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  • classical homeopathy or modern system

    Cost segregation study

    Cost segregation is the process of identifying personal property assets that are grouped with real property assets, and separating out personal assets for tax reporting purposes. As per American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals a cost segregation is "the process of identifying property components that are considered "personal property" or "land improvements" under the federal tax code." A cost segregation study identifies and reclassifies personal property assets to shorten the depreciation time for taxation purposes, which reduces current income tax obligations. Please click here for more about cost segregation studies.
    Thnaks a lot.
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    What is "modern method"? There are many people who have taken what they call "homeopathy" in many different directions with differing results over the last 200 years. Much of it would not even merit the name homeopathy. They should call it something else.
    Find a well recommended practitioner. I would recommend classical homeopathy by a well-recommended practitioner. Classical homeopathy has a track record.


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