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Antidote persistence

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  • Antidote persistence


    I would like to hear if you have something definitive regarding the length of time an antidote such as mint or coffee is effective. I have read here that some say 2 hours after coffee.

    Another lady told me years ago that I could take another dose of gelsemium or whatever I was taking at the time immediately after brushing my teeth. (I wish I could remember her contact info as she helped me get a prescription for the restricted remedy Lyssinum. She is Jewish, from the northeast US as I recall.)

    So anyway we are wondering if different antidotes persist longer? Are all homeopathics affected?

    Inquiring minds want to know...

    First time poster so please forgive my ineptitude. But I did read FAQ, the BeNIceAtudes, and performed a search on the topic.


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    Coffee and food articles with strong medical contents like ginger, garlic etc should be avoided. As our medicines action start from the tongue, the tongue should be clean. If garlic like things before our medicines, it may get hampered. So avoid such foods immediately before medication. Some Drs are very particular about diet . They insist to avoid all medicinal contented food (Garlic, ginger, pepper, coffee etc) during their treatment. Iam not so particular about it, And getting good results without avoiding such. Tongue should be clean during our medication, as medicines absorbed through tongue. It is my own opinion.
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      Thanks for the note. You wrote "So avoid such foods immediately before medication." Could you assign a length of time to "immediately"?


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        means tongue should be clean, without strong odor at the time of intake of medicine
        so one hour gap is good
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          keeping with the quest...

          "So anyway we are wondering if different antidotes persist longer? Are all homeopathics affected?"

          as far wht is antidotal or not is dependent upon the indvidual's such often will find an aggrvation or symptomology of some sort (observant eye) associated with use....
          as such starting with guidlines as told in paragraph's 259 thru 263 with ''organon of medicine" (samuel hahnemann).an idea is had by wht is be considered intrusion/obsticle to well from careful case taking
          individual sensitivies can be determined as to possible affecting the path to cure...basically be observant..investagate fully ..=the idea being ''anything that is medicinnal '' must be avoided.....
          and this again is tailoored to individaul ..for wht may act in medicnal manner for one ..wil not in al cases act as such for another....

          if caeful in case taking..monitor response /lack of after every dose..access ..investaigate ...will determine obsticles with diligence and proper homoreopthic principled practise...

          hope gets u organon paragraphs as mentioned and expand reading further in areas of particular interest/quest occur