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    My son is 5 years old and he is contantly sick this year with strep or other cold viral infections. I took him to a homeopthic doctor and he told me to combine Callendula, Camomile, eucalyptus and salvia and brew the mixture overnight. Then I should dilute it with water and use it as gargling liquid for my son, as well as nose drops - Is this safe??? What else can you recommend.

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    It should be safe,if you think poison, but homeopatically thinking, its not safe, it can act supressive, and then we may have a risk for inflamations of the brain, and its not homeopathy, its a herbalists trick.

    Homeopathy is individualization. not shotgunterapie, or supressive therapie, or symptome therapie like this is.

    To find a fitting remedy, we need his disease historie, etc, take a look at other postings, it will give you a idea of what we need, in order to prescribe.

    Homeopat MNNH Geir E.T. Marcussen


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      Thank you so much for your reply - I was scared to use it. He however does not have much of a disease/virus history. He was always healthy up until this year - He had rosiola (hope it is spelled right) when he was 5 month. This was the most serious illness. When he was 1 1/2 he had his first strep infection that lasted almost two weeks, bu after that all was fine. This year though it is his third strep infection and he just can't get out of the sickness. His regular doctor prescribed amoxil - it certainly helped, but his throat is still red and he is still conjected. I also forgot to mention that he had pnemnomia two months ago? What do I do? I want to try homeopathic remedies and see if I could avoid surgery (toncilitis). We live in New JErsey (north) any reccomendations - Can you help?


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        Most doctors know better but still do otherwise. A round with antibiotics will fight the current infection but leave behind bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. That fact that your son has had recurrent infections is testimony to this.

        For the mixture- are you sure you saw a homeopath and not an herbalist or naturopath?
        There is a big difference.

        Please post with your sons symptoms, nature of inflammation, mood, attitude, sleep patterns, fever, rashes, food likes and dislikes,etc.

        GM is in Norway so if you have a discription ready for him it will expediate the process when he wakes up. Also the sun never sets on an a skillfull homeopath in this chat room. You can get help anytime.


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          Thank you for your help. The gentlemen we saw claims to be a homeopath. Here are some symptoms that my son experiences: his nose is constantly stuffed - not badly, where it would cause discomfort or runniness. He sleeps well, but always breaths through his mouth. He is a good eater - he prefers sweets, he is well behaved, pretty smart and a bit athletic, he plays hockey, soccers, etc. However, when I look in his throat it is constantly red deep inside. and if there are any viruses in the air my son gets them - it is as you described remnants of bacteria in him. When he gets sick his fever usually rises very high and mostly he gets streap throat or streap like symptoms. It lasts approximately two days and then he's fine - though to me he now seems a bit pale. Help, I want to do what I can to prevent my sons from constantly being sick - Another point - his regular doctor said that if he gets streat two more times this year - he will have to have toncilitis surgery. What are your thoughts on that?


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            Yes, as the others have said, the
            "remedy" suggested to you is from
            herbology, and is NOT at all homeopathy.

            It is quite common these days for certain types of practitioners to set up a business wherein they use many different "alternative" medicines. This might be what you have found...

            Whenever someone is suggesting using whole
            herbs brewed in a sort of tea or infusion or simple extract or wash or gargle or such, that is herbology or
            naturopathy (and other similarly-named approaches). It is quite OPPOSITE to
            homeopathy, whose remedies are
            manufactured through processes of
            EXTREME dilution AND succussed at
            each level.

            In the homeopathy books you can
            find examples of and even
            recommendations for using the
            "mother tincture"... that is,
            the first step in making the
            homeopathic remedy, such as, with
            herbs, when the useful parts of
            the plant are steeped in alcohol.

            But this is not really homeopathy.

            My view on this subject is that if people
            use herbs or mother tinctures and such extracts repeatedly, then they will
            eventually develop the very problems
            they are trying to solve!!
            Chamomile tea is a good simple example of
            this point. Many people try drinking
            chamomile tea in order to calm
            down and get to sleep. Depending on each
            person's unique sensitivity, this "solution"
            might work the first time. But,
            soon the person will notice that
            each cup of chamomile tea makes
            him feel more and more restless
            and more intolerant of pain and more sleepless...the very problems he was trying to solve by drinking chamomile tea!! It
            is, essentially, the beginnings of a poisoning by chamomile.

            Now, taking the homeopathic
            preparation of chamomile (if the
            person is truly the chamomile
            constitution) will provide the
            calming and good sleep... because it is through
            the process of making the homeopathic remedy chamomile, through great dilutions and repeated
            succussions, that the healing
            properties of chamomile are released. Homeopathy is
            scientific, but you'd have
            to read through the textbooks to
            begin to understand why it is
            believed the homeopathic remedies
            work well!! I just want to give
            you here more of a sort of simple-to-understand idea of the
            difference between herbology and
   is quite a clear
            distinction, as the two oppose
            each other.

