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    My two year old dog has been vomiting and having diarrhea for several hours. I have Arsenicum Album and Chamomile in 30x tablets.
    Will he experience any relief with either of these? He's eating grass and vomiting.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Vomiting and diarrhea at same time usually indicate Arsenicum so give him that .BUT please post more details eg what is diarrhea look like, is he showing signs of pain ?
    What is vomit like ? Do you think these symptoms could have been caused by something he has eaten ?
    Is he thirsty ? What is his mood like ??

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      Thank you for your response. How many tablets of 30x are appropriate?
      The diarrhea and vomit are both brown. He doesn't appear to be in pain. He's wanting to be outside or laying down. He didn't sleep much last night, awake at about 2:30 am.
      He may have gotten in the garbage yesterday, and were messy baby diapers in there. The garbage was on the floor, but we don't know if he ingested anything or was snooping around. He drinks water when offered, but hasn't gone to his dish for it. We took it to him. His mood seems fine, but that he's slow. Staying near us. The dog has only been with us for two weeks and was transfered to several homes before arriving. He traveled from Maine to Western New York, via car rides over days. But upon arriving quickly settled in. He is kind and gentle, even with a one year old baby and 4 year old.
      We have a cat who is very nervous about the dog and stays away. The dog just seems curious about the cat. Thanks again.


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        In case no one gets back to you tonight, I would say to give one pellet every four hours for four doses and see what you have then. I think he is eating grass to get something up and out of his system ( diapers?. Brown, stool looking vomit can sometimes mean an impaction in the intestines, so keep an eye on him.
        Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.


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          Yes, do start the ars. right away, it covers brown vomit and diarrhea and the fact that your dog wants to be near you. If it doesn't work, try pulsatilla as your dog seems like a puls. dog.

          Buy a 30C first aid kit for future emergencies. Homeopathic vets have written books, which you should buy so you'll be prepared for the next catastrophe. Check the book store on this web site. Good luck with your dog!



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            Hi again.
            yes I would go with what gpm says regarding dosage.
            It does sound as if he's ingested some faeces. However if the vomit looks like 'coffee grounds' at anytime you must consult a vet.

            Offer him water as often as you can.

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              Hi RaeFrank,

              By now you probably had tried Ars. Album. How are the things now?

              Dogs do eat grass to clean their system of any toxins, which is all good.

              You can take this as a sign whenever he eats grass, that means he is sick and want to get better by eating grass.

              Grass has so many good properties. If you are interesting in Grass, read about Wheat Grass, Barley Grass.
              Dr. Shashi Roy
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                Thank you ALL for the replies. The dog is
                doing better. I gave the Arsenicum twice
                yesterday. He is eating and drinking today.
                His energy has returned also. I only have a Kids Homeopathic Kit on hand, but I will look into pet remedies. Rae


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                  Dear Rae,

                  Thank goodness! I think we're all relieved to hear the dog is feeling better.

                  I really doubt that the dog remedies are any different than the remedies that people need, such as the ars. you gave. And a 30C first aid kit would do wonders for the whole family.

                  But do check the veterinary books and tapes--for instance is a great online book store. They've got lots of books and tapes on veterinary homeopathy.



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                    Really glad to hear things are better with your friend. But please, don't buy "pet" homeopathic remedies! For some reason they are all combination remedies ( several remedies combined in each tablet) and really not what you want to use. Snoopy's suggestion of a regular 30C kit is best. From orphaned, infant mice to elephants ( with humans in the middle) the remedies are the same. Not one tad different because they are used on animals! In other words, there are no "pet" remedies, just remedies!
                    Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.