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URGENT - advice please for bird in distress

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  • URGENT - advice please for bird in distress

    hello - please advise what can be done to best effect -

    small bird [blue tit?] found on the doorstep - literally.
    has its head tucked into its breast so it looks headless [hence the identification difficulty.] breathing heavily.

    i am not looking for homoeopathic advice as there is nothing to go on - it might be cold [even though the weather is fairly mild]; it might be frightened.

    for example, is it best left where it is, or put into a box and kept indoors in the warmth? fed? watered? etc.

    advice gratefully received.

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    Hi Anna..

    The bird may well have flown into a pane of glass and knocked itself silly. If the weather is moderate and not life-threatening, I would leave it outside but, perhaps, place it out of the way so strolling cats and children won't bother it. A box lined with a towel would be nice. You might consider a drop of Rescue Remedy. If not severely injured, the bird will probably come to on its own. RR never hurts though.

    Good luck!


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      hi again, just to report that when i caught the bird and put it in the box it flew out and perched on a branch so it might be ok. possibly hit into the small window in the door and stunned itself?
      it looked very young for this time of year.

      i left this post here in case anyone would like to give advice - this is not the first time such an episode has occured and it would be useful to know what to do for the best in case of future situations.


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        Hi Anna,

        Sorry but just now saw your post. You got lucky! Always wonderful when they fly away. What a relief. Adult birds are tough. They succumb to fear as much as what might be their problem. As long as not a fledgling, needing feeding, it's always best to do as Melin suggested, keeping an eye on them for a bit to see if they don't manage by themselves.

        Melin's probably on target about the bird having been stunned. RR is good advice, in the mouth, not on the openings in the nostrils. Only a drop of diluted should do. If you feel that doesn't bring enough response, we use Arnica all the time with downed birds going on the first assumption of stun/trauma, if quick exam doesn't reveal broken wings, legs, bleeding or signs of poisoning (flopping/shaking/erratic movements/mouth open and working, then think of poison remedies). I remember Will Taylor saying he uses Arn 10M on stunned birds but I usually use 200, in water. Trying to keep a distance, so dose once only, if possible.

        If neither Arn nor RR bring results, it's best to call a local wildlife rehabber who (hopefully) will know the proper diet for the kind of bird in question and might have other birds in for rehab, so the bird has like company. or can I say...birds of a feather? If you don't know a rehabber, in the US, people can call the local shelters or the police to locate one. If this happens with frequency, you might want to line up the rehabbers in advance, finding who takes what in emergencies.

        Nice going, Anna.....a bird in the bush is much better than a bird in the hand.
        Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.


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          thank you, bird carers.


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            ps. if the bird lets you touch it in a stunned state, perhaps more likely aconite than arnica? though it's just theoretical.


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              Anna, you might be right. Acon for injury with fright. Arn more to prevent shock and collapse. I don't know the answer. Have gone on the premise that a bird appearing stunned/stupefied had probably had collision of some sort. Usually they are on the ground near a building or car. They have that head down look.

              In that case, there isn't yet much fear showing, though. I felt RR given while still stunned, might prevent the immediate fear when coming around......and that it helps bring them come around. Sometimes it's enough and they fly away. If not, then I usually use Arn, if no other indications of injury.....thinking head trauma, then cross my fingers they will fly away.

              But if it doesn't and the bird is in and out of a stupefied state, then restless, showing fear....Acon would certainly seem appropriate.

              Then......HOPE they fly away.
              Sometimes on Earth, you can find something that resembles a little piece of Heaven. And sometimes on Earth, a little piece of Heaven can find you.


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                Oh my little Chick.

                One day, chick carrier who sells chick on his bicycle came to my street. I bought two chicks from him. Both were so cute and small. I paid Ruppee ten and took them at home. I put them in a straw box. One day, when I entered into my house with my bi-cycle, the chick came infront of me. The front wheel of cycle struck him heavily. There was a severe blow on his leg muscel. The chick fell down on the ground. The put his head on the ground and gave an impression that he is dead. I was worried. I put the chick infront of burning gas heater. I put two or three drops of Aconite cm mixed with water in his peak. Actually that was the shock which threatens the chick and not the heavy blow. Otherwise, he was O.K

                Now the chick has developed a habit. Whenever, I put a match stick to gas heater, the chick comes near to the gas heater and provide warm to his leg while streching his leg and spreading his left feathers.

                This is new problem for me, I am thinking about Ars for him. Is it Ok.

                [ 21. January 2004, 05:17: Message edited by: Dr. MAS ]
                Forum Pk


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                  A week ago, I contacted Dr. MAS on his mobile and finalized a programe to visit a poultry form. RV was decided and we with few doctors visited Dr. MAS Village Fateh Pur. Dr. Shahkeel Sarwar also reached the point after covering long distance for the coverage of the tour.

                  Local doctors told the guests doctors that there is no outbreak in Pakistan of Bird Flu. Except in the few area of Sind where this disease came through migrated birds in costal areas.

                  We all visited few poultry forms and seen nothing unusual there. All the hens and chicks were healthy and smart

                  Doctors said Aconite 3x, Puls 3x, allium cepa 3x, eup perf 6c, kali bich 6c and kali carb 3 have symptoms of bird flu. But no body had the experience of such disease

                  Later on we visited Dr. MAS residence. I asked him "Chick Story". He said I never told anything lie at net if members have no believe on me than I have no method to convince them.

                  I took two photographs of the chick.

                  The chick is walking with lingering left leg and moving towards the heater.

                  The chick is sitting near the gas heater with slight stretched aside and enjoying warm air.


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                    OH, wowwwhhh

                    I thought it was all fraud and dr.mas is kidding with us. Hamm


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                      Dear Arshad Sheikh,

                      There are few person who believe in "serving the people". This does not mean that they can not earn money or they do not know methods of business. Mas is one among those who take satisfaction in serving the people. We are calling him fool.