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extremely painful neuroma following lump of wood hitting head

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  • extremely painful neuroma following lump of wood hitting head

    My 17 yr old grandaughter was hit on the head by a falling piece of wood 2.5 years ago
    increasing headaches have resulted with the area around the injury excrutiating sensitive to lightest touch
    she cant even bear to was her own hair
    she was immediately given arnica
    the 24/7 dull headache is accompanied by sessions of lancinating pain like her head is being hit with an ice pick
    these sessions can last for hours and she needs to lie in a darkdned room

    things have got so bad now she can no longer study and the pain either prevents sleep or wakes her up from what little sleep she gets

    have given her hypericum and dripped hypericum tincture onto the injured area

    the medics have thrown all manner of painkillers etc at her but nothing works and she csnt tolerate them anyway

    she is now very depressed ,fearful,does not want to live in this state

    is there any hope that Homeopathy can assist
    its taken me too long to convince her that alternative medivine may hold a better answer

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    Arn, Hyp etc are good remedies for injuries. Hypersensitivity and tenderness shows arnica. You can try high potency
    Other remedies -Hep Sulph, Stramon or (Bell during acute stage)
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      That's useful and interesting
      Will continue using Arnica and Hypericum
      Stramon does not seem to fit at all

      Hepar /Hep Sulph could very well describe her personality need to look further into it ...........Have several different MMs so will read more


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        A combination of Hypericum , Arnica , Ruta , ledum pal ,gelsemeum , Bellis perennis ,Rhustox ,Nat sulph all taken in 6c potency and mixed toether as one combination , given 2 globules in the morning and two globules in the night will permanently solve the problem .


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