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azadirachta indica and carpal tunnel syndrom?

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  • azadirachta indica and carpal tunnel syndrom?

    or something better?

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    There are very effective medicnes in homoeopathy for CTS
    in allopathy they do surgery
    In most cases it is relieved with our treatment
    Usually it is seen in woman, as their hand has no rest, or peculiarity of wrist tunnel-it is narrow, and in some conditions also
    Main symptoms are numbness of hands or dead feeling espeically at night, grasping etc
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      Hi Pannakkal, Thank you very much for your answer. What are in your opinion the choices to take under consideration under attention on the materia medica in case of CTS?

      One author, Boerike, did name Azadirachta (he is THE occidental author taking Indian remedes under consideration).

      As I did ask, it was not possible any more to buy Azadirachta in Germany where I am living.

      But I did find it with much toil in Europa (Indian firm did not answer to me - But as they are subsidiaries of German company or having contract with them, I suppose they would not send me a little bottle of of Azadirachta to Germany!): DHU, Boiron, Reckeweg, etc. don't supply azadiracta any more! Only Remedia (Austria) continue to supply it. But you must accept to pay of course the price for import sending, it is so in "unified" Europa...).

      No result on my CTS.

      The big repertorium from van Zandvoort has a detailled item for CTS calc., calc. phosp., caust., guai., plb., ruta, viola-o. page 2909 in the German version (volume 2).

      In that time I did have the surgery at both hands.

      The evolution is that the finger are stiff (esp. in the morning excepted if I sleep with completely bend hands, but after that I have spring fingers an one of both hands: ring finger and major finger, it is not good) and I fiel numbness. The probably cause of the CTS is known: I have since over 50 y. chondrocalzinose (one wrist did have a terrible inflammation and it was not possible to avoid the surgery any more! I did sleep only in 1 hour periods and not often at this time!)...

      PS: I suppose you live in India. Are pure (=not being describt in usual occidental materia medica - Aza., f. ex.. is descript as well in Boericke as in Clarke) India drugs in use und perhaps descript in a separate Indian extension to the classic materia medica (as for ex. O. Julian did publish on nozodes) in English?


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        Azadirachta is not main remedy for CTS
        the above remedy you mentioned also surely not
        the exact symptions rubric should be taken and case study is needed. It can be done only by an qualified hompath.
        So please consult a experieced and qualified hompath, instead of self medication
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