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  • Mom's Case - Fever

    Need help for my Mom's case:

    My mom 76 years old has been having fever every day around 5PM which then starts reducing later in the night. The fever is low grade around 99 to 100 deg F. She has been having this fever continuosly for the last 1 1/2 months.

    We took her to allopathic doctor's and they have not found anything wrong with her so far. There is no sign of any infection. Her ultrasound & CAT scan has shown a 1.5cm cyst in her right kidney but the doctors don't think that it's the cause of the fever.
    Her right side does hurt when pressed. Also, the region below the ribs & in the center does hurt when pressed. No other problems.

    When she gets the fever she gets pain in the legs & in the lower back but in general she is fine & the fever does not bother her. She does take medication to control her Blood Pressure. She got her gall bladder removed surgically two years ago due to stones in her gall bladder.

    Mentally, she is fine & likes to go out of the house but does not like to do anything when inside the house. Does not take interest in anything. Does not like to be active, doesn't wants to do anything. Very lethargic, inactive life style.

    She does have ancient constipation problem.

    Any suggestions for her fever would be highly appreciated.


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    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say China, because of it's "Never Well Since gall
    bladder surgery", because of it's periodicity in fevers, and because apathy is listed in its mental picture. It also has right-sided abdominal pains.

    I would say a 30C, three times a day for 3 days, stop at first sign of improvement and wait, stop if there's an aggravation, and in general, stay in touch with us for further guidance.



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      Also China has the 5 pm and evening aggravation, low fever, prostration, better in open air...good choice I would say
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        Dr.? "Snoopy" / Dr. Bhatia:

        Thank you both for your input. I will put her on China 30C as suggested starting today & will post her progress.

        Thanks for your help.


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          I gave her China 30C for 3 days & she still has fever. Please advise.

          The second day of her treatment she had fever all day instead of just in the evenings & night. I thought it was a good reaction especially despite the fever she was feeling much better overall, mentally & physically including a much lighter better feeling in the stomach. Her energy level is much better too.

          The third day her fever pattern is same in the evenings/night around 99.8deg F. Overall as mentioned above she feels better but no her fever.

          Snoopy, I kind of agree with your assumption that she never been really well since she had the gall bladder surgery.

          Please advise. Thanks


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            I hope Dr. B sees your post so he can comment too, but usually when the person says, "My chief complaint is still there but oddly enough, I feel so much better in myself!" we say, Hooray, we got the right remedy! Because this is really what we're looking for; this, for us, is the bull's eye!

            If you had said, "Thank you, her fever's gone, but now she's sluggish," I'd have said,
            "Oh no! We gave the wrong remedy!"

            In homeopathy, we judge the correctness of the remedy by the direction of cure. We say the right remedy will cure at the mental/emotional/spiritual level first, the physical second; and then even with the physical, there's a certain order, and the last to heal is the skin--the least important organ.

            So, I would continue to give the China, but I would put a few pellets of China into a half-filled small Evian bottle and succuss 10 times before each use, so that the dose is a tiny bit stronger each time; that way the body doesn't build up a tolerance to it.

            Succussion means pound the bottle into your opposite palm. It's a little different than simple shaking.

            Keep in touch with us with continued updates.



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              I would suggest no more of the remedy. It has obviously had a positive effect, and it is better to wait and see what happens next. Giving too much of the right remedy can be counter-productive. It is always best to stop on sign of any change, good or bad. Fever is a curative symptom on its own, and shouldn't be seen as a bad thing necessarily.

              Good choice Snoopy. Well done.
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                This is definetly positive development but once the improvement has started, it's better to wait and let the remedy complete its action before a repetition is done.
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                  Thank you all for your input.

                  Update: After the initial doses of China 30C, I waited for few days till we saw no further significant improvement. Then I did as advised by Snoopy to put a few pellets of 30C in a bottle filled with water & 1/3 alcohol & succussed everytime she took the remedy. This solution was given one spoon three times a day.

                  She (my Mom) says she feels 60 to 70% better. She still gets fever in the evening but the fever is now about 99deg. (some days a little higher), i.e. slightly lower from the 99.8 or 100 deg F earlier. She does not feel the same pain or chilliness during fever time as before.

                  Since China has helped her I was thinking to go a higher potency. I am planning to give her China 200C single dose for two to three consecutive days (total 3 doses). Need your opinion /advise on this.



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                    My suggestion is that u can repeat the 30c for a few more times before moving higher. But in case u do decide to move up at this pt of time, then even 1 dose of 200 would do. no need to repeat it for 3 days.
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                      Hi All:

                      Update on my Mom's Case:

                      I did not give her any more medication e.g. China 200C as she was improving with the medication which had gone in her earlier (China 30C pellets in water/some alcohol & succussed every time, one spoon x 3times per day) as mentioned before. Her fever came down to 98.8deg & she was feeling better.

                      Then, she stopped getting any better, her fever lingering about the same, 98.8. Then, she was complaining about acidity on & off. Her constipation was also really bad. We just waited. One day after eating oily rich food at a party her fever jumped to 100deg F. Then, got better (99.4) after a few days.

                      Since Aug. 1, her fever had been lingering around 99.5deg F & I gave her a dose of China 200C on Aug. 7. Her fever is still lingering around 99.5deg F, the range is 99.2 to 99.6 Deg F, with some day at normal body temperature of 98.6deg. F.

                      One major change. Her fever is no more at 5PM, but comes on little later around 10PM.

                      The area below her eyes is still puffy but better since I initially put her on China.

                      Any further advise is appreciated.

                      Thanks for your help.


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                        Dear Rajan,

                        Ailments from oily rich food is Pulsatilla, which also has a 10 pm aggravation time.

                        I would try Puls. in water, 30C, as you did previously with China.

                        If this fails to help in any way after 3 days, there's a remedy in "bold" for 10 pm
                        aggravation, and that's China Sulph. So, you might want to order that remedy just in case.

                        Let us know how it goes,