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    Hi to all,

    What would you say were the reasons why such a high percentage of cases that are posted on this website end in disappointment, confusion and failure?

    Would you consider any of those reasons to be (in no particular order):

    *Inadequate education?

    *Practical inexperience on the part of the homoeopath?

    *Insufficient information on which to base a prescription?

    *An over-reliance on keynote symptoms which is supposed to substitute for the fact that you can't actually see and hear and touch the patient?

    *Attempting to prescribe in acute situations in isolation when you know nothing about the chronic state of the patient?

    *Unrealistic expectations of the person seeking treatment from an unidentified stranger over the internet?

    *The homoeopath's ego motivations?

    *Ego competitiveness between homoeopaths and their preferred methods?

    *A lack of accountability in following up cases to see if they actually were ever resolved?

    Anything else?
    If we can identify the problems, we may be able to improve the situation.

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    Dear Chris,

    By posting on the internet, Barb's daughter just got cured of Pink Eye. A case of intolerable morning sickness recently got cured here. There's no doubt that full cases rarely get taken and this is not an ideal situation, to be sure, but I've also noticed that people who post here often report outrageous and reckless prescribing by the "professional" homeopaths they've been to see. This happens so often that I'm wary about recommending that people see a "homeopath" as an alternative to "seeing" us.

    Also, the people who visit here often say, "Please don't tell me to see a homeopath, I can't afford one/there are none nearby", etc.

    Consider Rajan, for instance, who has taken his son to at least 2 qualified homeopaths and neither one has been able to help. (But we have, on this BB, been able to help Rajan's mother who has kidney failure.)

    The thing about the people who ask for help here is that they know they are getting help for nothing, and they know what that means. Nothing is guaranteed them. Even so, a lot of us here really try.

    There are definite limitations. People don't know how to present a homeopathic case. It's frustrating. Do you have any ideas on how we can better assist people who ask for help here?



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      By posting this thread I'm trying to identify the issues.

      Perhaps the successful cases on completion could be re-directed to the 'Restored Health' in their entirety. This way, people who wish to post their own cases could see what's involved, what sort of questions need to be asked. As well, those of us who use this site to study, compare notes etc, can utilize these cases in their entirety too.

      Perhaps there could be a basic questionaire that people are directed to beforehand when they want to post a case.

      Perhaps there could be some guidelines for those who suggest a remedy in a particular case. They must state their reasons, not just "take Apocynum 200C, 3 doses".


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        Hi Chris,

        All the points you mentioned in you're first post, are the faults of homoeopaths in general and why homoeopathy fails in general. IT has nothing to do with Internet prescribing directly.

        I do believe, though, that to be a good internet prescriber one has to have a God given "talent" to visualize a patient inspite of not seeing them. And I agree with Snoopy. But we seem to be the only ones supporting this "Inferior Method" of prescribing. But our day will come, nonetheless.

        I like your're suggestion in your second post..Yes I will get ALL our Internet private patients (many of them from this BB too) who are doing extremely well to post in the cases cured section. Then the sceptical ones can judge for themselves.

        I thank GOD for this ability and the blessing of a method that we have at out disposal to help that group of people (and anybody else) who can only avail of the internet (for various reasons) for relief from their suffering.

        Warm regards,


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          Dear Chris,

          A lot of good suggestions here. Where would the questionaire be? I had one once. On one person's thread I wrote out all the questions, and every time someone wrote in I'd say, "Please answer the questions on so-and-so's thread" and no one did! And the thread finally disappeared to page 3 and beyond....

          Also, do we need a questionaire for acutes and chronics? Cuz we don't want to mix up acute and chronic symptoms when taking an acute case. I mean, just look at Barb's daughter's pink eye case, which was cured with Nux vomica, which no one would have found with essence prescribing.

          Yes, it would be a really good idea if people could give a reason or rubrics to back up their prescriptions.


          [ 06 January 2002: Message edited by: Snoopy ]</p>


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            Snoopy and all of you (ChrisG, David Kemp, Dr.Leela),

            It is with love I say, thank GOD you are here. May you receive many times over the help you give to people in this forum.

