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    Boy, everyone's having problems with teeth lately! My dentist wants me to have a root canal. Says there is an infection. I have heard that root canals can affect your organs. (Much like flossing affects your heart, I suppose.) So, I really don't want to have the procedure done. Has anyone had experience in actually saving the tooth and root?
    It's upper right molar. Sensitive to cold and pressure. No real pain otherwise. When I think about it, there's a "oh, that tooth's not quite right" feel to it. Bottom "matching" tooth is sensitive to pressure as well. Dentist didn't mention a problem with it, but don't know if he looked. Both teeth have had fillings in the distant past. I did take calc-p 12x three doses four hours apart. Saw some improvement, sensitivity to cold less severe.
    Any help is appreciated!

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    I had a root canal about 15 years ago and it was okay for about the first 8 years except that it felt like an overblown tooth in my mouth because there was a crown on it. I eventually had the whole works pulled. The last three years of it I experienced a lot of aching in the area where the tooth was that extended to other teeth as well. No one wanted me to pull it it...I saw a couple of dentists....they wanted to save it....even after it was pulled I continued to have pain in that area for several years. This is just one person's opinion...but I would never have another root canal done again.

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      The depth and extent of the cavity and the decay will determine whether it is possible to keep the tooth. Where there's life(pain and sensitivity), there's hope.
      Some dentists are very radical and fill or root canal, when more conservative treatment would have been sufficient. I have known cases where root canals have been recommended by one dentist, while other dentists have agreed to do a deep filling (with white composite, not poisonous amalgam of course) and to wait and see if the dentine in the root area regenerates so that the tooth can be kept. In most cases I have noticed that if the person then has good constitutional homoeopathic treatment (after the dental work has settled down)and entirely removes refined sugar from their diet, there are generally no further problems. So I would suggest that you take several opinions before making a decision. There are arguments for and against extractions/root canals. The drawback with extractions is the disturbance to the jaw and the high probability that the above/underneath tooth will also give problems.
      If you opt for a root canal, I would suggest that you find a dentist that uses the metal ring method to reconstruct and mould the tooth so that the bite is correctly aligned. The latest thinking (although I have no dental expertise) appears to be that it is better to apply the composite unlined rather than lined as it creates a better seal. The dentist should also be able to mix the composite to match the tooth colour.
      I would not recommend the use of remedies for single symptoms or the use of multiple remedies or multiple doses. This is not homoeopathy. With homoeopathy, a single dose of a single remedy is prescribed which matches the whole state of the person and all of their symptoms. The results of the remedy are then carefully monitored over several months. There are hundreds of remedies which act on the teeth, each one corresponds to a different temperament and a different state of mind. Damage can result from taking a remedy that is not homoeopathic to your case. I would suggest that you find a good classical homoeopath in your area who prescribes in this way.
      If you want to read an accessible book that explains what homoeopathy is, I would suggest "Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy" by Dr. James Tyler Kent. It is published by Thorsons and is available in cheap paperback form.
      I wish you well.

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        Had root canal on upper incisor many years ago,( before my homeopathy days) after excruciating pain. I have had no trouble with it since. It is slightly darker than the tooth next door but when I asked for a cosmetic crown to match to the same colour asthe one next door the dentist reckoned it would be weakened by this and anyway the colour change was so slight he couldn't really recommend it.

        RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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          Thanks for everyone's input. I did take Sepia 30c once this summer on the advice of a homeopath. He also recommended the calc-p and he now recommends pulling the tooth. We're going to be working on a constitutional remedy for me as this is just one of the ailments I've had this summer/autumn. (I've had something crop up about every two weeks.) Thought I'd get some input from you guys before I did anything hasty with the tooth. If anyone else has an opinion please submit it.


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            Martha, I noticed you said to avoid refined sugar. Does that mean that natural sugars are okay (honey, maple syrup, fruit)?


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              Yes, I always recommend that patients eat wholefoods rather than de-natured foods, because they come complete with many of the enzymes required for their digestion. Refined sugars have been proven to exacerbate tooth decay, while the use of natural sugars has not. Processed and frozen foods have also been found to contain lower levels of nutrients than fresh unprocessed foods. Likewise organic foods contain higher nutrient levels than chemically-produced foods. Interestingly research by the British Food Commission released today shows that three quarters of processed foods contain alarming levels of sugar and salt, and very few beneficial nutrients. There are now calls for UK manufacturers to be forced to withdraw claims that people can derive health benefits from fortified foods (Many other countries are of course ahead of us on this).


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                Before you pull a tooth I would recommend trying Pyrogeneum to cure the infection. I worked wonderfully for me when I had an infected tooth...worth trying

                Good luck


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                  Well, I have tried Martha's suggestion of having a deep white composite filling put in and avoiding sugar. So far, so good.

                  What is pyrogeneum? Homeopathic? Please give instructions on how you took it, for future reference. Thanks!


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                    Pyrogen is used for septacaemia when it goes throughout the body . It is also characterised by having the pulse rate out of all proportion when compared with the temperature!
                    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                      medicine in homeopathy for exposed tooth nerve

                      i want to avoid root canal
                      any medicine for it in homeopathy