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  • Reason for Jerking

    Can anyone tell me why the legs jerk up just before going to sleep?

    What is a common fluttering of muscles here and there in the body called? Why does it occur?

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    I would not know what it would be called in your case, but sometimes these are referred to as choreic movements and occur with remedies like Pulsatilla, especially before falling asleep. You could also call it twitching of the muscles and it could originate in too tense muscles during the day.


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      I am having a patient with symptoms that he jerks up just before going to sleep. Occasional twitchings throughout day. Ceases on sleep. Very tense due to work through day. Very sensitive what others say about him. Irritable at the slightest trifle. Imagine that wife will desert him, though he knows she loves him so much. Very timid. Always in a depression. Constitutionally weak in the mind and body. Cannot think. The slightest effort to think causes headache and tiredness. Abuse of chewing tobacco for 7 years and alcohol for 2 years. Left it about 2 years back.When irritated, curses/swears but only in the mind, even those whom he loves most. I repeat only in the mind. But from inside he loves them very much. A very emotional chap.


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        You might want to read up on Staph for that one, or even Anacardium. The latter is often seen as 'hearing voices,' but this is not always the case.


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          Dear Amy,
          Give "STRAMONIUM". Stop other medicine (if any). 1 dose Stramonium 200c 1 morning and 1 dose Stramonium 1M the next morning. No more . Wait!


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            John, I like to know why you advise Stramonium, as here on the BB are many students and need the reasoning behind prescriptions. Although some professionals may see the sense in your prescriptions other do not. So please be more enlightening.


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              I think Arg nit may fit this case.The inability to use brain as it will cause headache ,and jerking before sleep leads to Argentum
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                Talking about peculiarities.Our guys always wants a shoulder to cry on.
                And if work was not there in this world, he would be a better off.
                On weekends, he is pretty relaxed and different. The face is in a state of
                pain when he talks or tries to use his memory.Keeps brooding on his past.
                Very Very timid to meet persons as he fears he will be slighted. Fears something
                bad is going to happen to him. Afraid only of people, nothing else.

                Came to me a year back. A victim of sodomy in childhood. Has indulged in incest for
                2 years with niece. Shameful look. Complained of jealousy. Jealousy to the extent that
                he would kill. Wanted each and everything. Dissatisfied. Weak and emaciated in body.
                Thought sex to be crime. Shy to talk about it in public but dwelt on it in private.
                Always finding fault in himself. Emotional. Weeping at the slightest emotion. Restless.
                Always very cautious of his position in public. PREJUDICED. Kept on imagining that
                someone has passed bad remarks about him. And went cross with them in his mind.
                He was always in a dream world where he was the hero. Though himself better than others.
                Imitated heros from movies and thought he were them. But not so much that he could be termed
                a maniac. He was weak but with his will to become something he carried on hard work.
                Lied inadvertently, without any cause. Had a false notion that once he had lots of money,
                he would be respected and he will change. His dreams broke as by the time
                he earned good money, as he had become a nervous wreck and weak in body.
                I gave him Staph 200 5 doses.

                The next week he was trembling with fear. Any action he did was done very consciously.
                He became sensitive to sound. He became afraid of people. He felt that he would be
                apprehended for some crime. BUT, the jealousy reduced. His self realization returned
                back. He became good in character. He stopped lying. But he became nervous and weak.
                Was this an aggarvation or did the medicine went wrong? I could only hope that his fears
                have surfaced up. The jealousy and lying was a superficial thing. The real illness was the
                fear and shyness. I feel this. How many of you agree? He felt his body became weak. earlier
                it was subdued by his mind's fancies.
                Now everything has become better. But for his fear of people, that something may go wrong.
                Or he may be harmed. I think this is due to the deep seated fears in him, for which
                I seek a constitutional medicine. He does not respond to Arg Nit, which I had gone to
                200c only.

                I will be back with more symptoms tomorrow, if any of them are left.



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                  I think that you have given him too much staph in the same potency. If you find the remedy, which in this case I think you found right, it is advisable to give a single dose and then, wait! I know we want to give relief as quickly as possible and thus tend to give more than one dose. In homoeopathy, we have a saying: 'If little is good, *less* must be better!' Just wait for a few weeks, and you will see that he will improve more and more. Have patience with the patient - one of the most difficult things to do. If you can learn to wait after the first dose, you will see what I mean and you will be a better homoeopath for it. And that is what we all strive to become.


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                    Dear Amy,
                    "STAPHYSAGRIA" 200C was a "VERY" good prescription.(SUPPRESSED ANGER). Don't fret over the 5 doses.The main issue is there was a "MOVEMENT". You did not spoil the case!
                    Now to the important point ; your patient.

