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Very High Fever - Three days - No other symptoms - Help

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  • Very High Fever - Three days - No other symptoms - Help

    My daughter is 7 and 1/2 years old. She came down with a high fever last Thursday and has continued having it fluctuate between 105.6 and 103.5. I have tried Bella Donna 6c, 12c, 200c and 1m and even an antibiotic (the first she has ever been on in her life) for 24 hours without success. She has no other symptoms but fever. She asks for water but I have to keep after her to drink much of it. The symptoms appeared the morning after dress rehearsal for the musical play she was supposed to star in tonight. Of course she couldn't do it and I think stress may have been a factor in bringing on the fever because she was nervous for the opening night. Is there anything I can do for her. Her pediatrician says we just have to wait it out since it is probably a virus.

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    Dear Dorothy,

    there must be some other symptoms - a fever never exists in a vacuum. Give us some other indications to work with.

    Thirst for what exactly? (temp of drink)
    Is she refusing the water once you give it to her?
    General level of energy
    General mood
    Any cravings that are different from normal

    Particularly we need to know how she is different from before the illness.

    I would definitely look at Gelsemium due to the causation of performance anxiety.

    There is always Ferr-phos for fever with no other indications (but I don't like doing that personally.)
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      Hi Dorothy,

      I agree with DavidJK.

      But on the basis of the only symptom you gave - she asks for water but you cannot get her to drink it- here is a rubric

      Gen, Food - drinks desire, accompanied by thristlessness: Ars, bell, calad, Camph, cocc, Colo, graph, nux mos, phos, weis.

      OF course one needs to know whether this symptoms was there befor you started on the BEll otherwise it could be a symptoms of BEll.

      IF you get back to us with the rst of what DavidJK has asked, we would be able to help out better.



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        I thought about that symptom too - I considered "Desires numerous things, refused when offered" - quite a few remedies there.
        David Kempson.<br />Dip.Homoeopathic Medicine.<br />Lecturer Australian College of Natural Therapies (Brisbane Campus)<br />Member AHA, AROH, HMA<br />Member Australian Homoeopathic Association. Member#0442.


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          Dear David,

          Except for fever I didn't notice any other symptoms, but given your list here is what I would say:

          Appetite - She is hungry but doesn't eat much when given food.

          Thrist - she asks for water, but doesn't drink much - just a little unless pushed.

          Energyleveldrops as fevergoes up but returns as fever goes down. Starting to lose more energy each day.

          General mood is good - does not dwell on disappointment of having to be replaced in show last night. Hoping she can perform today at 2:00 - optimistic.

          Nightime fever sarted at 103.6 at 10:00 pm and was at 102.6 by 11:00 pm. Remained at that level throughout the night.

          Sweated only a little when fever was dropping a little last night. Stopped when fever went back up.

          Bowels are looser than normal but not diarhea. May be due to the one dose of antibiotics given on Friday.

          She is tired and flushed after 3 days but prior to this just looking like normal. Except for the asking for water I wouldn't have been able to tell she was sick. Wants to sit in my lap and be held.


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            She woke up this morning before 6:33 and says she feels wonderful. She had a little uncontrolled diarhea in her underwear but I found her cheerful, laying in bed, reading a book, excited to tell me what it is about. Her temperature is 100.6. Should I dose any more bella donna, or try something else, or leave her alone?


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              There was one more symptom I did not mention. She had an odd smell that permeated her clothes and bed things even after taking a bath. It smelled like cheese. Perhaps it was after taking the one dose of antibiotics. I did give her 2,000 vitamin C last night before bed. At any rate she is dancing around right now. Hard to keep her down.


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                Temperature is now 99.8 and she says she feels great. It is almost 8am and she has diahrea. Her eyes look tired but she insists she wants to do her performance at 2:00pm. I have to make a decision soon about that and treat the diahrea, although I think it is a reaction to the high dose of vitamin c given last night as well as a purging of the virus. What do you think?


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                  She wanted breakfast but says it hurts her stomach. Her temperature is now 96.9. Has repeated diarhea. Help!


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                    HEr diorrhea may be because of the antibiotics. IF the fever has touched normal, lets just wait and see if the fever rises again.
                    Only then we'll know if the BElladonna helped. IF another remedy is indicated it will be either Ars Alb or Phos either 30 or 200.

                    Just clarify the foll points:
                    1. TOngue coating
                    2. Thirst craving is for something cold or warm.
                    3. Is she feeling chilly or hot? Does she want to be covered or incovered.

                    Relax, she seems better.



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                      I think china will clear rest remaining complaints


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                        The dose of 2000 vit C was rather high for a child, although with such a high fever and not wanting any damage done due to the fever I understand why you gave such a high dose. If using homeopathic remedies usually high does of vitamins are not needed. Small frequent doses are better. Shocking the body with high doses of vitamins can stress the body more. Gentle healing is the way to go.

                        Children loose calcium in high fevers too. In the future always use a calcium supplemant along with Vit C. The calcium will also prevents the diaherria. The sore stomach may be due to the acid of the Vit C and possible aggravated by the the antiboitic.

                        Ester C is a good choice in Vit C because it is combined with the calcium, or calcium ascorbate if available is cheaper and also good.

                        I have found that often Aconite is a good remedy when fever starts suddenly with flushed face and lack of persiration.
                        If it was anxiety then the Gel might have worked better as stated.

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                        Carole Franske


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                          Thank you for your replies. (Very good to hear about the vitamin C with calcium for the future.)
                          Meanwhile, her tongue is lightly coated starting about halfway back. She craves room temperature drinks. She feels warm not hot. Doing much better although I have not given Ars Alb, China, or other yet. What do you think? Can it hurt to try? Which one at what dosage?


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                            I have just given her arsenica album 200c to stop the diarhea so that she can do the show. She has to be better in an hour and a half or she just can't do it. If it doesn't work in an hour I'm tempted to use the aleopathic Kaopectate, but it has a "minty" flavor that may ruin whatever is working for her. What do yout think?


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                              I don't think she needs any more medicine. If she has to attend the show, China was a better alternative, but at the risk of affecting the remedy that was working. I'd prefer you did nothing! SO its difficult to advise you here.

                              Just see that she has enough of fluids and relax!


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