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Colo-vaginal fistula

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  • Colo-vaginal fistula

    Hi, I have a colo - vaginal fistula. This was diagnosed by MRI scan. It means I have faecal discharge through my vagina. I've had it for about 10 weeks now.

    It appeared 4 weeks after I had surgery - a subtotal hysterectomy for advanced endometriosis together with two really massive ovarian cysts.

    I'm fairly sure both my body and mind reacted very badly to the surgical invasion. The surgeon had to do quite a lot of messing about - my colon and bladder were both fused with other organs and had to be separated.

    I was recommended a second op to close the fistula. I really didn't feel like going thru' another op. Especially as I was sure the fistula was a result of the first op. I didn't seem to be recovering too well from the first one, at least, not as well as I was led to believe I would. I thought I'd take my chances, at least for a while, and see if the fistula would heal by itself. The surgeon whose remit this would have been, to his credit, was happy to go along with it.

    I know some fistulas do heal by themselves, but there seems little information of what one can do or refrain from doing to aid the process. Or even the likelihood of self-heal in percentage terms.

    I have started taking Silica Terra 200c once a week. For the previous month I was taking Silicea 6c twice a day. I am pretty sure I'm a Silicea person. However I am not sure of the dosage I should be taking for this colon tear. What dosage makes sense to you?

    When I first had the symptoms of faecal discharge, I had them everyday, periodically throughout the day, but always worse at night.

    These days I can have 2 or 3 days when I'm convinced it is almost healed cos I have practically no discharge. Then, I'll have a couple of days where the discharge is on the increase (quantity and frequency) and then full scale discharge for another 2 or 3 days, though not with the original frequency. Then it will be better for a while.Ö etc Still always worse at night than daytime, whether itís a good or bad day.

    I can't tell if the fistula is healing or not. I suspect not, because although overall they are less frequent, the fact that I can still get the bigger discharges must mean the hole is still the same size? No?

    Also, everytime the symptoms get worse I need to sleep for long periods of time. I can sleep like a log for up to 16 hours, waking briefly maybe twice just to pass water and change underwear or whatever.

    I have also been taking Argent Nit 6c twice a day for sugar cravings, (I can really eat a lot of sugar - sweets, fruit, juice, anything, so long as it's sweet) and Arnica 6c for general healing and bruised body feeling.

    I have also just taken my first dose of Psorinum 200c (fortnightly) for a bad outbreak of psoriasis which appeared shortly after the fistula, and was getting worse. Two days after taking it, the psoriasis seems better. So I may not take another dose.

    Both Silicea 6c and Psorinum 200c were previously prescribed for me by Royal Homeopathic Hospital (London, UK) for a bad bout of psoriasis five years ago.

    I have cut my smoking down from 30 odd to 6-8 cigarettes a day.

    So, may I have all your comments, please? I really would prefer to not go the surgical route. My memories of the first 4 post-op weeks are like remembering a nightmare. Thanks so much, in advance, for any help you can offer.

    Best Regards, Star

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    Been there, done that. I totally sympathise. I have a total of 8 general anaethestic surgeries (and numerous local surgeries) to rectify these problems all stemming from what was originally considered a "minor" infection.

    Last MRI scan showed three fistula running parallel to the bowel. They never seem to go away. Mind you my last scan was in 1999 after one fistula became infected. No, I did not have the surgery but opted for the homoeopathic route. The infection lasted three days. All previous infections had been met with "emergency" surgery.

    I would suggest that you find a very experienced homoeopath (one who takes a classical approach preferably) who SHOULD be able to sort this out for you.

    As I have not had any further infections since 1999 (but have been under very skilled homoeopathic care). I would go back and see if the fistula are still apparent, but as I no longer have any bloody discharge or "other" problems, I don't care.

    Best of luck.
    Regards,<br /><b>Simone H</b><br /><br /><i>Aude Sapere</i><br /><br />"Never be a passive listener or learner" ~ Christian Gottfried Hahnemann


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      Well, for what it's worth...(everybody hates it when I prescribe only on only one symptom, so I apologize to everybody in advance) here's what the repertory says:

      Rectum: Fistula, recto-vaginal--thuja.

      It's the only remedy!

      The main rubric is quite large--maybe 50 remedies and 10 of them are "3"'s, Silica being one of them.

      An interesting choice might be Staphysagria(2), since on the mental level we have "anger and humiliation", which I imagine must be what you're feeling.

      With regard to potency, I would say 30C in water with succussions before each dose (a sip) three times a day until you start to notice improvement, and then you should take less often.

