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Aggravation to Nat Mur Help please!!!!!!

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  • Aggravation to Nat Mur Help please!!!!!!

    I am having an aggravation to Nat Mur. I am taking Nat Mur LM1 once a day and ever since I have been on it I started just feeling sick. I had already had a caugh before the Nat Mur but the symptoms have gotten much worse to the point I want to stop taking it. I have had a very stuffy nose the whole time, still caughing, constipation or should I say I've been having a hard time going to the bathroom. My body has started aching, my brests hurt my right arm has aches and pains, my neck is stiff and now I just started having hot flashes, I just feel so sick. I have had some of these symptoms before but they seem to be much more aggraviated. I feel like I have the flue but much worse and my whole body is stiff to the point I am on the verge of crying. I must stop taking the remedy. I talked to my homeopath three times and last night he tolde me I have to get worse to get better and all these symptoms I have had before so he feels this is the correct remedy. I feel very sick and don't know what to think. MY body is so stiff it hurts to move. I also have gas and have had an upset stomach fromm food I have been eating. I don't know what to think. First time I was on the remedy was two years ago. I was on 6c potency and didn't feel any of this . My food allergies went away but of course came back a year later. I did too feel this was the correct remedy but am scared now for what I am feeling. He said all the symptoms have to come out and if I can tollerate it it would help me get better faster. I don't know what to think but am scared and need advice from here. I have heard of a "healing crisis" where you experience symptoms and they get worse and then in a few day they slowly dissaper and you start getting better. I'm not sure if that is what is happening here.

    Last note. My nose goes in and out of being stuffy and my ears feel muffled not clogged from feeling stuffy. And I took an advil for a feeling of a headache/headcold

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    Snoopy will like responding to this problem. In the meantime, do stop taking the remedy. As far as I know, a hard agg on an LM means stop. They shouldn't necessarily be used on a daily basis. I think you can use an LM until an agg shows.....count the days till the agg appeared. Wait until it subsides and then use the LM spaced out by the number of days it took to bring on the agg. If another dose causes an agg, you may well not need that remedy in that potency any longer. But wait for someone to answer who is a homeopath....but stop the remedy till then.
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      Do stop taking the remedy. With homeopathy, as soon as you get a reaction, you stop the remedy until there is no longer any change in your condition and then you retake it. It really doesn't matter which potency you are using, the process is the same.

      If you keep taking the remedy after you have had a reaction to it, you will get a proving. This is what you are now experiencing. The symptoms should clear up once you have stopped the remedy. Hopefully, since you think this is the correct remedy, you will feel much better.

      Once everything is stable, if you still have symptoms, you should retake the remedy. The healing aggravation does occur and often needs to occur to an extent before you get better, but as soon as it starts, retaking the remedy should be discontinued and the dose allowed to act as long as it can.

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        Dear Danielle,

        I think most of the classical homoeopaths are going to frown at part of my suggestion!!
        First of all I agree with them, this is only TEMPORARY, and will pass.
        Secondly you have nothing to be afraid about. This is homoeopathy!!, and your symptoms are not life threathening.
        Thirdly, if I could offer an antidote homoeopathically, I would do so. In most cases, a picture presents itself and otherwise, NUX VOM works well. Also I forgot to add, Smelling Camphor or drinking black coffee helps.
        Fourthly, and controversially, I have had either patients or relatives that have had this problem, and what I observe is that one has to still function...go to office, cook food, clean up your house, shop...etc with all these strange and unbearable sensations. SO..... I have advised them to take a couple of Paracetamols for immediate relief. It has not affected the course of improvement.

        Lastly, I would wait for Snoopy to give her suggestions, as I heard they are pretty good!


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          What bothers me is that my homeopath seems to think differently and I don't know what to think. I stopped taking it because I could no longer tolerate it but he told me it has tro get worse before it getts better and go from cronic to accute Ithink thats the way he put it. And he said since these are all superficial symptoms and not serious symptoms I should continue and he even said to speed it up you can take the lM's three times a day. I don't know waht to think now but last time this happened on Sepia I posted on here and you said the same thing to me. I tend to agree with what is being said on here but my homeopath told me not to stop.


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            The worst aggravation I ever saw was with an LM (which was continued) as aggravation symptoms were increasing. When a patient of mine is having an aggravation with an LM, I tell them to STOP the remedy until the symptoms quiet down. After that, they can re-start at either a lower number of drops (or a lower number of succussions) per dose. Even so, as mentioned above, aggravation symptoms are a bit of a nuisance and not dangerous or harmful.


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              Thank you for all your replies I just feel very sick now and I think I might even have a stomach bug on top of it all making me feel worse, plus a caugh which he told me to do nothing about. He didn't like that I took some herbal cough syrup but I had to because I could not sleep at night. But the way I am feeling has been so magnified that I could have stayed home from work today. But thanks for the replys it does make me feel better!!!!


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                I'm surprised you've been told to continue dosing with your LM. Has your homeopath suggested antidoting the situation by changing the dosing protocol--say, by having you use more dilution glasses per dose? Or, just asking you to wait out the aggravation without further dosing? The potency is obviously off in your case.

                So...this all begs the question: exactly how have you been instructed to administer the LMs? How many succussions? How many dilution glasses are you using? Were you instructed to dose once, then wait till any amelioration began to wane--or were you simply just told to take a dose daily and ignore the consequences? LMs are truly flexible, and can easily be modified to address your difficulties--but first we've got to know what you've been doing with each dose.

