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Can Homeopathy help spinal herniated or slipped discs?

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  • Can Homeopathy help spinal herniated or slipped discs?

    I am interested in finding out if there is anyone on this forum that could help with some information on treating herniated or slipped discs
    in the vertebra of the spine?

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    there are some important medicines for the complints depending upon the symptoms but rest
    on back hard bed is most important aid


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      I personally had good results with homeopathy and my slipped lumbar disc. It did take quite some time to heal though. The intense pain at the beginning was relieved by Coffea (I did fit the mind picture perfectly). Then the complaint surfaced again 3 years later during early pregnancy which was threatened to miscarry. I took Viburnum 30 for quite some time once a week and stabilised the pregnancy and at the same time cured the back problems.
      Although these may not be typical back/sciatica/disc remedies, they did help cure my case.


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        Do yourself a favor, they have never been able to prove a correlation between "slipped discs" or arthritic changes seen on x-rays and pain. It may seem logical but it is not the case. Please read Dr. John Sarno's books.

        I've know people who have had surgery and only got rid of the pain after seeing him and/or reading his books. I never had another back spasm after using his approach.



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          Yes! Homeopathy can help surely.

          If you are interested then you can send complete case. We will help you on this board.

          Homeopathy has atleast 80% curablity rate in these type of diseases.
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            In reply to the last post by Dr. Mas all I can tell you about the case is it has been diagnosed as one herniated and two degenerative intervertebral discs in the lumbar section through a MRI test. Would this be sufficient for you to comment more on treating this problem with Homeopathic remedies?


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              Homeopathy has very good results in treating herniated discs with the consitutional similimum, but it also requires a lot of patience. This remedy is obtained with a detailed case history.

              Often though there are acute remedies to treat the pain or resolve an acute episode. Modern MEdicine does not have any ohter option here except traction ( and pain killers) and ultimately laminectomy.

              I would encourage you to try homoeopathy.


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                Does anyone know what acupuncture could do for this type of problem, other than relieve the pain? Can it do anything to improve or heal intervertebral disc problems?


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                  Acupuncture can help in the pain management.

                  What I am thinking is whether combining both the therapies will be effective or not?

                  Any thoughts?
                  Dr. Shashi Roy
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                    I have done one year diploma course D.Ac plus homeo puncture course. Acupuncture will only help you here in pain management and not in spinal herinated or slipped disc.

                    Wait for my answer ....
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                      I know what a herniated disk is, but what is a slipped disk? Also, disc herniations can usually be resolved with time and patience alone! Chiropractic and massage may reduce time a little in these instances. Realizing that homeopathy remedy requires a full history, is there a short list of the remedies that may help?


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                        Thanks Anna, that's an excellent explanation of the problem here.


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                          I have seen mention made in various Materia Medicas of using Homeopathic remedies by injection. Does anyone have any insight on the practice of injecting Homeopathic remedies, what advantage there is in it, and can this be done directly into a vein? Is there any Homeopathic literature that could help with this?


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                            Iscador therapy is a sort of homeopathic remedy given by subcutaneous injection. Not in the vein.

                            Iscador is essentially used in Cancer Therapy.

                            Also homeoapthic remedies have been used on tips of Acupuncture needles for acute ailments by some practitioners.


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                              I know Peter Fisher,Consultant rheumatologist and Homeopath at the London Homeopathic hospital often injects Apis directly into the joints of rheumatoid patients with some success.