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  • anxiety/arg.nit.

    Please help!! Has anyone ever taken argentum nitricum for anxiety? I am being treated by a homeopath who I trust but she is careful not to tell me much about how I will progress. I took 2 pills of 200c arg nit and had a horrible anxiety attack. Since then, I cannot stay alone. I have been terrified. It got a little better and then a week later I took another dose. Every day feels slightly better. The second dose was taken last Sunday. But I am still anxious all the time but especially when alone. I only used to be anxious when driving and saw the homeopath for allergies originally! When will these symptoms go away???!!!

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    From M.M,(by Clarke)
    Causation of argnetum nit:Apprehension,fear
    or fright.Eating ICes.Intemperate habits.Mental strain and worry.Onanism and venery.Sugar.Tobacco.
    Relations:It is antidoted by :Nat.M,Arsen.,
    Milk.Reply your opionion ,please!
    Good Luck!
    stephen leung<BR>


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      I have prescribed 1M Arg Nit 1 dose, for anxiety. The patient improved and did not need another dose. What I am trying to say is don't take any more. Just let the remedy act. You only need another dose if you get the original symptoms coming back. The bad anxiety attack you had after the remedy was probably an aggravation that some patients go through before they get better.


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        Rochelle, Thanks for this information. My homeopath also told me not to take anymore but said that I may need more in a month or so. She doesn't know right now. Does that mean that it will take me 1 month to feel better? It's not just a matter of impatience. My mother is staying with me until I get through this and she has to go back home, 3000 miles away. Right now I feel like I should go back with her but I am hoping to feel better. How long can the aggravation last?? The bad anxiety attack was bad but even worse is that I haven't been myself since. I think I am still experiencing the aggravation. My homeopath seems satisfied with my progress but I need more information about what is happening and when this constant state of panic will end. I have a baby to take care of too which makes it harder to take the time to calm myself down. I do feel a general sense of well being but it's on and off and I don't understand why because I can't even stay alone and panic when I never panicked before. My original symptoms were difficulty breathing (diagnosed with allergies and possible asthma by conv Dr.) and mucus in the lungs and throat. I feel like the heaviness in breathing is alleviated somewhat but when I am panicked, I feel like I'm suffocating. The homeopath also told me that I can take aconite nap for very bad panick attacks. I had to take one today but that was only the second time in almost 2 weeks since taking the first dose. It didn't work entirely. Is this bad to take? Will it slow my progress? It is 30c aconite napellus. When I know there is hope for this to end, It's easier to get through another day! Thank you!!!


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          Allow me to relate my experience, because it's a lot like yours. I went to a homeopath for depression. One shot of Sulphur 1M and that sure cleared up.

          Prior to the first treatment, I had no fear of flying. None. I could handle cross country flights without blinking an eye. Suddenly I developed unbelievable fear of flying, getting terrifying panic attacks just flying up to San Francisco (I live in L.A.) and would often get up and pace during the flight.

          After a particularly traumatic flight out of New England in bad weather, I went back to Bill, practically screaming "I can't take this, do something!" Twenty minutes later I had a vial of 1M Argentum Nitricum in my hands. The fear cleared up immediately, returned for a while, and has since dissipated completely. Some times that happens.

          Mind you: the Sulphur didn't cause my fear, the fear was always there. The Sulphur just cleared away the overlying illness and allowed what was already there to come out, and that became the ilness my doc targetted.

          Homeopathy has the rather annoying habit of clearing one problem away and uncovering another. Of course I am be facetious. My point is, as you remove one layer of illness you'll find another. It was always there, just covered by the previous layer. So expect these kinds of surprises.

          Mind you, it took over a year for the argentum to run its course. It had a lot of work to do. And I took 3 doses of it over a one year period, and that's because I antidoted the first two.

          So, stop taking any further doses, and hang in there. And don't overlook the ailments. I took a dose of medorrhinan and ended up with brutal migraines for 3 days, followed by a nasty rash in my right crotch for the last five days (you should try a 30 minute workout on a stairmaster with a rash in THAT part of your body). BUT, I find myself considerably calmer and less tempramental. So don't miss the benefits you might be getting.


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            Bah. I meant to say "don't overlook the improvements," not "don't overlook the ailments" in the last paragraph of my message.


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              AndyP, Does this mean that this could go on for a year? Or does it slowly get better over the course of the year? Is 1M more potent than 200C? Does anyone think I took too much? Was your depression actually caused by panic?


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                Whoa, slow down. My homeopath said argentum can work for up to a year, which is why he waited so long. Now, when I say working for a year, that does mean progressive improvement over that time. I saw the changes over time. Pay attention to all the little things that suddenly disappear. An ailment you've always lived with will simply stop affecting you, and we tend to notice ailments when they come and make life miserable, not when they go away. SO you have to actively look for what's not there any more.

                1M is more potent, but don't worry about the dose, if your homeopath is good, he/she knew how much to give you.

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                  Hi again!!
                  You're doing fine. Don't worry. You can't hurry homeopathy or your body. As AndyP said think about what you were like before the remedy and what you are like now. Note the improvement. Are you getting less anxiety attacks now? How is you general energy as this is a good indicator. It is perfectly OK to take the Aconite during an attack if that is what your homeopath has suggested. It won't antidote the Arg Nit if that is your correct constitutional remedy. If you are not sure about anything get phome your homeopath. That is what you pay for!!
                  You can also get in touch with us here and we will help if we can.
                  All the best,


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                    You get the feeling moon needs ignatia instead?

                    (yes, that's a homeopathic joke)


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                      Would taking passionflower tincture to relax the nervous system interfere with homeopathic treatment? Is it safe to take while nursing?


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                        I can't see any problem with that as long as you don't take too much. Twice a day is sufficient.


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                          I dont agree on anything thats posted, it aint allowed to let a aggravation as this go on more than two days at the most, doubt if the rigth remedie is chosen, and one things certain if thats not the case, that the wrong potence is used here.
                          Wait and get tortured, thats a idea some bad homeopaths have.
                          There is no need at all to get sutch aggravations, for info, go to:

                          ( if this link dont work, try the links on my homepage)
                          If you like to have an experienced look at this, considder the info on my site.

                          Homeopat MNNH Geir E.T. Marcussen