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Bone loss/ infection in upper jaw

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  • Bone loss/ infection in upper jaw

    Hello, Please forgive this long post:
    I am in dire need of your help with homeopathic remedies for bone loss/disease. Specificly in the upper jaw.
    I have just returned from my 2nd dentist appointment (1st a GP, today a periodontist)
    for a raging abscess and still no help other than penissilan (sp) from the first one.
    The periodontist dismissed me as a hopeless case. His pronouncement was to have all upper teeth pulled.
    No alternatives suggested. But they do not feel loose, why should I rush out and do something that radical? I just have this lousey gum infection that needs to be treated and am not about to take his advice.
    I had an abscess like this 5 years ago from a bad tooth and heard the same crapola about having all the teeth removed then and this is the first trouble I've had in the 5 years since that.
    I need to stop the bone loss, though and have read that bone can be rejuvinated.

    I have thankfully found this web site and forum and have read about the Heper sulph for the abscess and Silicea to resolve the abscess. I understand that it is much more complicated however and need your guidance, please. The abscess is above 4th tooth on the left side. It was extremely swollen, causing my cheek to be swollen but a week of penissilan has taken the swelling down.The infection is still there but no pain to speak of now. Nothing is wrong with the tooth itself but have lost much bone in that area. Other info: I am a 49 years YOUNG female. I have had asthma for one year brought on by using leather dyes in my hobby. I take flovent and serevent for it and (knock wood) don't suffer attacks because the medicine works very well. I still smoke. I have a pretty good amount of back, neck and shoulder pain and have for many years but am used to it. My constitution is such that I can brush off pain very easily. Don't have headaches or get sick much and managed to avoid doctors most of my life except in extreme circumstances. I am at all times a very happy, stress-free kind of person, taking action instead of whining about stuff. I am also not one that likes to discuss my ailments. My demeanor is that I am a 25 year-old (like) tomboy with a pet lizard, collector of ham radio stuff, real estate broker, camper , amature theatre buff , perpetual student and equally at ease in an evening gown. I also like beer. ( I sure hope that this was info, needed, blush). I am 5'6" weigh 115 and eat whatever I want having one of those crazy metabolisms that doesn't seem to generate fat. Admittedly, not the current "politically correct" lifestyle but I like it.
    I am hoping that, with your kind help, I can stop this bone infection for good on my own since these "professionals" only want to take the easy route and probably get a big "kick-back" from denture sales.

    Many thanks in advance for any help,

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    I feel sure that homeopathy could do a lot to help your case. Can you find yourself a professional homeopath who will take a full case history and prescribe a remedy for you as an individual?
    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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      Good remedy choice Gary.
      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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        It would be best to see a professional homeopath, You could try CALCAREA FLUORICA.
        CALCAREA FLUORICA is for bone weakness or recturring dental troubles,deformities, such as exostosis,dental caries,spurs.
        CALCAREA FLUORICA:Mouth.--Gum-boil, with hard swelling on the jaw. Cracked appearance of the tongue, with or without pain. Induration of the tongue, hardening after inflammation. Unnatural looseness of the teeth,with or without pain; teeth become loose in their sockets. Toothache, with pain if any food touches the tooth.
        Extremities.--Ganglia or encysted tumors at the back of the wrist. Gouty enlargements of the joints of the fingers. Exostoses on fingers. Chronic synovitis of knee-joint.
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          Ricky and Gary,
          Sincere thanks for your replies and advice. There is one homeopath listed in the phone directory and she is nearby also a homeopathic pharmacy very nearby. Yesterday was a horrible experience to be sure but searching for and finding whole new avenues to take care of yourself the right way is so uplifting! I will print these out to take with me and report back how it goes. I feel a whole lot better about things. Again, thank you,


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            Phosphorus has a strong affinity for the jaw, so it would be a remedy to consider. I'm glad to hear you're seeing a professional homeopath, though, as that is the best course of action.


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              I haven't been able to bring myself to "see" *anyone* after my bad experience but have been researching tirelessly and treating myself. I have a real proving for your Sulpher suggestion already,(though I don't know too much about what I'm doing). Bought Hepra Sulphuris 30c, Silicea 30c that were specifically abscess homeopatic remedies and per Gary's suggestion, Calcarea Fluorica 12c. I didn't know what strengths were about at the time.
              Didn't know how to take them either. I had the most pleasant results with the Hepar Sulph. It caused the needed abscess draining and I noticed that, as a bonus my breathing was fantastic, (asthmatic). Can you please advise how often to take this?

              The Silicea made me feel generaly lousey. I had increased back, neck and shoulder aches at the time of using the Calcarea Flourica, but could have either been because it was a damp day or maybe it was working on the bones. Was this an aggrivation? Is that good or bad? Again, I'm not sure of the proper strength or usage.

              For others with simaliar problems: my research has led to the purchase of a sonicare electronic toothbrush. ANYBODY with teeth needs this thing--it's incredible! Use it morning and night first with Listerine then again using Enamelon toothpaste. Results in these 5 days have been dramatic!!! You can see the gums coming back up and being restored to health! Suggest this routine along with treating the body inside, attacking the problem from every possible angle. I'm trying to get my inside program together, still. Can you advise on dosages for the above?

              Many Thanks,


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                I also had an abscessed tooth that would not heal w/antiobiotics, no matter how strong. I found immediate relief with Pyrogenium...I strongly recommend it... I used I believe 9c for a few days and it worked miraculously. I also had bone loss - the dentist however filled in the bone with some fake bone material they use for such things...if your dentist doesn't know of this, call around...My dentist is a Dr. Zenk in Inver Grove Hts. Minnesota - if you wish to call him (endodontist). Good luck


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                  Never take more than one remedy at a time!! The Hepar Sulph was working so you should have stuck with this. You may well have upset the action of the Hepar by folllowing on with another remedy too soon If you still have abcess problems go back to the Hepar until it is clear then stop and wait a week or so before going onto any other remedy.
                  RSHom - Registered Homeopath