                    FEAR OF PEOPLE: Acon, Anac, Anh, Arist-cl, Aur, Bar-c, Carb-v, Caust, Cic, Con, HYOS, Iod, Kali-ar, Kali-c, Led, LYC, Nat-ar, NAT-C, Nat-m, Plat, Puls, RHUS-T.
                    FEAR OF BEING INJURED: ars, calad, cann-i, cupr-act, gels, hyos, STRAM,Stry.
                    FEAR OF BEING HURT: Arn, chin, hep, kali-c, ruta, spig.
                    FEAR OF OTHERS APPROACHING: acet-ac, Ambr, anac, ant-c, ARN, bar-c,Bell, cadm-s, cann-i, caust, cham, con, Cupr, Cupr-act,Ign, iod, Lyc, nux-v, op, petr, phos, rhod, sep, Stram, stry, tarent, Thuj.
                    FEAR OF OTHERS APPROACHING (WHEN DELERIOUS): cupr,stram, Thuj.
                    FEAR OF BEING ATTACKED: Stram.

                    ANXIETY OF CONSCIENCE: ALUM, anac, ARS, AUR, carc, Carb-v, Caust, CHEL, Cocc,Coff, Con, DIG, Ferr, Graph, Hyos, Ign, Kali-bi, Lach, M-arct,Med, Merc, Nat-m, Nux-v, Ph-ac, Plat, PSOR, Puls, Rhus-t, Sil, Spig, Stram, SULPH, Thuj, Verat, Zinc.

                    NOTE: A blockage lies in the "Sexual" sphere.

                    REPROACHES HIMSELF: Acon, Ars, Aur, Dig, Hyos, Ign, M-arct, Nat-m, NUX-V,Op, Puls, Sarr, staph, stram, Thuj.

                    JEALOUSY: Apis,Calc-s, Cench, HYOS, LACH,Med, NUX-V, Puls, Staph,Stram.
                    JEALOUSY TO THE POINT OF CRIME: hyos,lach.
                    JEALOUSY DRIVING TO KILL: HYOS

                    You can see the "MEDORINUM" taint throughout this character. Keep this in mind.

                    DELUSION THAT WIFE WILL RUN AWAY FROM HIM: staph.
                    DELUSION WIFE IS FAITHLESS: hyos, stram.

                    Your prescription of "STAPH" worked very well because of his suppression of his anger (concerning his inner blockage).You must prescribe soon or you may find him slipping back to his "IRRITABILITY".

                    Forget about "STRAM". "HYOS" is the remedy.
                    1 dose HYOS 200C in morning and 1 dose HYOS 1M next morning.NO MORE! Wait. If movement is noticed on 1st dose , then no 2nd dose.


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                      I appreciate the explanation of Hyos. Thanks.
                      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                        John, thanks for the more extensive explanations. Still I have another question, asked earlier, in another post. Why do you give a 200c one day (or the same) and a 1M the next? Acoording to Hahnemann - and confirmed by my own experience - the higher potency antidotes the lower, so the first dose is made redundant. Why not go straight to 1M and leave it alone?


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                          After skimming over the information I would look at China also for this case. He is angry (angry enough to kill) but cowardly ,(keeps his ideas only in his head), lives somewhat in a fantasy world (feels he is a 'hero').



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                            Excellent! I had never thought about that Thanks!!!


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                              Dear All,

                              It can't be China. Because he WAS like that but after Staph, he has become a coward to extreme, which I think he originally was since childhood. Only he had covered his illness with jealousy and whim and fancies. The jealousy is no more. The fancies are all gone. He now lives in a real world. He does not imagines himself a hero anymore. Staph has worked and brought the real picture of him outward. He does not feel guilty anymore.
                              He keeps comparing himself, with the person he was before and what he is now. The new symptoms that have come out are the timidity, irritability and weakness.

                              Given a choice, he would run away from people. But also fears to be alone. People and work are the 2 main things that he is worried about. I have got a very strange thing about his jerkings. While he is busy in work, he gets a jerk. And he comes again to the conscious state and observes the surroundings and happenings around him.Then slowly and gradually he becomes engrossed in work, and then the same process continues.
                              THIS IS A NEW SYMPTOM after giving Staphysagria. And he has never been so fearful all his life.So I think this shoud be targeted.

                              Same is the thing while sleeping. AND All the day, he has ants walking on his groin and anxiety in the pit of his stomach. He told me he feels better while far from crowd and relaxed and in the open. The heart palpitates when he hears a noise while he is engrossed. While sitting, a numb feeling would rise from his feet to the knee, and after a jerk, the feeling would return.

                              The nervous jerkings and occasional twitchings.When the mind has become saner, I do not feel that the remedy was wrong. But now there is a total change in symptoms.

                              Now, the dilemma is, Shall we try to get the next remedy on the basis of earlier symptoms, or shall we treat this as new picture, which requires new treatment?
                              I require to make him better at any cost, because silently he feels that I have made him come to this stage. Though still he has faith in me, as he has got many benefits in other things.
                              What do you guys think about Gelsemium for timdity? But never heard it works for nervous jerkings.
                              One more thing, tell him that he does not have to work in his life and that he is free to do whatever he wants, you would find none of these symptoms.