what we are talking about here is the potencial danger to the child if castor oil is put on the mother's nipple. We don't need a baby with severe diarrhea which could be life threatening or to use a herb which could be toxic. Neither of these substances used this way are homeopathy. A good herbalist does not use one remedy for all either. When herbs are used they should be carefully matched to the condition, and usually not used when a child nurses. Homeopathy is prescribed according to the person and symptoms considering the nursing child too and it will benefit both mother and child.
              Carole Franske


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                If I were to use the castor oil applied to the breast, I would not be putting it on the nipple area, and would definitely take care to not let the baby get any.

                I am also under the impression that there are a lot of homeopathic meds that are potentially poisonous, but that they are significantly diluted, therefore being made safe for use. Belladonna, for instance? I am not second guessing anyone's information though. And I appreciate the responses. There is one homeopath in my area; I see his son for chiro care, he is also an internist of sorts. When I asked him about increasing milk supply, he referred me to the local health food store and Mother's Milk Tea, which does nothing for me. I will have to try and get in to see the father I guess.

                If anyone is interested, when I get a chance I will post the info from the book that led me to ask my questions about ricinus.




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                  Patient: Tami
                  Wt:300# Ht:5'10"

                  Age 31 Female

                  Country US

                  Marital Status: Married 6.5 years

                  &gt;In your own words tell about you or the &gt;person you are writing for.

                  I want to increase milk supply.

                  &gt;Vision faults if any?

                  I wear corrective lenses, for nearsightedness. I have astigmatism in my right eye.

                  &gt;Moles, warts or freckles, if so where?

                  Freckles all over, I'm very fair-skinned. Concentrated mostly on upper body. A few moles on my back.

                  &gt;Any other skin problems?

                  Dry skin, itchy.

                  &gt;Anything wrong with nails? Spots, cracks, and/or anything else?

                  They split occasionally, and tend not to grow very long.

                  &gt;Reactions to weather, time of year; worst, &gt;best? When do problems occur mostly?

                  I do not like extremes, especially excessive heat. I prefer the weather to be rainy/overcast. Am an indoors sort of person, year round.

                  &gt;Any particular fears, as for animals, thunder, ligthnigs etc.?

                  Large dogs and snakes, I'm afraid of those. I hate thunder and lightning storms as well. Loud noises in general irritate me. Also a fear of dying, or of loved ones dying.

                  &gt;What is your favourite colour?


                  &gt;Any cravings, aversions, or reactions, from &gt;food or to situasions?

                  I like sweets, have an incredible "sweet tooth".

                  &gt;What you can think of that makes you feel &gt;better or works for you?

                  Overcast weather, as above. I also like to be alone a lot, not that that is possible now adays!

                  (Other things you may include if appropriate.)
                  What do you need help with?

                  Milk supply

                  What kind of person are you? Happy, sad, busy, content, fearful etc.?

                  Fearful; solitary.

                  Tell about your history in order of time, include Childhood problems

                  I had all childhood vaccinations. No significant accidents. Illnesses were typical--tonsillitis primarily. No hospitalizations or operations until a c-section with my first son in Feb. 96.

                  I don't produce enough breast milk; that's the symptom/problem.

                  What time of the day do you feel better or worse?

                  I am a nighttime person.

                  How is your sleep?

                  Seems like not enough, but what to expect with a newborn.

                  Family illnesses.

                  Fairly healthy family for the most part; flu and colds hit now and then, and my husband and I have seasonal allergies in the spring/summer.

                  If you want help and are facing significant financial hardship, fees are open to negotiation and/or to deferral until you are well.
                  There are no fixed fees for cases posted on the Homeopathy Home Bulletin Board, but you are asked to consider payment by
                  donation if you find your care and treatment to be of value to you.


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                    Just to set the record straight:

                    The questioner wondered if anyone sold this homeopathic preparation, and I found a major supplier who does, because it is available SHOULD SHE NEED IT, WHEN HER CASE IS TAKEN BY A COMPETENT HOMEOPATH.

                    The information on its symptom picture and on its use as a near-specific is in Boericke's Materia Medica. If this information upsets you, that is unfortunate. As for this remedy being a poison, I'm sure you don't have to think very hard or look too far in homeopathy to find a veritable plethora of poisons, far more powerful than castor oil, which is still used by many to "draw out" or soothe arthritic pains in joints, duly noted by Hoppie.

                    If this information angers you, find your best pen and write Boericke a letter of complaint.

                    ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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                      I thought I would comein on this discussion better late than never.

                      I have in front of me a little book called "The Common Diseases of Woman" by Ruddock.

                      Pulsatilla - Tartdy flow or partial or entire suppression. The immediate administration of this remedy almost invariably arrests these symptoms and indeed exerts a healthy influence over the female constitution, in almst every departure from the normal course during the whole period of nursing.