            I sleep better knowing you are here and feel that I always have someone to turn to now for:


            My love to you..

            We must study, study, study and think deeply so that we can hit the bulls - eye (find the Similimum) as often as we possibly can....<p>God Love Us....


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              I am with the opinion that homeopathy is such kind of system that it has privilage over the other system. We mainly based on symtoms so we could prescribe easily on internet by reading symptoms of the patient.

              This is not the case with allopathy. As they mainly depend upon physical and pathological picture of the patient.


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                Hallo crisG
                Thanks for addressing this issue.
                As a rule, I donít prescribe over the net.
                It is not my business to judge the abilities of the homeopaths out there.
                Instead, what I can have a look at is their tools.
                The synthetic repertories are very unreliable as shown on the delusions thread, and the Materia medicas in use, except Hahnemannís, and Allenís Encyclopaedia are incomplete and do often reflect more the opinion of the author.
                And another likely problem area are the remedy suppliers, We have at least control over this end by supplying remedies of our own stock in our own patients.

                Taken this into account, even with the best of intentions the homeopath cannot come up with the simile, and even if he does so, poor remedy quality takes away from his endeavour.

                I donít agree with the opinion, that if there is no money involved, there is no responsibility on the side of the person who prescribes.
                If you take on to give the advice, you deal with someone elseís health no matter, and you are responsible for the result of your advice (praise or blame).

                Hans Weitbrecht
                cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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                  In respect to your "qaulity of remedy" situation.

                  Cannot this be overcome in a very simple way?

                  Anyone from America simply orders from HAHNEMANN LABOROATORIES,

                  Anyone from Europe simply orders from DOLISOS, etc.., etc...
                  We must study, study, study and think deeply so that we can hit the bulls - eye (find the Similimum) as often as we possibly can....<p>God Love Us....


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                    I have Hahnemann's and Allen's MM...also Hering's Guiding Symptoms - what is your opinion of Hering?
                    Do you think there is any value to any of the clinical MM....Farrington for example?

                    With respect, Denise


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                      Hallo Denise

                      A quick opinion on these works

                      Allen.s Enzyclopaedia:
                      Still the most complete reference work, which follows the structure of Hahnemannís materia medica. Since the publication of this work there has not been a complete Materia Medica published in book form. A bit bulky and I might use it maybe once a week.

                      There is a concise version: Allenís handbook, which is only one volume and contains about 70% of the big one. Also in this work: clear separation from proving-symptoms and clinical experience.

                      Heringís Guiding symptoms:
                      Hering combined in those 10 volumes some more prominent symptoms with all his cases, so it is incomplete from the proving point of view.
                      I could not find much good in it and prescriptions made based on it failed more often.

                      Farrington was more a theoretical author, never the less his comparative materia medica is a good study materia medica, which brings out the difference in closely related remedies quite well. A similar work is: comparative Materia medica/ R.H.Gross. All those books are available from B.J.publishers.

                      Hans Weitbrecht
                      cure by symptom similarity!<br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a>


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                        From what I've seen on the BB, many of the cases - not all - go astray when practitioners / contributors start debating styles of prescribing and getting hot under the collar when they strike someone who doesn't agree with them.

                        For instance we have some who are obviously keynote prescribers
                        some Kentian,
                        some Hahnemannian,
                        some classical,
                        some Boenninghausen proponents,
                        and then we have neo-this & neo-that

                        (those that may have used complexes have been dispatched or lay low & don't tell that they use them)

                        Then it could be further broken down into those who repertorize by hand or those who use computer reps,
                        some seem to be "intuitives" (one of my friends does this- even after 4 years of study & seems quite good at it........hmmm)

                        AND THEN we have cultural diversity, with some difficulty in understanding linguistic nuances,for instance: where one contributor makes a "quip" or means to make a light-hearted observation/remark & it is misconstrued/mis interpreted and one or more parties take offence.

                        Then we have the difficulty in interpreting the rubrics from the repertories as most of the provings were done in the century before last.. and the lexicon has dated.

