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  • Want to start labor, now!

    I'm trying to find a safe way to induce labor. I'm at 39 weeks. The baby is due Christmas day, and I don't want to be in the hospital for Christmas. I have two toddlers who I want to be home for.
    The baby has turned, and I'm currently about 3cm dilated. My doctor said he would induce me on Monday if I wanted, but the thought of such an interventionalist approach scares me. I labored & delivered naturally with both my previous births, with no intervention at all. I would like to find a way to encourage my labor naturally. Can someone tell me about Caulophyllum or Pulsatilla, or do you recommend something else?

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    Michelle, I'm not 100% sure about the remedies, although I've seen Puls prescribed - but can't recall exactly what for - perhaps it was to help quicken labour...
    So, hopefully others will be able to confirm that or not.

    Obviously baby will come when he's ready - but I can understand your desire - esp since you're already dilated 3cm! I DO KNOW that if you tweek your nipples - this sets off a series of things in your body. Namely it stimulates the release of Oxytocin in your body - which is the natural form of the drug they tend to inject into women to speed-up labour - or jump-start it (not a good idea in my opinion to take those injections!).

    Anyhow, tweek your nips often - and if you ge tired - let your husband have a go! ...also, it'll help re-toughen them in preparation for breastfeeding, as you probably already know.

    The other thing (okay, don't blush) - is to have sex (not deep penetrating) - it is the orgasm that stimulates contractions - and helps get labour going.

    At least those are some easy - natural things you can try. (and perhaps hubby won't mind since he's bound to be a bit out of the loop for a few weeks after baby ).

    I'm sure some of the Homeopaths on here will post, soon enough - some rem suggestions. It might help, though - if you just make sure they know anything that might be of importance about your general health, previous experiences in past labours/births and your temperament as it is NOW.

    Happy birthing and hope s/he comes as you'd like - before Christmas day!
    Take care - all the best - and Happy Christmas
    "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
    Carroll Dunham


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      Thank you for your reply, and your kind wishes. I'm actually using my breast pump to stimulate my nipples, which brings contractions, but they don't stick around. We're also having sex, which brought very strong contractions last night, but they stopped after only about 2 hours.
      From what I've studied, Caulophyllum is what I should take to help jump-start things, but I don't know what dosage, how often, are there any reports of adverse affects on the baby, etc. Any info appreciated.


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        Check out a thread dated may16 started by bijo. The URL is

        Lots of good info there
        If the URL doesn't work you can look it up by searching the archives

        Good luck

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          Recomend pulsatilla 200, one dose, it should speed it up, and it will also lessens pains.

          Homeopat MNNH Geir Marcussen.



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            Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my message. Your help is much appreciated.

            GM - Could you please tell me why you recommend pulsatilla over caulophyllum? I just want to be sure I understand. Do either of these treatments have any known effects on the baby?


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              I'm the "bijo" who thread Barb referred to. I took Puls 200c like GM recommended. I took the first dose around 4-5PM evening May 16th and my labor started 12AM May 17 and my daughter was in my arms around 8 hours later

              My labor was much easier than my first one and I healed very fast too. All these details are in the post.

              And no, I didn't see any ill effects of using puls.



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                Puls is the mildest, and safest, and is also imune strengthening, and antibacterial, and caolop on the other hand, will give sutch as dihorrea in both mother and child if unlucky, since i donr like unwanted effects, i use what, and others have found to be the best choice, pulsatilla.


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                  I hesitate to admit this association in this company ( ) but locally there is a Pediatrician who has included Homeopathy in their Practice. From experience at that Center I agree with GM, Puls 200c single dose should get things rocking and rolling for you.
                  Good luck, and Merry Christmas!


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                    I personally don't think you should tamper with nature; the baby will come when it is ready to. Now if you know you are a couple of weeks over your due dates then that is another matter.
                    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                      I'm a student midwife (direct entry variety) and I just did a research paper on natural methods of induction. If you haven't already gone into labor, Sandra Perko recommends in her book, Homeopathy for the Modern Pregnant Woman and Her Infant, alternating Cimicifuga 12C and Caulophyllum 12C hourly until labor begins OR alternating Cimicifuga 200 and Caulophyllum 200 every 15-30 minutes up to two hours. Happy birthing!


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                        Labor induction

                        I was told that Pulsatilla will make the baby flip! It did my baby at 37-38 weeks after on dose!

                        I dealt with a situation where the mother had to go into labor on her own or be induced with pitocin, which we wanted to aviod. We were told to use a four remedy combo at 12c potency and if it didn't do anything to bump them to 30c's...all at once if ouy want but also having the option of bumping the most applicable ones to that case one at a time in order of prevelance. She, the mother, and I are new, but expirienced doula's and it has worked for us everytime.
                        I know this thread is 7 months old, but it is good info.


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                          Sepia, This thread is 5 years old!

                          Incidentally, I had a pregnancy case last summer; (from memory not my case notes) she had fibroid tumours, constant vomitting, vertigo, sensation of a stone in her abdomen (I remember her using the word 'stone' to describe the sensation), amongst other symptoms which pointed me to Pulsatilla. The vomitting stopped after one dose of Puls 200c; appetite improved; sleep improved; vertigo improved (went away completely after the 2nd dose) amongst other various improvements.

                          She was told near the end of the pregnancy that she'd have to have a cesaerian because the fibroids were blocking the os in all previous scans. Just as she was being prepped for surgery they did 'one last scan' to check the baby and the position of the fibroids. To their amazement, the fibroids had shrunken considerably AND moved - no longer blocking the os.

                          The baby was born naturally about 4 hours later. Homeopathy is amazing.
                          "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                          Carroll Dunham


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                            I had to use for my youngest daughter when she had two of my numerous grandchildren. She was up and down to the hospital like a yo-yo, every time she sat down labor stopped.
                            In both cases I used Caul 10m- worked like a charm.


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                              5yrs old! Wow and double wow on that pulsatilla story! Thanks for sharing!!