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Homeopathy and Menopausal Hot Flashes

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  • Homeopathy and Menopausal Hot Flashes

    Hello all!

    I'm new to the forum. I am not a homeopath but I've had a few in the past work with me and/or my dog.

    After a uterine cancer scare (turned out to not be as serious as was thought), I've stopped taking an herbal supplement called pueraria mirifica for hot flashes since it's a phytoestrogen and the doc felt it wasn't safe for me; I'd been on it for about 6 years and I didn't have any hot flashes. Now that I'm off the pueraria, the hot flashes have returned, and I've been looking for non-allopathic ways to get rid of them.

    I researched homeopathic remedies and picked calcium carbonicum as being the closest match for me. I took it (30C) for 5 days and the symptoms seemed to be getting worse. I switched to folliculinum 30C and after taking my first dose in the evening, I had fewer hot flashes the next day and the days following. They weren't completely gone, so I ordered another tube, but it took about 10 days to arrive. Partway through the tube, it seemed like the flashes were starting to come back again, so I stopped taking it, waited a day or two, then switched to Sepia. Again it seemed to work immediately, but now as I'm nearing the end of the tube, I'm beginning to have some powerful hot flashes again.

    So all of this is to ask whether it seems like these remedies are not working for me, so I should move on to another one? Is it typical for a remedy to work at first, then stop working? Or is the fact that it worked at first an indication that it might be a good remedy for me, but I need a different potency or need to combine it with something else to enhance it? I'm not asking for a diagnosis here, more for an understanding of the logic of how a remedy works. I know that there are so many factors that go into choosing a remedy, so it may just be that I MUST see a homeopath. Money is tight, so I was hoping I could find something that would work without having to find a homeopath near me (especially with having to start fresh with an intake appointment), but if I need to, then so be it.

    Thank you very much!

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    Check out the following article. You may find good information.
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      I'm not asking for a diagnosis here, more for an understanding of the logic of how a remedy works. I know that there are so many factors that go into choosing a remedy, so it may just be that I MUST see a homeopath.
      This is a good mindset. For homeopathy to work best one needs to consider all factors, especially the history of an illness or better the root cause (if the illness is not too complex).
      But sometimes you just need the right remedy for a helping you through a transition or a change in your body, like the menopause, because we may lack the energy to go through this stage.
      In this case you may search for a remedy similar to Piper nigrum, which cause hot flashes and has a relation to the uterus. According to the great homeopath Burnett, every remedy has a relation to an organ or aspect of an organ, but some remedies are especially related to the organ and therefore called "organotropic". Example Chelidonium is an organotropic for the gallblader, Carduus marianus is for the liver, Nux vomica is for central nervous system, Urtica urens for the spleen and so on.

      But where to search? I have a huge database on my computer and a library at home. Most people use just the internet. Best thing is to go to a homeopath.

      Money is tight
      And that's the another aspect of reality we need to cope with. Yes. Then at least tell us exactly what symptoms you got with your uterus. More symptoms can help better to find a remedy.

      So all of this is to ask whether it seems like these remedies are not working for me, so I should move on to another one?
      I think that Calcium carbonicum is a remedy for which you need special indications, very precise symptoms, because it is an absolutely overused remedy.
      But Folliculinum was not a bad choice, a organotropic remedy. Maybe the dosage was not right or the frequency of intake. You could try Folliculinum C200 every two weeks, instead of a daily C30. Or you can try once a week the C30. A daily dose of C30 is way too strong from the experience made by most classical homeopaths. Such daily dosages of C30 are only indicated if another conventional drug like steroids stress the organism so much that it could cancel out the effect of the homeopathic remedy too fast.

      If you have more questions feel free to ask.


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        How drugs work is a complicated question and difficult to explain to a common man.
        An experienced hompath may find indicated remedy from totality, or key symptoms, General, or peculiar, miasmatic, constituitional or from othe uncommon symptoms.
        In the name of diagnosis , you will get many remedies, which often will not lead to cure as it may not the indicated remedy of that person.
        So better to find an experienced, qualified homoeopath.
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          It's been a busy few weeks since my original post. Thank you Victor Tsan and Pannakkal for your responses.

          IsuretPolos, thank you for responses. My mistake - it was calcaera carbonica I took, not calcium carbonicum. Here is more info about my uterine history, as well as general symptoms and issues.

          Back in 2013, I was having severe bleeding during my periods, and they found two large uterine fibroids. They recommended a hysterectomy, but I opted for a myomectomy to remove the fibroids, and the severe bleeding stopped. Then I started having hot flashes in 2014 or 2015 and I started taking Black Cohosh and eventually discovered the herbal remedy pueraria mirifica, After I began taking that, I felt pretty good, had NO hot flashes, and didn't have any uterine symptoms that I knew of. I stopped having my period some time in 2016 and had no issues after that. Then a trip to the ER in Jaunaury 2020 for severe abdominal pains (diagnosed as constipation) found a small mass in my uterus. They did a D&C and it was diagnosed as endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia (EIN). They took me off the herbal remedy since it was a phytoestrogen, and referred me to an oncologist, who scheduled a complete hysterectomy. She had the results re-checked by 3 different pathologists and they all agreed that it was not pre-cancer so my hysterectomy was cancelled. I've had no bleeding or spotting at all since 2016, no cramps, and no other issues. I've had no sleep issues either.

          Since coming off the pueraria mirifica, the hot flashes have returned. I'm having bouts of rage and sadness, depression, lack of interest in life in general. I'm finding it hard to do daily life-maintenance things (making my bed, cleaning the house, taking care of myself physically and emotionally, exercising) - though to be honest, that's been the case on an off throughout my life due to chronic depression. I'm tired all the time, and lack the desire to do much of anything. I don't connect much with friends (I live alone and work from home). I mostly only go out to get groceries and for an occasional hike with my sister or horseback ride. I've also started to have issues getting to sleep on occasion. This has NEVER been a problem - I might have two sleepless nights in a year. Now I'm having trouble several times a month, and sometimes a few times a week. (I didn't notice that until I started taking the homeopathic remedies.) I've been losing hair for the last decade or more, but now it seems to have increased. I have always had very thick hair, so the hair loss is not visually noticeable, but I find lots of loose hairs on clothing and furniture. I can't my hands through my hair without a few hairs falling out. It'a all throughout the day.

          I've had issues with fear and anxiety off an on, thanks to an ugly childhood with a mentally unstable mother and clueless father. I have chronic pain that is the result not of physical issues but of psychophysiologic pain disorder, which has been diagnosed by an expert in the field.

          I've tried calcarea carbonica (which seemed to exaccerbate things), and folliculinum, sepia, and lachesis. The last 3 have all seemed to help decrease, but not completely get rid of, the hot flashes. I do feel better when I'm outside - I don't think I've had a hot flash while I'm outside. I spend most days sitting at my desk working or on the sofa knitting. When I'm up to it, I try to do yoga most days. I also love to hike and walk, though most of the time it takes more energy to motivate myself to do it than I have, so I don't. My favorite thing is horseback riding, but again, I just don't usually have the will to organize doing that. I'm also experiencing moments where I can't find a word or remember a name. And I often have difficulty concentrating or focusing.

          It's frustrating. I feel like I'm a spectator watching my whole life be wasted and pass by me and there's nothing I can do to make it any better. I don't know whether it's due to menopause, or depression, or if there's something else going on. I've had moments of drive and motivation, but I've got none of either right now.

          Thank you.


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            Hello! Just by the way "calcaera carbonica" is the same as "calcium carbonicum". One is the classic name, the other a new name convention. Like Natrium muriaticum was the old name and Natrium chloratum is the new.