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  • Leg ulceration

    ​I am treating a family member, female, aged 86, with ongoing leg ulceration and would really like some help. The first occurance was 2.5 years ago. This time it began with a coin sized scab on the inside of the left ankle and quite a bit of oedema in the foot and ankle. 3.5 months later, the would area has spread significantly, now taking up a large part of the lower leg. It is not infected but exudes gray/green exudation. It is under the conventional medical care including antibiotics and being dressed every second/third day. They are talking about moving to compression bandaging soon if the readings prove suitability. This brought about healing on the last occurance. It is difficult to get accurate subjective symptoms but I have pictures of different stages. The patient's central remedy is Calc Carb - she has done very well on this. But the ulceration is not healing. As well as treating for the ulceration, in my opinion the heart also needs support - breathless easily, especially due to anxiety and less due to exertion. Of course ideally one remedy will do both.
    ​Any help from a homeopath who has experience in this area would be greatly appreciated!
    Siobhan, Ireland.

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    look for varicose veins. Most probably venous ulcer. or due to old age her circulation may be sluggish. Take details about her present complaints, ie., ulcer, painful/ if so in which postion< and >, / raising the limb >?/discharge offensive?/sticky?/side?/ Any symptoms of Vipera. Anthraccinum, Echinicia, Puls, Lach, or CV, Hoang nan. Select the remedy in medium potency and give importance to her present complaints to cure the ulcer as she is very old.
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