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    Hello everybody
    please give your clinical experinces on psoriasis


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    A few improvements where psoriasis was minor and secondary to the presenting complaint, but with moderate to severe psoriasis I've been generally disappointed with results using homeopathy alone - tried using high potencies, low daily dose, the lot. Even Jeremy Sherr says he finds it one of the most refractory conditions to treat.I came acroos a book called "Healing Psoriasis" by John Pagano and have been using his dietary methods as an adjunct to homeopathy. It explains that improvement can take months and can aggravate at first. I have two patients using this method at present and though its early days, I'd say things are looking good. I'll keep you posted.


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      thanks I too experience the prescribing for psoriasis may be in three parts 1.Homoeopathic totality
      2.Diat & hyegiene
      3.clinical experince



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        I have had the occasion to see a case of more than 22 years standing. Several remedies were given with little or no benefit.

        Best regards<br />Ghazi<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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          Wexdoc - I'd be interested to learn what you know about dietary factors and psoriasis. I have a friend I'd like to help with moderate to severe psoriasis and am stumpted. Thanks, herb


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            According to Dr. Choudhury, psoriasis is symptomatic of mixed miasm (psora/sycosis/syphilis). Miasmic cases require careful management with the proper remedies given in the correct order. Psoriasis, like many other chronic ailments, should be completely curable with appropriate homeopathic treatment.


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              It won't be easy to summarise Pagano's 300 page book in a few sentences, but I'll try anyway. (If you think it sounds interesting then maybe order his book yourselves from Amazon.) His thesis is that psoriasis (and sometimes eczema too) is a result of the skin's attempt to eliminate toxins released from a defective intestinal wall. So by purifying the diet the skin will GRADUALLY improve. He advises taking mainly alkaline foods and avoiding tomatos, peppers, potatos, sugar, junk food, alcohol (also smoking), coffee. Also, lots of pure water, exercise, steam baths, plus lecithin, olive oil and certain herbal teas, all preceded by a 3-day apple or grape diet. All these are explained in detail. He also addresses emotional factors. I found his case histories very persuasive. The only aspect I have some reservations about is his advocation of regular colonic irrigation, so I have been suggesting a Microlax enema instead where it seems needed. Other than the last point, it all seems just very healthy and sensible. I think someone would need to be fairly severly afflicted with psoriasis to adhere to it strictly though - forever. It would be so much simpler just to give a single remedy!!


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                Mind if I ask a question here? I have a friend who developed severe psoriasis on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet after working with paints and paint thinners a year ago. Any remedy come to mind?
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                  My experiences in treating Psoriasis
                  First I give Constitutional Remedy and wait for any change
                  MEZ.,BACILL.,SUL.,TELL.,GRAPH., and ARS BROM.,
                  are my chioce medicines according to indication. Diet like
                  Eggs,fish.,milk salt ,restriction supports the cure in maximum cases



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                    That's interesting, P.K. Can I ask where you came across Ars Brom for psoriasis?

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                      I haven't had any success with the few people I've had with psoriasis. Pagano's book sounds interesting. Re ordering from Amazon - I think we should support the people who support homeopathy and order our books from those suppliers.
                      Shirley Reischman


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                        Dear all members

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                        With best regards


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                          are you posting this just to advertise the product?
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                            No, No not at all
                            Unfortunately, I am also a patient of psoriasis. Please do help me if you have any information


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                              Wrong diet will aggravate psoriasis

                              My understanding of psoriasis is that it cannot be cured by external applications alone because they do not remove the cause. Such applications would keep the skin and scales soft but would not cure.

                              I am a very strong believer of effects of diet. Some diseases like psoriasis and vitiligo get highly aggravated by unsuitable items. My observation about psoriasis is that any foodstuff that tends to create dryness in the body will aggravate this disease. The effects of such items (aggravation) will be more pronounced during dry seasons, which are before and after summers in the tropical areas (spring and autumn) but diet precautions are not restricted to these two seasons. The precautions must continue till the disease is fully cured otherwise it would keep returning after intervals varying from person to person even with good medication. More about the importance of diet can be found here: Diet Precautions - Importance of Correct Diet during Treatment
                              M Akram Khan