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Teeth turning transparent

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  • Teeth turning transparent

    Hi All,
    During the last few years, a friend has noticed that her front teeth have gradually changed. It seems as though they are becoming clear in colour. The strong white teeth are still apparent, but only at the top of the tooth near the gum line, the bottom half of the teeth are now changing to almost transparent in colour. There is a noticable straight horizontal line on the teeth where it changes from the normal looking white tooth to the clearer looking tooth. Both front teeth match - line exact same position. They do not seem to be thinning (but again she is not sure as it has been a gradual process) and do not cause pain, but she is worried. She has some inflamation of the gums occasionally. Initially she thought that perhaps it was from mouth breathing when sleeping but now she is not sure. Has anyone heard of this before? Any remedies that might be indicated?

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    Hello Anna,
    You are correct I am not a homeopath. I have been studying homeopathy, informally, though almost full time, for some 6 months. I find homeopathy very interesting and I have become quite passionate about it. I am currently in the process of looking at formal training leading to a diploma. I feel this is in line with my current methods of healing. I have my 3rd degree reiki and have always used it in conjunction with herbs and nutrition in treating myself and family. We are all quite healthy as a result. Homeopathy, to me, brings it all together and more.
    I'm finding it very confusing trying to suss out the various training programs offered, with so many within the homeopathic community at loggerheads with regards to using new remedies, proving methods, systems of education, etc., etc. One only has to look at the lyghtforce list or read the archives here to see that many different views are represented. I do not want to spend thousands of dollars and in the end find that I feel I am not getting the best training. So, for the time being I am an informal student and hopefully as a result will be able to better choose which institution I will enroll in.
    Now, if I was a student of a training centre and it was noted in profile....would you have answered? I regret now that I did not write very much in my profile, but after reading some of the archives, I chose to remain as anonymous as possible.

    I have no desire to prescribe to my friend. I just found her problem interesting and wasn't able to find anything in the Repertories I have (tho it may be there and I'm just looking in the wrong places - I am, after all, very much a novice) or any of the other books that I have on hand. I also wanted to find out just exactly what the members of the board felt was within the scope of homeopathy. Teeth that turned transparent, could they indeed be changed back to natural whiteness??? Or would the remedy just halt the process. I am intrigued, that is all.
    I am sorry you got the wrong impression.
    I was under the impression that the purpose of this BB was to share information and help one another learn and clarify those grey areas. Perhaps I was wrong. No, I take that back. I have already learnt a great deal from the members on this board and one very valuable lesson was not to self prescribe or prescribe to others that you are close to - except possibly in acute cases. I also note that many other students, laypersons, & homeopaths on this board have gained a great deal of knowledge.
    I was simply asking the question out of curiousity. I had already advised my friend to try and find a good classical,one remedy, one dose, wait and watch, homeopath.


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      Hi Jayj,

      Calc fl could be indicated . Does your friend have any other symptoms?


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        Hi Anna, No problem I often wonder how the homeopaths on this board and other mailing lists find the time to devote to their practice, continuing studies(a must), families and still have the time to share their knowledge & understanding of homeopathic principals on the internet. There is a vast amount of information out there to sort through.

        I would still like to hear how one would proceed with treating such a case if one was a homeopath

        Unfortunately, due to my current circumstances, distant learning is my only option at this time.

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          Hi JayJ,

          This is how a homeopath would proceed with treating your friend:

          A full and case would be taken, in person, in consultation with the patient.

          A complete medical history of the patient and her family would be required, as well as a thorough analysis of the information gleaned from the consultation.

          Clearly, your friend's ailment is not a simple acute ailment; whatever is happening to your friend has been "in the works" for a long time, and is chronic. Chronic homeopathic treatment simply cannot take place without taking the full case in person, and without proper follow up.

          If you're interested in learning about Distance learning options for studying homeopathy in Canada, we can talk in person, off the BB...feel free to contact me privately. There are ways to soften the burden of cost, you know! Perhaps the best way for you to answer your own questions about proper treatment would be do take part in some clinic work with your studies, or approach a school's student clinic for more accessible treatment options for your friend.

