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Help!! - Profuse Bleeding for Last One Month

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  • Help!! - Profuse Bleeding for Last One Month

    Hi All:

    Need immediate help.

    I have been bleeding for a month, now changing pads too often.

    History: I was given Natrum Mur 1M about 4 months ago for my head & nasal congestion problem. I am not in touch with the homeopath. Then, after about 2 months gap, one week after my my periods, I noticed some blood spotting which went away same day. This repeated on my next period cycle. On the third cycle, once the periods stopped noticed spots which never completely went away. Then this increased to more spotting, then to light pads & then to heavy pads. In a way, the bleeding/periods never stopped.

    I went to an OB/GYN two weeks ago & after examination she removed a POLYP (cervical) which turned out to be a Uterine Benign Polyp, it was not a cervical polp as per the lab. Anyway, the bleeding did not stop and has increased heavily. After 10 days with no relief, I went back to my OB/GYN and she is talking about DNC. We went to another OB/GYN and after Ultrasound check-up, the doctor says the lining of the uterus is a little thick and the doctor needs to do a small surgery to remove this lining which will stop the bleeding. If I understood correctly, this lining increases but goes away under normal menstrual cycle. So in my case this is causing constant bleeding & once the lining is removed surgically the bleeding will stop.

    Currently, to see if I can avoid surgery, I was given birth control pills to regulate the cycle. This may also stop the bleeding as per the doctor but not necessary and may just have to do the out-patient surgery.

    Since, this is caused by hormonal imbalance as per the doctor, I was wondering if I could take/try anything along with those pills to stop the bleeding and fix the problem. We don't want to suppress the case.

    Would Sepia 200C, single dose be helpfull in my case or what should I do.

    I have profuse bleeding all day & cramping and lower back pain. Restless feeling all day. Feel really hot in the night. Last few days the whole head hurts.

    Please advise and let me know if you have any questions.

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    Take Millefolium 30, 4 doses 6 hrs apart. That should work for u.
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      Dr. Bhatia: Thanks for your reply.

      Millefolium is not available readily in the stores here & may take quite a few days to get it.

      Please suggest any alternative remedies. Thanks for your help.


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        PAt - I believe you can order MIll from Homeopathy Overnight - you pay extra for the overnight service but it may be worth it. There info is on the main page of this site.
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          Hallo Pat!
          First thing; Go and get a bloodtest done, to see if there is a deficiency in calcium , iron or factors 4 or 11.
          Then go and see a capable homeopath, as there are approximately 40 different suitable remedies depending on the exact circumstances.
          I don.t think that the contraceptive pill will stop the bleeding, as in my own experience it often did the opposite.

          All the best
          Hans weitbrecht, Homeopath
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            I noticed Phos. is listed for "heat at night" as a 2, all the others being one's. Phos. is one of our main hemorrhage remedies. Why not try that while waiting for Millefolium to come.



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              Hi snoopy
              My repertory shows on page1059 (boger-boenninghausen) for heat&lt; night the following:
              fith grade: 33 remedies
              Fourth grade: 11 remedies
              third grade: 16 remedies
              second grade: 18 remedies

              are you sure, that you give good advice here?

              Hans Weitbrecht
              Cure by symptom similarity!
              cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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                While u wait for Mill, u can try Sabina and if even that is unavailable then Ipecac is the next best that may help u. But see if u can get Mill first.
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                  am I'm missing something??
                  Is this the way, that you just give any remedy, whatever you get your hands on?
                  Oh- try this--try that!!
                  where is there Individualisation, simile law,


                  and this also applies to people from india.

                  Hans Weitbrecht
                  cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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                    Hans, Yes! U have definetly missed a lot here. Because If u have ever seen me suggesting any remedy here on this forum then u must be knowing that I try to follow the law of simile and individualisation as much as possible. If u haven't seen me doing that, then I hope others here can tell u that. And I don't give meds like 'take this-take that'. We must have our basics right, but in clinical practise we have to adjust according to the circumstances. What if, what u think is similimum is not available(as in this case), what if it's an emergency-I don't think u will let the patient suffer acutely for another week, or may be let him die just 'coz what u think is similimum is not available. In India it's an old saying that 'If someone comes to u for help, then u should not turn him down, even if he is ur enemy'. So I can't deny anyone what's in my hand to help him/her. Even if what I offer is not a perfect similimum. U have to be practical. U have to work within the limitations that bind u. If u are that idealistic, then u should oppose every suggestion given here by anyone to anyone, because giving help on the internet without having a face to face conversation with the patient is not provided for in our organon. Or is it??
                    Secondly, u should note that I suggested only Mill initially and later on also I suggested that Mill should be sought first before going for anything else.
                    Lastly, why did u generalise ur complaint against me towards all Indians? I am puzzled!!
                    Dr. B<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />Homeopathy for Everyone


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                      I hope you're not suggesting that I have been irresponsible it my advise and judgements at any point of time.

                      In case you can find any specific instances please bring them to my notice, I would be most obliged.