                      Calcarea - deficiency in the secretion of milk at the outset, or fulness or enlargement of the breasts with the tardiness in the formation of milk. This remedy may follow Pulsatilla

                      Aconitum - Febrile conditions

                      Coffea - great restlessness or sleeplessness.

                      Chamomilla - supression caused by a fit of anger

                      Ignatia - suppression from grief

                      Dulcamara -suppression from a chill

                      Diet - ....Good cocoa is one of the best auxillaries in improving the quality and increasing the quantity of mother's milk. The writer has known it to succeed admirably when other means had failed.""

                      As you will have gathered by the language this advice is from a book written a long time ago so onto a modern book now "Homeopathic medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth" by Moskowitz

                      "" Pulsatilla - With its special affinity for the hormaonal regulation of nursing Pulsatilla is the first rememdy to think of either to dry up the milk when necessary, to increase milk production when it is deficient or to restore it when it has been suppressed by a breast infection. &gt;&gt;

                      Phatak - Phatak
                      LACTATION, MILK ABSENT, SCANT (14)
                      1 agn, 1 alf, 3 BRY, 2 calc, 1 caust, 3 DULC, 3 LAC-C, 2 lac-d, 3 LAC-V-F, 2 lec, 3 PULS, 1 stict, 1 urt-u, 2 zinc

                      Boericke - Female Sexual
                      LACTATION, MILK, ABSENT, OR SCANTY, TARDY (21)
                      2 acon, 3 AGN, 3 ASAF, 2 bry, 3 CALC, 2 caust, 2 cham, 2 chel, 2 form, 3 LAC-C, 2 lac-d, 3 PH-AC, 2 phos, 2 phyt, 3 PULS, 2 sec, 3 SIL, 2 stict, 2 urt-u, 3 RIC, 3 THYR

                      Murphy - Breasts
                      BREAST-milk, disappearing (38)
                      1 agar, 2 agn, 2 arn, 2 asaf, 1 aur, 1 bry, 2 calc, 2 camph, 2 caust, 1 cham, 2 chel, 1 chin, 2 chion, 1 coff, 3 DULC, 1 hecla, 2 ign, 2 lac-c, 2 lac-d, 1 lyc, 1 merc, 1 mill, 2 phel, 1 ph-ac, 1 phos, 1 phyt, 2 plan, 2 plb, 2 puls, 2 rhus-t, 2 sec, 1 sep, 1 sulph, 2 tub, 3 URT-U, 2 ust, 2 verat-v, 2 zinc

                      ***Whatever is chosen MUST fit with the totlity of the symptoms.

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                      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                        I see none of the above have a repertorie, the remedie, is tuberculinum, and i recomend this, first use on dose sulphur 12, then the next day, one dose tuberculinum cm, it works app a month, and, take not of the symptomes that show during that time, at the end to f the mont we shall see , if a other remedie is needed, if its probably calc, but its not indicated in this picture.
                        Tuberculinum, KOCH, is to be used, and tub, is the remedy for inherited diseases, problems, so its of no problem to use, its only beneficial, but, do not use it under one m, pref its cm that is of use, cause lower potences, give a risk of penumonia symptomes.

                        Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.


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                          Hi Anna - I have added what I thought was the most suitable rubric from Murphy's as well. As you can see I just looked at the top layer, the one the patient is concerned with BUT that does not mean that I would ignore the totality of symptoms in a case taking.

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                            momof3boys, what does your urine look like? If clear, then you are drinking too much. You want your urine to be pale yellow. Drinking too much will dilute the hormones in your blood stream and will confuse your body in regards to how much milk to make.

                            You MUST consume 2700 calories per day (QUALITY FOODS). No caffiene. Be sure to get enough calcium. A nursing mom needs about 1800mg of calcium per day (taken around the clock, not all at once). Your prenatal only has about 300mg. And if it contains iron, you may want to find a different multiple vitamin as it can cause problems.

                            Also taking a nap in the afternoon will help your milk supply as well. I know this can be difficult with 2 other small boys, but send them to the neighbor's every day at the same time, so that you can get some rest. Even if you only do this for a month or two, it will greatly help.

                            The baby cannot have any bottles or pacifiers!! The pacifiers will tire his jaws, which will cause him to suck ineffectively at the breast, and not make the demand for your body to make more milk.

                            Has anyone recommended the use of breast shells? They are worn inside the bra and supply a constant light pressure on the nipple/areaola. This signals your body to produce more milk. This can be done instead of extra pumping sessions, which, mom-of-3, I know you do not have time for. Wear the shells for as long as you can stand. Start out for an hour at a time and increase as you feel comfortable.

                            And finally, take the sulphur/tub. GM is a great Homeopath!!

                            Good luck!


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                              One more thing, do NOT wear a bra at night! That really can effect your milk supply.