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  • psychiatric vs. physical ailments

    Hello all, I am hoping for some guidance here. In the order of cure, which should be cured first, physical symptoms or mental ones? I have been under homeopathic treatment for a little over a year now (switched practitioners about three months ago). I have had fantastic results with some problems (absent/irregular menstrual periods and insomnia) and hardly any at all with others (hyperacidic stomach, skin tags on neck, extreme difficulty concentrating on work).

    I am particularly distressed about the latter symptom, difficulty concentrating/being highly distracted while at work, because it is really affecting my productivity to the point of jeopardizing a position that I love, and nothing seems to help. I have had this problem ever since I was a child, but it never really bothered me until I got to college because my classes were easy for me. I believe if I went to a conventional psychiatrist I would be diagnosed with some sort of ADD and probably prescribed Ritalin or something similar. My husband is urging me to take this route because he is anxious about my job, but I really want to give homeopathy a chance to take effect. Still, I feel that I am running out of time. Part of the problem is that I don't fully understand what is going on mentally when I get distracted, and I think maybe someone with specific psychological training would be better able to sort it out.

    So the question I am working up to is, is this sort of nebulous psychiatric problem the type of thing that homeopathy can cure, or is it just part of my nature to be extremely spacy? My homeopath seems rather nonchalant about this problem, which to me is the most serious one, and often takes a long time to respond with a remedy, says "I'm not sure how to help you", etc. Instead she focuses on what seem to me like some minor, quirky mentals (she is probably looking for SRP). She has given me the same remedy twice, the second time in a liquid dose which I took just a few days ago. I am wondering whether to switch yet again, to a homeopathic psychiatrist who is some distance away but is very highly recommended, or whether to trust my current homeopath to cure this along with my physical symptoms. I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.

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    Mental/emotional symptoms and physical symptoms are all part of the same totality. They should all be addressed by the remedy. In fact, there are plenty of really good remedies which have insomnia, menstrual irregularities, AND spaciness (as you describe it). Time to follow up your case and see if you need one of those remedies, if a repeated dose or dose with a higher potency has no effect.

    If your feelings of being distracted have actually increased after your remedy, then I think the symptom needs more attention by your homeopath. Remedies which act curatively but are not the "similimum" will guide the homeopath to a new remedy for you, because they have the effect known as "pushing you further into your (correct remedy) state". Your homeopath should try to find a remedy with your current remaining symptoms and any new symptoms which have occured as a result of the given remedy's effect. I'm surprised your homeopath "doesn't know how to help you"...surely a more appropriate remedy, which corresponds to what is now indicated, would do the trick? I would urge you to explain to the homeopath exactly what your concerns are, as you've done here. It really shouldn't be too difficult to spare you from an ADHD diagnosis!

    I've never heard of a "psychiatric" homeopath--in fact, I thought paying attention to the mental/emotional symptoms and how they work with the physical symptoms was what homeopathy was all about! We often get compared to psychologists because of this--but psychiatrists, who are MDs licensed to prescribe drugs and perform surgeries on the brain? A first.


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      Hi Divina,

      Thanks for your encouragement. "Homeopathic psychiatrist" is probably a contradiction in terms; I just made it up to describe someone who has extensive training in psychology and is also a homeopath. I am certainly trying to avoid the world of psychiatric drugs if at all possible.

      By the way, I don't mean to make my husband out to be some sort of anti-homeopathic monster. Actually I have finally convinced him to start getting homeopathic treatment - yippee! - and so far things seem to be going well.

      You have some good tips for talking to my homeopath. She is less communicative than my last homeopath and I have a hard time reading her. I don't know whether she is not giving the case much attention or whether she's just calm and confident and doesn't feel the need to say much. I will make a point of telling her how pressing the "spacy" issue is to me.


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        Hi CRA, if it is ANY comfort at all...when I first began with my new homeopath in April - I also couldn't 'read her' and she also didn't 'say much'!
        I suppose it might be our personalitie - needing a bit of feedback. Actually, one day I told her it was a bit unnerving to me that I did the talking and she never said anything ...and now she talks a wee bit more (not much :razz.

        Perhaps you are seeing a genuine 'good, silent and focused observer'. Hang in there..and do talk to her - and tell her how you're feeling. I did, and haven't regretted it.
        All the best,
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          Your spaciness and acidic stomach make me think that you are blood type O. Wheat is not your friend. It is causing the spaciness. Also, you need to give up acids such as coffee, orange juice and pickles.

          Please see for more information

          This is information will coincide nicely with your homeopathic treatment. And hopefully you will see results more quickly by altering you diet.


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            Hi mamma3, That blood type diet is interesting stuff. I have been reading a little bit about it lately, and it's intriguing to find that the recommended foods for my blood type are the ones I tend to prefer (and the "negative" foods, particularly acids, are ones I stay away from). Then again, I think I generally tend to stick to bland, salty foods because of the hyperacidity , and it would be nice to branch out a bit, so I'm hoping homeopathic treatment will help.

            Lisa, I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Just wondering... what is homeopathy like in Oman? Is your practitioner there, or is it a long-distance relationship? I don't mean to pry, I'm just curious.


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              Dear CRA,

              I'm not thrilled with what I'm hearing about your so-called homeopath. Here's good news:
              The National Center for Homeopathy is holding its summer school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and today was the first day. Can you get there? Check out their web site:

              The place will be crawling with homeopaths who can either help you or recommend some one who can.

              Let us know how things go with you because if nothing else, maybe one of us can help you.



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                CRA - I don't mind .
                My homeopath is close to London. We went to UK and had consultations with her in April - and will see her again for a 6 mos check up. In between - we ring her when we need too and do minor follow-ups by phone. But, she does like to see us in person every 6 months when it is possible and luckily this year, it is possible.

                Before switching Homeopaths again, really, I would go and speak with her and tell her how you're feeling. The only thing that really concerned me in reading your initial post was the remark that she said "I'm not sure how to help you". Perhaps she is waiting to see what the remedy does before 'knowing how to next help you'? In any case, talk to her about how you feel and see how it goes .

                Good luck,

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                "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                Carroll Dunham


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                  Thanks, Lisa, I will have to give this a lot of thought, and I will talk to her. Part of my trouble in communicating with her is that she doesn't respond much to email, and it is just about impossible for me to call her during the day from work. Maybe I will come out and ask her whether she thinks I should see another homeopath. If she is having trouble with the case it may come as a relief.


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                    Oh, and thanks to Snoopy too for the tip about the NCH school. I'm not sure whether I can get to Baltimore during the week - will anything be going on next weekend?


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                      Dear CRA,

                      Check their schedule on their WEB site. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes.