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  • burn scars

    hello everybody
    for long time I was not on board . on 26 July
    I and wife met an accidentfrom gas cylinder
    which caught fire any how we hwve been saved
    scars and weakness remaininig please suggest

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    Dear Mr. Sinha,

    Good to know that you are online inspite of being from Bihar!! There is hope for Bihar yet... Laloo Prasad ji or not!!

    Well I have had good results for scars with Thiosinamum 3X taken regularly for 3 months or so. IF your wife takes some good constitutional treatment along with this she will respond faster and her general symptoms will also improve.

    Email me if you have any problem, otherwise post her case on this site.



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      Dear Dr. leela,
      thanx for ur reply, thiosinaminum is not a
      proper medicine for burn scars, and also
      mind it Mr.Laloo Pd. is an indian like u !
      & all,


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        Dear Dr. Sinha,

        Sorry if I sounded flippant. Actually, I'm sorry about your wife. I hope she is better. Did not realize you were a doctor!

        I have used Thiosinamum for old scar tissue....even burn scars become fibrous tissue in time to come. Probably you are right since the burns are too fresh. I just realised.

        I reread your message and feel you both need to take a remedy for acute shock. Maybe something like Aconite, Arnica or Kali Phos.

        For fresh burns, Calendula as local application works like a charm. But then you must have already started using it.

        Hope I don't offend you with this answer and I have a lot of respect for Lalloo ji really!!


        [ 24 August 2001: Message edited by: doctorleela ]


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          Graphites for scars from burns.

          I was wondering what happened to you! I hope this helps.



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            Thank u Ricky and Snoopy,
            I gone to ur suggested website,the details
            shows that the rosa oil is effective in scars
            and acne etc. The burn scars which i have has
            less pigmentation, it shows the pigmentation
            is slow. We are now burried from mental and
            surgical shoc though i am continued cantheris
            and one creame suggested by a skin spl.i.e.
            wanish creame (ayurvedic). Progress is slow
            or i can say the condition is now static for
            last 1 week. Should i try ur suggested oil.
            Please write me that how i could get this oil in india.
            best regards,


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              For scars I recommnend Rosa Mosqueta oil from I don't work for them just think this oil is very good!!!!
              RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                DR.P.K. Sinha,

                I have no words of advice but wanted to welcome you back and say that I am so glad you and your wife are doing okay - what a horrible sounding accident. So glad you are back

                Man, do not pride yourself on your superiority to animals. For they are without sin and you in your greatness defile the earth by your appearance on it and leave traces of you foulness after you. Dostoyevsky


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                  Hi try E mailing the company as they may send abroad. I have not found another source for this oil since a local firm who supplied it to me closed down.

                  All the best to you. I have a patient a boy of 8 with a speesch defect. It is a very interesting one. He pronounces a word wrongly ONLY at the end of a sentence or if he says the word on its own. If he says the word (it can be any old word) in the middle of a sentence it is correct.Anyhow Mum says that when he was 18 months he was badley burned (scalded) on his chest. The extensive scarring is still there. However at this time he stopped speaking for 6 months, obviously the shock. I have treated him with Carc. which has brought back his confidence brilliantly but did not touch the speech. I went onto Calc. last time which although indicated did nothing but bring out his temper worse which is a frustration temper as he clenches his fists and roars!! I was wondering about giving Arnica high for the shock all those years ago or maybe Aconite so I would value your opinion Dr. P
                  RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                    Dear snoopy , ricky , barb and my all collegues
                    It is the same date today the incidence occurred . my wife was opening the seal of l.p.g yhe valve was defective so the gas started leaking with great sound . I also rushed to the spot and tried to place the cap .in the mean time fire burst out by electric spark and caught us,,. we rushed out in the field and could save our lives . friends it was miraculous escape and we felt god is there . by blessings of wellwishers and friends like you I am again here
                    Ricky - chronic of aconite sulphur may be given to your patient bovista is next choice in my opinion
                    I again pay regards and thanks to all for encouraging us .


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                      No advice to offer, but I would just like to say I am so glad you and your wife managed to save yourselves, and that you are both on your way to recuperating from such a terrifying experience.

                      I do hope you will both be well and whole again soon.

                      ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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                        Thanks for the remedy suggestions and I will look them up and see if suitable for the patient. It's great to have you back with us!!!
                        RSHom - Registered Homeopath