          ...and deliverance has many faces<br />but grace<br />is an aquaintance of mine


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            Fluoride in diet, water, toothpaste etc. can cause discoloration of teeth loosing the whiteness. The teeth stay hard but have discoloration.
            Fluoricum Acid is a homeopathic remedy to check out. It is the only remedy in the Materia Medica that has see through teeth like glass!

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            Carole Franske


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              Dear JJ,

              Teeth, enamel, deficient-Calc-f. (3), Sil.(2).



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                Thank you Divina, cib, Snoopy

                I'm not sure it is an enamel problem, but....I don't know much about tooth structure. When my friend went to the dentist, she had an unsatisfactory response to her question about it and since she is not very outspoken, esp with those in "authority", she did not question him further. Does this sound like Sil? I also found it interesting that Sil has ill effects from Vaccinations. She did mention that she noticed this tooth thing about a year after she left on an extended trip through several 3rd world countries. She did have vaccinations before leaving and she also had a wart appear on her foot within that first year. Mmmm And she has had several weird skin eruptions, since her trip as well.

                Anyway, she thinks she has found a good homeopath and is planning a trip to see her and perhaps the homeopath will know of a dentist who has homeopathic training.

                Thanks again


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                  Now it sounds like Thuja--ailments from vaccinations, especially with the wart popping out and other skin eruptions. In homeopathy, getting to the cause is very important.



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                    Hi Joy and Snoopy,
                    Thank you for your responses.

                    Joy, your profile says you are in Florida. There is no way my friend could make it there to see a dentist. We both live in the backwoods of BC. Vancouver is a full day drive from here and no large cities in between. Do you think he would advise me if it is indeed within the scope of homeopathy to turn these teeth back to their original white healthy state? If it is enamel degradation, can it be restored/strengthened with the correct remedy? Or perhaps contribute to this thread? Or know of homeopathic dentists in this part of the world? Any websites dedicated to homeopathy on dentistry? This would arm my friend with additional info when she goes to see her homeopath. I would be interested in hearing from him since he is a dentist and therefore presumably more familiar with teeth remedies and specific tooth related problems than another homeopath. Perhaps you would like to email him and find out if he would like to contribute to this thread and maybe plug his book. I'm sure others here would be interested in hearing his opinion and experiences. Or email me if you think it would be preferable for me to contact him privately.

                    Snoopy - Just looking at Boericke pocket, "ill effects from vaccination" and "warts" are both listed with Thuja and Silica in italics. Why would you jump from Silica and Fluo Acid to Thuja? Seems to me that Silica might be confirmed by this rather than replaced by Thuja. Also Thuja says "teeth decay next to gums" The upper part of her teeth are still white and healthy looking. Although she does have slight receding on one of her front teeth which is slightly crooked which is indicated by Thuja. I'm just trying to wrap my brain around it all. I can understand why possibly Fluo Acid would be rejected but not Sil. Another thing I noted while reading up on these remedies is that Silica enjoys warm baths (better from warmth worse from cold) - I cant remember where I read it though. One of my friends favorite past times is a long hot bath with a historical romance novel. It always makes it her feel better, particularly during her periods or during the cold winter months. Does this additional information make you lean towards Silica again?

                    I think I'll ask her if she wouldn't mind if I do a practice case taking on her. I bought Homeopathic Methodology by Todd Rowe and haven't really looked at it yet - I'm still slowly working through the Organon. So many books, so much information, and then there is the seemingly infinite homeopathic resources on the net.

                    No worries though, I will not prescribe and she will go to see a real homeopath. I am very interested in finding out what remedy the Homeopath gives her.


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                      Dear JJ,

                      You're right--Thuja and Sil. are both listed under
                      eruptions after vaccinations. Try Silica first.



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                        Thank you Joy, Snoopy, everyone,

                        All the information was very much appreciated.



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                          Is your friend using any supplements?
                          The remedy Kephalodoron 5% ( from Weleda)can cause teeth to turn/look transparent.
                          Teeth turn normal after the remedy is stopped.