                        And not to forget all our opinions. Some are more opinionated more that's a fine line between opinion & ego..
                        I have strong opinions on various things & I know that I will offend some at some stage, but as a teacher I know not to let it worry me. I am still open to hear other people's opinions and try to do so without judgement.

                        I think that the diversity found on this BB and the tolerance and wisdom offered by so many is what makes it such a great learning tool.

                        There are many threads (such as Bettina's & Contenta's) that I have followed and learned so much from, without contributing.
                        Dr Mas has also contributed to my learning, as has Hans by encouraging me to re-read the Organon and other texts when I have been challenged by what has come up on their threads. Divina's posts also offer many insights.
                        Perhaps we should encourage more to post on the Cured section, but how many have patients that come back to tell you they are better? I have found that many forget to tell you they are better.
                        (BTW Dr Leela fixed my problem after Xmas - thanks Dr Leela! )

                        Finally, we have people who have posted their problem for the world to see - brave people

                        They have chosen to come to this site for information and perhaps a cure using homeopathy.
                        I can't believe the cost of a homeopathic consultation in the USA Most Australian practitioners I know charge A$40 - A$50 for an hour, making it an affordable choice of healthcare.

                        That's my 2-bob's worth.


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                          The responsibility Hans talked about is much more than legal...when you have chosen to prescribe you have chosen to impact the lifelong health of another individual...and unless you are able to follow up, you have no clue what that impact has been...


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                            May I suggest Ozzie and Ricky move directly to the United States where their services are so badly needed that they can charge whatever they want and get it! I will find offices for you in my town where there has never been a homeopath. A student and I are having the third meeting of a newly formed study group soon, just trying to get homeopathy known in this town, where most people don't even know what those little bottles in the health food stores are for! As for the list, it has been very interesting reading and I am learning from you all. That will benefit the study group. I'm trying to teach things correctly, but at any rate, these interested people may develop into homeopathy students some day. Perhaps Ozzie and Ricky can take over the study group too, when they arrive.

                            I think it is nice to see the variety in the way things are handled. Some are very cautious to prescribe, which is good, but people have also expressed a great deal of appreciation for those who have jumped right in and prescribed. So there is something for everyone. All the "arguments" have allowed me to weigh and sort my thoughts, adjust them, and learn.

                            Yes, cultural differences play a part, and also I think some people assume that you are saying things for the same reason that THEY might (I was accused of starting Bettina's 2nd thread so I could have my name on it, whereas I was tired of seeing Bettina's lengthy replies disappearing on the first thread. Well, good that she has her 3rd thread now! )

                            These are good questions, Chris, and it would be good to organize a way to handle cases- the questionnaires, yes, and discussion between homeopaths over the reason for the remedies that are considered, perhaps some questions asked again, and then it would be nice if there could be some sort of a conclusion reached between homeopaths and one choice presented to the patient rather than several, as many of these people have no idea who to listen to, or how to differentiate between the remedies suggested. :razz: Also, what about a page of information for the patient as to the use of homeopathic remedies, so they don't just leave thinking this remedy would work for the whole neighborhood, or that they can take it any time they catch a cold, etc? Thanks to you all for your thoughts on all the threads.


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                              What an idea. Let's become organized on this board.

                              Let's start something that has never been done in History.

                              When someone has a problem, they can come to the board and get their case taken.

                              They would have to read an explanation of homeopathy page first.

                              Then perhaps, answer some specific questions.

                              Then type in their case to the best of their ability.

                              This would be followed by any additional qestions from the cyber homeopath(s) taking the case.
                              And then the remedy would be "suggested", NEVER of course "prescribed".

                              Can you imagine when internet cameras become more mainstream (and they are slowly), and then you can actually see the patient live and interact with them and take their case!

                              Can you imagine how this forum could advance homeopathy if we did this???

                              What does everyone think???

                              Am I just drunk ????? Or this a great idea ????
                              We must study, study, study and think deeply so that we can hit the bulls - eye (find the Similimum) as often as we possibly can....<p>God Love Us....