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  • Thyroidinum ?

    i recently came across Thyroidinum in one of the books i was reading. it was said to help patients with thyroid problems but it wasn't very clear. i hope someone can enlightened me. is it for over-active or under-active. and its there any other use for it. i have a under-active thyroid problem and i was thinking maybe it can help me but i am not sure able the dosage.
    thanks alot.

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    Dear Voile,

    "THYRODIUM" has been used that way; but not necessarily homeopathically. The correct way to use "THYRODIUM" , as well as any medication/remedy is to read over proving symptoms ; and prescribe upon the similarity between the dis-ease and provings. There is a post that has been posted in here not to long ago about an aggravation from administartion of "THYRODIUM". Best to inform yourself about "THYR" before taking/giving. Perhaps other remedies/treatments may bring improvment, in general; Yet perhaps not particularly. One treatment which is helpful is "Zhan Zhaung"; a mental/physical form of balancing the 'beings' processes;may not be totally curative but iliminates a lot of accumulated stess: Maybe for you,maybe not.GOOD LUCK.


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      If Thyroid deficiency / underactivity is mild then Thyroidinium will work but best to get constitutional help also

      Is Thyroid in your family or is it due to the diet you eat ????

      Lots of ENT infections as child can trigger Thyroid

      Soya foods are death to Thyroid as is Cabbage
      Aluminium heads for the Thyroid and causes many problems too


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        Only the totality of symptoms will determine the use of thyroid, not its over or underactivity. We should not afll in the fallacy of organ prescribing, as the similimum already does that. So if you give us all your symptoms, we can possibly help you.


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          I also have a thyroid condition and am not sure if it is right for me to tag a quesiton in here too. I am on medication, but still have very dry eyes and thick skin. I am too tired for my age, 37, but not exhausted as I was before. According to tests I am normal now, but are there different levels necessary for different people? What is this medication mentioned before, where would one get it, what are the risks of taking it with synthyroid?


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            thanks alot for the suggestions!
            and as someone mention maybe i should describe the symptons,so here goes. i have brittle weak hair, am constantly tired, no tolerance to the cold, very dry skin and have this bloated look as if i have an extreme case of water retention. during my period it gets worse. i bought a Thyroidinum 30x homeopathy preparation to try it out, but whenever i took the the preparation, i get nauseous. do i have to decrease the dosage (the recommended dosage is five drops) or should i stop all together? thanks a million.


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              The last 2 Posts both describe the problems of Underactive Thyroid EVEN ON OPTIMUM REPLACEMENT THYROXINE

              For more info on this side of the coin see

              Mary Shamons many many pages on
              and Mining.Co
              Sure Ben can help you otherwise though on a homeopathic plane


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                I used Thyroidinium when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid/ hair started to fall out when I used it, needless to say I stopped..took eons for my hair to stabilize. If you have Hashimotos there aren't too many things I found to help, most harmed. I was diagnosed recently by a Naturopath with Candida which she says is causing my thyroid problems...worth checking out!
                I have found recently that there really is something to Reflexology though. I've been massaging all of my thyroid points and it has seemd to help...I recommend the book: "Body Reflexology" by Mildred Carter -- every pressure point on my body the correlated with a spot that I had problems w/organs, etc. was sorer than I could believe. after massaging them one day I fell asleep for a couple hours in the morning and woke up feeling better than I had for some time. Its worth a try.


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                  thyroid causes the candida to gain control not the other way around

                  many vitamins become deficient in thyroid disease including vitamin C and B

                  but as you say Homeopathic remedies often fail to work

                  thyroid is generally inherited weakness and needs MIASMATIC help


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                    IODINE: is a classical remedy for goitre, simple and the exophthalmic variety; in this we have the exophthalmus, the thyroid
                    enlargement, the tachycardia, and the tremor. The general lymphatic glandular involvement throughout the body is an additional
                    indication for Iodine. A depressed mental condition is also frequently present.

                    Spongia tosta: A remedy long used in the treatment of enlarged thyroids. It is also most suitable to the exophthalmic variety.
                    Cardiac tremor is characteristic, in fact the heart symptoms of *Spongia are quite similar to those of many cases of Graves'

                    Thyroidine: Produces anaemia, emaciation, sweating and a persistent frontal headache and muscular weakness. It exercises a
                    regulating influence over nutrition, growth and development. Tachycardia and exophthalmic goitre with palpitation from the least
                    excitement, easy excitability of the heart and dry skin. The higher potencies are more efficient in the exophthalmic variety and much
                    safer than the taking of the crude thyroid which has a large element of danger. It reinforces the action of Lycopus, and is
                    complemented by Fucus vesiculosus.

                    Thyroid gland.: can be used very successfully in early cases of Thyroid disorder. This can be used as an alternative to Altroxin

                    Badiaga:Exophthalmic goitre, with aching pain in the posterior portion of the eyeballs, aggravated on moving them, accompanied by
                    tremulous palpitation of the heart and glandular swellings. The pulse is rapid and irregular.

                    Apart from these constitutional remedies like Cal.Carb, Lycopodium, Thuja, Lachesis and Cal.Flour are very useful in thyroid
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