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Candida east infection, Homeopathy and Asperger's sindrome

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  • Candida east infection, Homeopathy and Asperger's sindrome

    I am very new to homeopathy and plan to get treated by it for the very first time for my Candida east infection but I also have Asperger's syndrome which I am very comfortable with and feel very nice about. I did a small research over the internet and learned that all homeopaths have listed Asperger's syndrome as a disease and many say that they cure it. So as homeopathy takes into consideration the whole person I may also have to take something for my Asperger's syndrome.

    So will this alter my mind, the way I think, feel, socialize and behave in a way I do not want to like the neuro - typical people because this then sounds like a real devastation for me.

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