            I happen to believe that "once upon a time" there
            existed a beautiful and acurrate understanding of
            how to use herbs, but the cultures
            who possessed this special knowledge are now for
            the most part extinct. We do not
            know, for example, whether these
            cultures prepared their herbal
            remedies in a fashion similar to
            that being used in homepathy

            If you provide intricate details
            about your child, suggestions will
            be made here on this message board as far as the possible best match
            of a homeopathic remedy to him.
            The more info you
            provide, the better his situation
            can be evaluated. Read some of
            the recent posts from other
            children's situation here. I am currently
            working on the situation of Gail's
            son. You might use that example
            to get an idea of the types of
            questions homeopaths ask, and the
            type of info required.

            Please do post again.


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              I see we are posting at about the same time...

              Try and think of the types of things that make your son different, say, from other family members, from siblings, from schoolmates, from teammates. It is the unique things about him that will be most useful.

              I tend to enquire deeply into the way the child approaches the world, for example, his attitudes and behaviors towards other people, his fears, his truly intense loves ("He simply cannot do without such and such") and his truly intense hates ("He will never allow his mom or dad to do such and such" or "He will always refuse such and such")...that sort of thing. Often parents find it useful to compare the child to a sibling, if there is one, or a close cousin, or another child the parents know well ("Unlike his sister/brother/cousin, he ...fill-in-the-blank...when he has a cold, or a behavior during a family dinner, or look for any examples of comparison where your son is or behaves or feels different).

              The other thing you want to observe and look for is if there is anything unexpected. One example is the child who gets quite hot and overheated during play but yet he wants a hot drink!! I am only giving this as an example of a unique point that can provide an important clue about the right homeopathic remedy. The idea is to look for anything that is OPPOSITE TO WHAT YOU MIGHT EXPECT, GIVEN THE SITUATION AT HAND.

              As far as his current illness of strep and etc, you want to report on the things that make him feel better, AND the things that you know make him feel distinctly worse. For example, "I have observed that his sore throat is worse or cannot tolerate fill-in-the-blank." Do the same for anything that is especially making him feel better.

              Also, how does he act when in pain?? Calm, irritable, sleepy, sleepless...etc etc. If he is irritable, what does he require from you?? For example, does he calm down only if left by himself, or must you be sitting beside him, or carrying him, or whatever...

              Try to think of ALL his years, what he has been like since a baby, when you address all these points. Perhaps you may see that what calmed or made him better or worse during babyhood are the same unique things that make him better or worse today. This will be good information, if you have happened to observe it.


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                breeding through the mouth, a clogged nose, and his constituion, points to calcium carbonicum, but its too few symptomes, and to little medical historie her to conclude on that, we must when it started, what time of year problems occures, what medications he has got, what he likes, dislikes, what makes him worse, better, all from food to situasions, mentals, schoolworks, etc, progress in heigth, weigth for the age, colour of eyes, hair, SPOTS ON NAILS, IF ANY, NAILPROBLEMS IN GENERAL,eruptions etc, moles, freckles, birthmarks, vision, etc.
                Is there any perspiration on the scalp/forhead at nigth? Any need for fresh air at nigth, a open window? Expectorations, colour, taste, stool, shape, odour, colour, loose or hard, how often, does he take long time at the bathroom? Any fears, anxietys, in case for what? Any scary dreams? In case, of what?


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                  I read through your replies, and will try to describe my son a little better. The sicknesses usually come in late fall and winter, when it is cold. The medication prescribed by the doctors has been, amoxil-for strep, biaxin for pnemonia, and augmentin previously. My son is real easy to get along with. He like to be first and best in everything - we do not incurage that, it's just the way he is. He loves to play video games and go swimming (though do to his ilness he is not signed up for swimming this year) He loves to play with his friends - he is caring and if you yell at him or make him feel back he will often start crying. His worst dislike of for SourCream - he can't even look at it. He does not have any allergies. Mentally he is pretty sharp - and always has been. He plays piano can read in English and in Russian and in general loves his school and school work. He get happy and excited when we sit down to do any projects. Both my husband and I work - he does miss us - and always asks me if I would spend the day with him. he has wonderful nany who lives with us - he loves her very much. It is hard to pin point specific behaviour or mental issues with my son, because he is a problem free child - he is obidient and he is happy. He has the same ups and downs as all his peers.
                  He is a bit overweight according to me - When the doctors measured him he was always at 95% of all kids and the doctor was always happy with his progress. He has big blue eyes, that can convince you of anything. He has durty blond hair-from his father. His nail are fine - no spots on them. He has a mole (very small and flat) of his cheeck and a few on this body. His vision is fine. He does not perspire on the scalp, and he doesnot have a need for fresh air or open window at night. His stool is fine it is hard and regular - No problems in that area - he goes about every two days. He does however constant itches his but and asks me to make sure it is clean. He also scratches is sking on this legs - it seems to be a bit dry - I use regular cream, but it still itches him. It may be because it is dry in our house from the heat in the winter. My son has a fear of being alone and a fear of the dark. He has nightmares at time and talks in his sleep, but when I wake him up he sais he doen't remember anything. Just one last point - he is great at analyzing situation - way above his age level.