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homeopathic remedy for athlete's foot?

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    thank you all for the ongoing discussion, I am trying one treatment at a time to see what my body responds to best. I chose to pose this question because I am expecting, and did not want the baby subjected to any allopathic treatments...does this alter in any way any of your responses? I am sorry I didn't have this info included in the beginnning...


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      As mentioned above, try peeing on your feet while in the shower. Don't know why but it seems to work well. Suppressive...I doubt it.

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        You are perfectly safe with all the creams and most homeopathic remedies BUT DON'T TAKE SILICA if you are pregnant except on the advice of a professional homeopath. If you are going along the line of taking a homeopathic remedy why not see a professional homeopath as homeopathy may make the prgnancy and birth more comfortable for you. It may also improve the health of your future child.
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          Pregnacy and athletes foot, indicates calc,carb, take one dose (three pills) x 200,
          and get a calciumsupplement, the first mineral to be shorage of under pregacy is calcium, this is completely safe.
          using creams, will only mask the problems a bit, and you and the child may experience other healtproblems later on if calc carb is not used.

          Homeopat MNNH Geir E.T. Marcussen


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            Thuja-30C remedy for warts, skin and foot fungus.Thuja is indicated for warts of various types and locations. Brown spots on the skin. Dry or too soft nails, brittle nails. Also available in ointment form. Indicated for adverse reaction to vaccination.or you can try Tea Tree& Lavender oil, that helps also.
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              If you want to treat athlete’s foot naturally and looking for homeopathy remedies then you can get lots of remedies like use of antigungal soap, graphite 30, silicea 200, petroleum 30, baryta carbonicum 30 and more. But, apart from these, you can also try some natural home remedies to cure athlete’s foot. Home remedies are very safe and easy to prepare and apply. So, you should also try some natural home remedies that can actually cure athlete’s foot with an ease.
              If you have athlete’s foot then try these effective home remedies for athlete’s foot and get rid of this feet issue forever.