                      I will not to take this personally, as I know I have been very careful and cautious, as always. Thanks.



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                        Hallo dr. bhatia, hallo dr, Leela
                        sorry, i was angry yesterday and I am glad to take this back about the indians.
                        My anger stemms from personal experience, where a patient with similar complaints in her mid 30' was nearly lost, despite best of homeopathic advice, and only in the last minute I got this intuition: Calcium level!!
                        Now, we did not wait till the results of the bloodtest came back,--waighing the sideefects of a calcium overdose against the risks in waiting any longer--i decided to go ahead with slow injection into the vene.
                        and it worked, and the patient recovered.
                        Now thats my personal background, and thats why i say: Don't mess with obscure bleedings!
                        I would only give recommandations on the net to practitioners or in extraordinary circumstances.The information provided If people take and present their cases themself is always different, than your case taken by a experienced homeopath. And on this aspect in the given case, there is not enough evidence for a well grounded prescribtion. any sugestion only lures the patient into a false sense of security. so--the sugestion of Mill. as the remedy can only be taken as a rough guess. But in no way would I go so far to proclaim: take this, this will solve your problems.
                        and another point: it as no problem to send a remedy by currier to america within 48 hours from ireland, and i am quite sure, that Boerricke and tafel in NY have it in their stock.

                        Hans weitbrecht
                        Cure by symptom similarity!
                        cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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                          Apology accepted Hans, and point well taken. I think we all should pay attention to certain limitations of net prescribing.

                          But this does not mean that net prescribing is not a good method, it is an art in itself, and much depends on the discretion and experience of the doctor/physician to be effective and precise in this method. Lets not limit one capabilities or homoeopathy, for that matter, to what a single individual may or may not feel comfortable with.

                          Another aspect is also is the involvement and responsibility taken by the (well informed) patients themselves. I don't expect Pat to stay at home and bleed to death, just because my collegues have not been able to give her the required medication that will stop it (with the complete history still being a requirement). I'm sure she has enough sense that if she is not better, and still feeing bad, she will do what is required medically to help her out.

                          The balance has to come both from the physicians as well as the patients as the limitations are obvious. I hope this will soothe feelings and put things in the right perspective.

                          Warm regards,

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                            Thankyou all for your input.

                            First of all I would like to thank those who are trying to prescribe the remedies and trying if we can avoid the surgery. No matter how small a surgery it is, it does carry some risk.

                            As a patient we are responsible also. We take these suggestions but know the limitations that the doctor has not taken the full case & the suggested remedy may or may not work. That's why we are fully prepared and like Dr. Leela says would not just sit on the prescribed remedies and bleed to death.

                            Hans, thanks for your input. Your view that the contraceptive pills may not be the solution is also the reason why I wanted some remedies to be kicked in to see if we can stop the bleeding. DOn't have confidence in these allopathic pills but still taking it along with the homeopathic remedies.

                            Anyway, I took Ipecac 30C, yesterday three times and have taken it one more time this morning. Currently, this morning, the bleeding is little less. I cannot say this with confidence as this has happened before but picked up again. Yesterday, there were few some chunks of blood alongwith regular bleeding. The color is bright red. The chunks are not there this morning.

                            As far as more details on my case, my periods are usually 40 to 45 days long. The cramping is related with the blood flow. With increased cramping it is observed the flow is higher.

                            Anna, we had earlier, antidoted the Nat. Mur.

                            Should I continue with Ipecac 30C till the bleeding stops or till when I get Millefolium 30C?

                            Thanks for all your help. Hoefully with your help, I can avoid the surgery/control the bleeding.



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                              Hello Hans,
                              Accept my apologies too if u have found my aggravation unnecessary. And don't take all this persoally. It's very healthy that someone or other keeps raising such issues here and helps to keep our focus right. But all of us who participate in discussions here should realise the limitations and the challenges that we face while trying to help someone thru net. I have been coming here for nearly 1 year now. And over the past one year, i have seen some very good cures being done here. Some lives have been saved too. And this alone is suffecient reason for me to extend my help to those who need it. And many of the cases that have been helped here were having supervised treatment under a local homeopath without much improvement. And the net has come to their rescue. Also I have seen here that most people who sought help here either don't have access to a good homeopath or are not financially sound enough to pay the $$'s. So would it be right to deny such people some glimmer of hope that Homeopathy can offer them??
                              As far as giving Mill in this case is concerned, i don't claim that it's the remedy for her which will solve all her problems from head to toe. What i felt from the info that she provided was that it could be the remedy that will check her bleeding. Sometimes when the chief complaint is very acute then one has to prescribe for it, considering the best possible symptomatology available. And this has been provided for even in our books of philosophy. And then I didn't stop anyone to ask more questions or to come up with something better. Did I? I hope u understand my position now.
                              Pat, If Somebody here does not come up with something better, then u can take Ipec till u lay ur hands on Mill. But do tell us the changes before taking Mill becoz sometimes the remedy picture can change in days. take care, proper rest and drink lots of fluids.
                              Dr. B<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />Homeopathy for Everyone