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whats the difference between fistula , piles and hemoriods disease ?

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  • whats the difference between fistula , piles and hemoriods disease ?

    i want to know whats the difference between fistula, piles and hemoriods disease ? please tell me in details and also tell me what homeopathy medicines mostly work perfact on these diseases.

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    Hi Rehan,

    A fistula (in Ano - which I suppose is what you mean) is an abnormal passage/tract that has been formed from the inside of the rectum (mainly anal crypts) to the skin on the outside, following an abscess formation in this area. This is an abnormal type of healing. There is constant discharge through this as well as ocassionally inflammation and tnederness.

    Piles and Haemorrhoids are generally the same thing. But there is something called an"external pile" or a "sentinel pile", which is something that forms following fissures in the anus, due to hard stools. These may also bleed form time to time. The bleeding is basically capillary in origin.

    Haemorrhoids are internal varicosities of small verins that are at the junction of venous plexues. They are internal piles as well as external piles - 2 different plexuses. The basic fault is like a varicosity, due to increased pressure in the area from prolonged sitting, excessive straining at stool, obesity, pregnancy etc. The result is engorgement of the veins, and bleeding through the stretched thin vessel walls.

    In acute conditions of all three problems, many homeopathic remedies may be indicated depending on the symptoms. But in chronic cases, it is only the Consitutional Similimum taken with the whole history, that is helpful.

    All the best,


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      please tell me is there any homeopathy medicine who increase cock size ? my friend resently marriad and he told me to ask you this question if you know the medicine name then its good for him. anyway i thing agnus custes or saleneem can solve his problem what do you think


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        The most stupid question one can ever ask on the public discussion board is that question, which you have asked here.
        <b>With warmest regards<br />Q.T</b>


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          Can't you just use the proper term - penis? Instead of gutter-snipe? You either learned English from some smutty sources (in which case, you might like to know that the word you used isn't used clinically....but rather found in dirty magazines, or used as an insult, or telling dirty jokes, etc) or you're joking (in which case, grow up).

          Otherwise, no - in answer to your question - as far as I understand it. Homeopathy cannot change what God gave us and it cannot show us how to use what God gave us. But it can help us to accept what He gave us.

          [ 13 February 2002, 16:15: Message edited by: LisaAnnan ]
          "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
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            cuty my name is rehan not rehnan you stupid are you anyway lisa i was not joking its a serious question which i was asking you and for your kind information there are many homeopathy medicine which can work perfact in these cases i was just judging your knowlage but sorry to say that in this case your knowlage is zero.


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              If symptoms permits you then you can give your friend lyco It has the symptom, which you are looking for.

              Lisa andCuty,

              I agree with you

              By the way Rehan, you are not Rehnan or Rehan. You are actually Rehan200002 You also need reading glasses.


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                Rehan, no need to sling insults at people here.

                If someone is having a problem getting an erection - then of course that certainly can be addressed with a suitable remedy. If someone is unhappy with the God-given size of his penis (erect or not) then no, it cannot be altered. I'm afraid the way you wrote it wasn't very clear.

                In one breath you said you were serious and wanted to know -- and in another breathe you said you were testing people's knowledge here. Which was it (rhetorical question - don't answer)? To say you were ONLY asking to test people's knowledge indicates you weren't serious at all, but wanted to play games.

                I don't like this game, so I'll bow out and leave you to bask in your vast pit of knowledge.
                "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                Carroll Dunham


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                  In homoeopathy, we can coin the symptoms. Irrespective of the fact that the concerned symptom is not present in materia medica. Take the example of male sexual organ. If it is naturally small then it is a medical problem and need some attention.

                  No special symptom is present in materia medica on this special symptom. What we can do here. Coin the symptom

                  Penis Shriveled
                  Penis – Atrophy
                  Erection – small

                  See the result: 1. LYCO, 2. Ign 3. Arg Nit.


                  Do you see your friend’s sexual organ? It is quite possible that your friend is anxious about his sexual organ and actually there might be no problem. Then give Ignatia CM. One dose.

                  If he is lazy, week, slim and complaining for mal absorption of food. Give Arg Nit.

                  If he is actually have the problem. Then I will recommend Lyco in material doses with an advice to use organ therapy device available at Shiraz Homeopathic Store Lahore.