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    My understanding of psoriasis is that it cannot be cured by external applications alone because they do not remove the cause. Such applications would keep the skin and scales soft but would not cure......................."
    Well said,I agree 100% and have said this many times in my previous posts.
    From a homeopathic prespective the body is trying to expell an toxin/imbalance showing itself via skin symptoms. If creams/lotions (topicals ) are used NOTHING will be cured,only suppression. And this is a danger to the patient.
    YEs dietary overhauls are A MUST.
    "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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      How to decide on diet

      Those interested in knowing the basis of deciding on diet might like to have a look at Concept of Four Aristotelian Humors. They would need to read in full (about 5 pages).
      M Akram Khan


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        Dear Akram
        Great information
        If you like when you have some time can you post this info and info on Reiki at
        Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Encyclopedia - Wiki4CAM

        a factual database is being compiled to counter the negative bashing of alternative /holistic treatments at wikipedia, Anti homeopathic skeptics have taken over that site and edited most or all holistic facts.
        Why do we need Wiki4CAM?
        Find out why the CAM practitioners need to come together to build Wiki4CAM!

        Your additions at Wiki4Cam will be appreciated.
        "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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          Thanks for the idea

          Thanks, Gina! I appreciate your idea and shall give it a thought.

          The information on my Reiki site is not unique. There are hundreds of sites on the subject.

          About Aristotelian humors, there are many sites that provide information on basic concept but I donít think any of them has talked about modified concept the way I have after years of study, experimentation and observation. That way, the information on my site is unique but many people don't seem to be interested in that boring stuff (I have reasons to believe so). I wish more and more people try to understand it and put it into practice. That would enable them to treat many diseases easily, even at home. I donít know if it would be practicable to put the entire information on Wiki4CAM. So far I have not had time to add information even about pulse. I hope to be able to do so in the near future.
          M Akram Khan


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            Here are ideas that might help!

            I don't have any personal experience, but I strongly believe a good diet can help. For example foods that reduce inflammation is going to help someone with flareups.

            --This includes things such as eating fruits/veggies, oatmeal, brown rice and maybe fish is moderation due to mercury.

            --Also reduce foods that increase inflammation. This is stuff like trans fats, heavily processed foods and lots of sugar, alcohol and red meat.

            Plus there are a lot of herbs that can help like turmeric, garlic and ginger for example. Hope this helps someone here is a video on this topic where you can learn more!


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