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  • stalking

    would a lachesis be a stalking type of a who always tries to find information about people say on the internet or facebook by looking at pictures and comments all day, and hten speculates about what it could mean. A reason they do it is just out of wanting to know, curiosity but also to compare themselves to other people .
    could this fit a lachesis even if they are very shy introverted people

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    Based on what you say I picked the following MIND rubrics (Synthesis)
    Spying, everything
    The following remedies come up in all three rubrics, all at level 1 except hyos which is level 2 for gossiping: hyos , calc, lach, verat
    A number of other remedies are found only in the Curious & Spying rubrics
    You might also consider the Suspicious rubric if it fits, and Lach is certainly there.


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      Lach is listed at level 1 in both the Timid and Reserved rubrics.


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        If the issue is concern over social position, there are a bunch of Social position rubrics. I listed them but there was a cyber-burp and they got lost.
        Anyway, Lach is not mentioned in the social position rubrics. Other remedies like Verat are prominent.


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          I had the post saved: Then too, there are all the rubrics about social position. If the clients concern is social position, other rubrics should be considered.
          MIND - FEAR - social position; about his:
          MIND - DESPAIR - social position, of:
          MIND - AMBITION - increased - social position:
          MIND - AILMENTS FROM - failure - social failures:
          Lach is not found in any of these, whereas Verat and other remedies are more prominent.


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