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allergic to pregnancy?

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  • allergic to pregnancy?

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing as being allergic to pregnancy? A friend asked if I would put this question out here since we have folks all around the globe visit, so maybe someone has some information.

    Her sister is about 2 months pregnant with her third child, and suddenly broke out in a terribly itchy rash, which the doctors have said is an allergic reaction to her pregnancy. It's called PUPS or something like that. They've put her on antibiotics (WHY for an allergy is my question) and also steroids. The doctor said he didn't think the steroids would affect the unborn baby, but you never know. Great medical opinion, huh?

    If anyone has any info on this, would you please let me know.


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    I have had patients report to me that one or more of their pregnancies resulted in a variety of strange reactions and illnesses. One I can think of had eczma only while pregnant, another developed fainting. There are many remedies that are aggravated by being pregnant - the main ones are Alet, Ant-t, Camph, Carb-ac, Cimic, Coll, Nux-v, Puls, Sep, and Verat. There are probably a hundred remedies all up

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      I have heard of this condition before, Sunny, and during my schooling I watched a casetaking of a patient who experienced PUPS during her pregnancy, then continued to suffer from intermittent (but crippling!) rashes/swelling/pain conditions for 8 years afterwards. She did very well with Mango Indifera, which radically changed her symptoms only after about 1 month after it was taken. (So...nothing much at first; then BIG changes all at once). Rhus tox was considered at first--but she had one crucial symptom that made the homeopath connect the rhus tox to the mango (they are the same plant family). She mentioned that her earlobes would swell with each attack. Only Mango had this symptom as well as all her others.

      I'd hate to think this kind of suppression leads to a situation like the one I saw--where the patient suffered for a long time after the pregnancy. What a crazy idea to give anti-b's and then steroids and just "hope for the best!"

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        As I understand it the itching to distraction/ rash which occurs to some women in pregnancy is due to liver problems

        its hell been there done that and then they were not aware that one can even loose the baby they are aware and monitor closely

        The allopaths first treatment for everything is Antibiotics or steroids or both

        IGNORANCE is bliss but should be condemmed


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          Thanks everyone!

          Do you happen to know what the acronym PUPS stands for, as we'd like to research this a bit? I've done a search on PUPS and come up with nothing.....except the four-legged kind of pups

          I don't know if she'd be open to homeopathic treatment or not, but would like to have as much info as possible about the condition when presenting the idea to her. By the way, Prednisone was the drug given here, and NOT by her OB/GYN (who didn't know what was wrong with her), but by a dermatologist, who did not even check if this was remotely safe during pregnancy. Her sister tells me she isn't looking too well these days, and it isn't from morning sickness as she has none.



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            Good God...that does not sound good to me. Is this person under homeopathic care with a homeopathic physician, or are these people her only support group? I don' think prednisone is a good thing to pump into the body during pregnancy for a whole bunch of reasons--particularly because its side effects can compound the problems and risks already existent in pregnancy.

            Sunny, is this one of your patients? Could you convince her to be?

            I'll try to look up PUPS (for some reason it is tricky) on line somewhere and post what I find here...I recall looking for it when I saw that earlier patient in school, but having no luck then, either. Not even the patient knew what it stood for! But let me see what I can find.

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              I found it - P.U.P.P.S. - Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy -
              now that's a mouthful

              Not much info about it though, so still searching.


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                Pruritic--itchy as heck
                Papules--small, circumscribed elevations of the skin, varying in size from pinpoints to small peas...
                Plaques--scales, flakes

                I presume the "S" stands for syndrome?

                I could see how something like this would be brought on by liver toxicity--particularly since this is the time when all kinds of mothers a put on supplement regimes which may be a little overwhelming on the liver...

                I'm still searching too...

                ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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                  The Liver problem has another name .......only fairly recently applied

                  cant for life of me remeber what it is though .......i think its gestational choly.....?????

                  Prednisone is definitely not good in pregnancy especially not early on .....they do sometimes give it later to stop premature labour .......our daughter was given some at 27 weeks when she started in labour with twins and thankfully no ill effects apparent but boy was i mad at the medics


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                    If a liver problem then Carduus M. in herbal MT may well help here.
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