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Silicea Vs Acidum silicicum

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  • Silicea Vs Acidum silicicum

    Its a long time! Good to see new changes

    Today I have purchased Silicea 200 of a well reputed pharmacy from Germany. On the label the following words were printed (like this)

    Silicea 200
    (Acid Silicicum)

    Is it same thing!

    [ 23 June 2001: Message edited by: DR.MAS ]
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    It must be, Dr Mas...I looked up Silica in Rehman's book - and I also looked under Acidum S(ilicicum) - and the only Acidicum-"S" I found was Acid Salicylicum which isn't the same as what you referred too.

    I would deduce it must be the same...but I certainly stand corrected if someone else finds it listed differently.

    I also checked in Chronic Disease (the MM part) and if you look at Silica there, perhaps it might answer why they used the alternate name.

    Hope this helps...
    "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
    Carroll Dunham


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      Lisa! (only member)

      Thankyou for your comments

      But I want clear cut answer of my question. I think.. may be ... perhaps... these are the words came from homeopaths for silicea is not acceptable

      I request to all members of this bb to give clear cut ruling on my question which so simple

      It is my habit of asking typical question to ........ homeopaths.

      where is my teacher dr. bhatia . I request him to please change the name from Dr. B to dr. bhatia which more impressive.

      I am waiting for comments from all my honourable members. Its a serious matter.
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        Dr Mas, you got another answer on HI - so I didn't bother to delve further. And just now, I don't have time to research this. I looked up what I was able to, the other day - and posted it above.

        It is indeed the same remedy from my understanding. You may be right that some Homeopath, in the past, shortened the name - merely calling it Silica - instead of Acid Silicicum - but this isn't uncommon.

        Surely you already know the answer to your own question what are you getting at? Just tell us - instead of posing cryptic questions..unless you are really just posting a 'quiz' of general knowledge....maybe that is why no one else answered...

        Perhaps you could start another section entitled "General Quiz or General Knowledge Quiz". And post your questions in that format . In fact, that would be kinda fun - and people who have the time, could dive in and have a go at answering and learning, etc....

        As for dr B's name...who cares... I like that Dr B isn't a show-off - and isn't into 'status'.... I'm not impressed by one's title so much as their knowledge, and the willingness to share it, and be kind in the process of exchange - like Dr B and many others I know (not necessarily on this BB).

        I couldn't care less 'who' one is - or what their 'status' is - it is what I observe that makes me want to know more from them - not all the letters that follow their name...or if their name is spelled using lower or upper case....

        So, do tell why you think "Silica" is NOT acceptable, please. I'm interested to know what your point is, truly.

        I look forward to your reply.....although I'm not going to be online much during the summer - so if I miss your reply - I'll try to remember this thread and have a look later in the Fall.

        All the best..and have a good summer,
        "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
        Carroll Dunham


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          REMEDY NAME: Silica
          Silicea terra.
          Pure flint.
          Silicic anhydride.
          Silicon dioxide.
          Trituration of pure, precipitated Silica.

          (Silica. Pure Flint)

          Triturations are prepared from pure flint.

          Pure Silica, Silicic Oxide

          REMEDY NAME:Silicea.
          Silicic acid, Kieselerde.
          Triturations of pure precipitated Silica.

          REMEDY NAME:Silicea.
          Common Names: Silica; Pure Flint.
          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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            Dear Dr. Mas
            I was really pusseld about this question, so I thought best thing to do is to count the letters. Here is my result:
            Silicea= 7 letters and Acid Silicicum= 13 letters. even , if I leave off the acid- part and count then, I still come up with 9 letters. So--my result is: they are not the same!!
            And by the way, you still owe me an answer to my last question.
            cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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              Although I appreciate Hans' tongue-in-cheek humor, it's pretty clear from Ricky's post that Silicea and Acid Silicicum are in fact the same.

              Allen Ency.
              REMEDY NAME: Silicea
              Silicic acid, Kieselerde.

              (In any case, one would expect a reputable German homeopathic pharmacy to be able to fill a silica prescription correctly!)


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                Please welcome me

                Acidum Silicicum = Silicea

                Acid always has H ion. I looked up in Materia Medica, but SiO2 is written for Silicea. The Q is very puzzling.

                I have been taught in the course that silicea is not an acid yes Acid silicicum is an acid. This is the main problem which I understood.

                Dr.MAS in his signature written about his Degree in B.Sc in Chemistry. May be he is trying to confused us.

                You all members are requested to elaborate this point.


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                  Dear Lisa!

                  Today I read some posts (about 100) on this BB. You are quite impressive.

                  Your recent mail revealed that you regularly visit HI BB but did not bother to send post there. That HI BB is also our web site (homoeopathic community).

                  Please do visit once a week.


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                    My dear Lisa!

                    Whenever you find time. Please do read my posts. (bye the way many individual complain about shortage of time but they visit this forum on daily basis like you I post my post No. 55 on 6th April 2001 and after that this is my first mail, after elapse of 70 days. But I always find time for this forum instead of the reason that I was very busy in connection of a Prog in which President, Chief Executive and Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan Gen Pervaiz Musharaf was invited.


                    Depending upon books and computer softwares are good thing but not always. Sometime think with your own mind. There was a logic of putting this question. Any body get the information which you have provided with the help of MM.

                    I appreciate your memory. I remebered your question. You will get soon! wait.
                    Bye the way spell these words too and laugh

                    Silicea=Silica=Silicea terra= Silicon dioxide SiO2=Silicic anhydride

                    In layman language listen. Silicic anhydride means Silicea without Water. As An means absent and Hydride is H2O. Now You can easily understand Water is absent i.e Hydrogen Ion is missing. That is our Homeopatic medicine Silicea 200 is without Hydrogen Ion or you can say without Water H2O. While Acidum Silicicum means it has Hydrogen Ion in it. When ever you will say Acid, You always remember that this compound has H ion in it. For example H2So4 (Acid Sulph), HNo3 (Nitric Acid) and HCl (Hydrocholoric Acid).

                    Our homeo Silicea is not in any case is a acid. So my question is why Acidum Silicicum is written in parenthesis under our Silicea 200 (Ref. Silicea 200 Lot No. 3150298 another 3330900 of Willmar Schwabe)

                    Dr. Aamir Shahzad!

                    You have already been welcomed by this BB

                    You are very close to the answer.

                    My Dear Members!

                    It is my habit of posting questions like this. I do want to touch your hidden creative thoughts. I want to build you IQ's.
                    I can challeng here that many members visited this post but did not show there courage to give comments. You people are courageous.

                    I have a jolly mode and so if it hurt someone. I can apologise to him with my soul. But do comments on all posts without any hesitation. Yes! teasing always starts from others. Then What i can do, I have to defend my self.


                    Don't give last ruling i.e. this is correct and that is wrong. Again think. Always remember, if you are not sure about something say I don't know. Please explain to me. This is the proper Procedure.
                    I always develop a student attitude like LISA. I realy impressed with her. Why we are both aggresive. There is love hidden in words.
                    Forum Pk


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                      I'm sorry, I didn't realize this was a quiz. I will have to agree with Hans until I learn more.


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                        This proves that we (including myself) do not know any thing about our weapons (homeo remedies) and we are claiming that we can treat the patient with out remedies.
                        Forum Pk