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World Health Day on 7th April

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  • World Health Day on 7th April

    ‘World Health Organisation’ celebrates 7th April every year as ‘World Health Day’ to raise awareness on health, disease and cure. Let us review each of them.

    HEALTH is not just merely an absence of disease but a dynamic entity where a state of equilibrium keeps the constitution of an individual whole in harmony. GENETIC CODE GENOME is responsible for what’s going to constitute the make-up of a resulting individual.

    A DISEASE is dynamic disposition in harmony of constitution due to either non-maintenance of equilibrium or physio-chemical alteration of tissues. The GENETIC CODE MAP is responsible for physical, mental and emotional symptoms, which are a result of both functional disorders and structural changes in the body.

    The CURE is “the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, based on easily comprehensible principles” .

    The DIRECTION OF CURE was first mentioned by Hippocrates. In the 49th of his aphorisms he writes, “In a person suffering from angina pectoris the appearance of swelling and erythema on the chest is a good sign, for it shows that the disease is moving towards the circumference”.

    The PROGRESS OF CURE in chronic diseases was mentioned by Dr. Hahnemann where he stated that during the course of treatment the cure progresses from above (top of the body) downwards (head to chest to abdomen to legs), from within (inside of the body) outwards (exterior, often as skin eruptions), center to periphery, from more important organ to less vital one (brain followed by heart, liver, kidney and lungs followed by muscle and skin), in reverse order of coming of the symptoms (presenting symptoms disappear in the reverse order of their appearance i.e. first in last out, so old symptoms might resurface).

    Albrecht von Haller had postulated as early as 1771 that the effect of a drug ought to be tested on healthy persons before it was given to the sick but it was Hahnemann who in 1790 first tested the effect of drug (Cinchona) on healthy human being and published the results in 1796.

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