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                  Hi Divina,

                  yes my homeopath told me to alternate days if need be or cut back on the amount of drops I put in the cup and how many times I success. But then he also said I could take it three times a day to speed up the process and I thought to my self no way. The problem is I got a caugh before the remedy and I also started getting some type of stomach bug where everything I eat just runs through me. So I am not sure if that is a symptom of the remedy or just me getting sick. The other symptoms like heavy discharge, stuffy nose, headache, ear ache (pressure in ear) aching all over, hot flashes he said they were all very superficial symptoms that I have had before so he wasn't worried. But he did say I can ease up on the remedy. I was just wondering if I am proving the remedy or is this a good sign to keep going. He told me we need to get through to the deeper levels. So I just wasn't sure. I feel like I need to feel a little better before I continue but what you said about the glasses would be helpful. If you could explaine the dosing.

                  Thanks so much for your response



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                    Dear Danielle,

                    Mama Mia! Please stop the remedy. When giving daily doses of a remedy, the instructions should always be the same: If you get worse stop the remedy.
                    If you're on an LM and you get better or worse, stop the remedy. Wait. If the aggravation is followed by an amelioration (improvement), continue, but take less often, or go to a second cup, or lower the succussions.

                    The best thing you can do right now is stop the remedy and hopefully within a day you may feel better, if not, get back to us or your homeopath.



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                      P.S. I just wanted to add, I'm very proud that everyone on this bulletin board knew the right thing to say. Even people who are partial to "C" potencies like Shirley knew exactly the proper way to administer an LM.

                      Danielle, your homeopath really would do well to read the 6th ed. of the Organon, which he obviously hasn't. The whole reason Hahnemann invented the LM potencies was to avoid aggravations! He said the first thing you should feel on an LM potency is a sense of calm and inner peace. He said that the real homeopathic aggravation comes at the end of treatment when you're well and finished with the remedy at which time there may be something of a healing crisis or a proving, as there would be nothing left for the remedy to treat. But what people commonly refer to as "the aggravation" is what Hahnmann referred to as a "medicinal disease".

                      Here's a quote from the Organon explaining this: (#160, a.) "When the scabies patient complains of an aggravated eruption after taking sulphur, the physician consoles him with the assurance that the scabies must completely come out before being cured, even though he does not know why this is so; he does not know that this is a sulphur eruption, which only looks like an aggravation of scabies."

                      Isn't this basically what Danielle's homeopath said? That "the scabies must completely come out before being cured?"
                      Hahnemann says this is not scabies, this is sulphur--a medicinal disease, it has nothing to do with scabies. This is why he repeatedly says in the Organon "the so-called homeopathic aggravation", because the real aggravation, again, comes at the end of treatment, not at the beginning.



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                        How are you today, any better? Are you still stiff and sore? You can try a dose of Rhus tox 30C. Let us know how you are.


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                          Thanks for all your replys and Snoopy thanks for asking if I am ok!!!!!!! I stopped the remedy and am starting to feel just a little better. Since I started the Nat Mur LM1 I have been sick. I felt a cough come on before the LM1 and then I started getting stuffy and constipated and was still caughing. Then everything I was eating seemd to make me sick and I feel Like I had a 48 hour stomach bug. When the hot flashes came on and my whole body ached from my brests to my arms, just all over I called my homeopath because I justed needed to know what was going on. I could not even turn my head to the left because it was so sore. I had to take some advil. I also has such discharge from my stomach being up set and could not tell if this was from the remedy or an aggraviation from the food. But he asked me how my energy level was and it seemd ok I just started getting scared that I could be getting really sick. He said if my enenrgy level had changed that would be a problem but today I feel tired, still ache but not like before and just overall low energy. I still have a cough but not too bad and he had told me not to treat it. But I had to because I couldn't sleep at night or go to work coughing on people. I took a herbal cough expectorant which I felt was not supressing anything. Besides I had the cough before the Nat Mur so I felt it was a true cough. I feel my homeopath can be heavy handed on how he tells me to take a remedy.

                          And honestly this had changed things for me. My experiences on homeopathy used to be so good. I feel depressed about getting better now because it seems like I have to feel a lot worse before I get better. I am a bit confused about the "aggravation" thing.


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                            You do Not have to feel worse before you get better, especially if you're on an LM. Your homeopath doesn't seem to have a clue. He's doing Hahnemannian prescribing with Kentian philosophy--which is, an aggravation is a good sign; but that's because the Kentians give high potencies, which means they often over-stimulate the vital force, thus causing an aggravation. Hahnemann invented the LM's to stop this from happening. He said the first thing you should feel after a remedy is a sense of calm. If you're not feeling this, stop the remedy. If no amelioration follows, it is most likely the wrong remedy.
                            Some people get well on just one dose of an LM, so you shouldn't assume it has to be taken every day. If you take one dose and there's a remarkable improvement, wait. Take the 2nd dose when you start to relapse.

                            Also, the thing about LM's or any daily prescription is that you're expected to take care of acutes as they come up. No point in taking nat-m if you've got a Rhus tox acute. The vital force is no longer focused on the nat-m issues, so there's no point in continuing with it. You stop the remedy and take a remedy that matches the acute, then go back to nat-m if it's working, if it's the right constitutional remedy.

                            So, if the acute you have is abating, I would just wait a while longer--be sure to get back to us and let us know what's going on.



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                              I'd advise the same thing--only if you do restart the LM Nat Mur, I'd want to make sure the dosing schedule and protocol is adjusted for your case.

                              You still haven't answered the question about how you've been dosing with the LM; and you could antidote by changing the potency preparation effectively. But I agree that the simplest thing to do is just wait for the pain to stop at this point.

                              One other suggestion I have for you is that if you've experienced curative results using dry doses and c potencies before, you may want to stay with those dose formats, as they seem to work better for you.

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