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Can Arnica be taken along with Nux Vomica?

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  • Can Arnica be taken along with Nux Vomica?

    I have been suffering from knee pain. I take Arnica Montana 30C in the morning and Nux Vomica 30 C at bed time. Am I right in choosing the remedies for sleeplessness caused by pain?

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    Of course Arnica can be taken with Nux. Vom but may i ask why you feel the need to take both of these?


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      Also, how did you decide on these two remedies? I will Repretorise this symptom for you and get back to you.


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        I, a male 57, 5'6", 67 kgs, rather chilly type, fair complexioned, highly meticulous, thin wavy black haired, married, associated with academics, have been suffering from acid reflux, light sleep, hypertension and osteoarthritis. I take two allopathic medicines, one for hypertension and the other Pracilex Plus for good nightly rest. A timid type of mild disposition a highly sensitive character tries to brood over creativity but an uncanny feeling that something disastrous (absolutely an irrational idea) lurking somewhere in the corner of the mind that inflicts fright. Spicy foods, sweets,snacks, ice creams though highly sought after are intolerable. Milk is intolerable.