      If you don't see an improvement in 3 days, switch to another remedy. If it makes you worse, stop the remedy.

      Do you know what succussions are? It's like shaking or stirring.

      Of course, this assumes you can't find a good homeopath to see in person.



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        Hate to say, it, Snoops, but you knew I would. Thuja was the first remedy I was given for this problem. What did it do? Nada. In fact, I have know quite a few people with this problem (including my own Grandmother) none of whom did well on Thuja. Mind you, the rubric is rectal/vaginal not colo-vaginal, so that may have something to do with it.

        Had staphysagria as well. Nada.

        It turned out to be the snake family that cinched it for me.
        Regards,<br /><b>Simone H</b><br /><br /><i>Aude Sapere</i><br /><br />"Never be a passive listener or learner" ~ Christian Gottfried Hahnemann


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          Thank you, Snoopy.

          10 succussions per dose?



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            Thank you, Simone,

            I'm going to see if my GP will refer me to the Royal Homeopathic hospital here in London. Classical Homeopathy, I'm fairly sure.



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              Yes, 10 succussions; but like Simone says, we don't have a full case; but, it seems as though this problem was caused by surgery and not something the body did on its own; so, even something like Calendula 30C, a major wound and post-surgery remedy might be called for; and again, staphysagria...but, better to see a homeopath in person if you can. Let us know what happens.



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                Thanks for the info, Simone. I guess it never hurts to take Calendula after surgery--might prevent a lot of these problems from ever occurring.



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                  Just so you are aware, taking Arg Nit, Arica and Psorinum the way you are currently taking them is not in accordance with 6th ed. Organon prescribing (nor what I would call classical).

                  One remedy, watch and wait is what I believe in, but then there are plenty of others on this board who would disagree.

                  Let's just say that I have seen polypharmacists and many others before finding the strictly classical approach worked - for me, anyway.

                  All the best.
                  Regards,<br /><b>Simone H</b><br /><br /><i>Aude Sapere</i><br /><br />"Never be a passive listener or learner" ~ Christian Gottfried Hahnemann


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                    simone- I was just about to point out what you said regarding taking all those remedies repeatedly.

                    I second your opinion and think most of the folks here would agree - star you need to find the remedy that will help and stop messing with the others. I hope you find relief soon - it sound like a horrible affliction.

                    Man, do not pride yourself on your superiority to animals. For they are without sin and you in your greatness defile the earth by your appearance on it and leave traces of you foulness after you. Dostoyevsky


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                      Thanks, guys. I have actually stopped taking everything for the moment. I had come to the conclusion of one remedy, or at the least, one remedy at a time.

                      And Iím seeing the GP today re: a referral for homeopathy. Not sure these things happen very fast, though.

                      Snoopy, today some old stuff re-surfaced in therapy which made me take a second look at Staphysagria. The mind indications are very much me Ė the kinds of anger, including some long suppressed stuff, and the effects anger has always had on my stomach and abdomen.

                      Although itís a fistula and therefore one would suppose the discharging could be constant, I seem to have attacks of it, ie a few bad symptom days accompanied by the long sleeps, sluggish mind, bad memory, unwillingness to exert myself together with pain in abdomen and stomach. Then Iíll have a few good days when the discharge is at most a slight stain. These days are accompanied by an increase in vitality and a willingness to get to grips with my life again.

                      Some womenís fistulas close spontaneously, however if if I keep having flare-ups, itís not getting a chance to heal. Iím sure the flare-ups are due to emotional stuff Ė but a lot of it isunconscious Ė it affects me without my even noticing

                      Anyway, Iíll opt for either Staph or Calendula. Iíll think about it over the weekend.

                      A bit more advice, if you wouldnít mind. How long would you wait before you before trying another remedy? How important is the duration of the action of the remedy as a guide? For example, if Staph is supposed to have a minimum action duration of 3 weeks, should you wait at least 3 weeks since you last took it before you try something else?

                      Simone, when you said the snake family clinched it for you? Crot c, crot h? elaps, senegÖ? Would you be at all willing to elaborate?

                      Thank you again, guys, for being lovely and being there.



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                        Simone, I meant to mention this in my earlier message.

                        Just to make sure Iím being fair to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. As far as I remember, ( it was 5-6 years ago), I was prescribed a remedy at a time (rather than several in conjunction).

                        Best, Star


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                          Remedies to halt the infections (in the immediate time frame) were crot-h, naja and Black Mamba (a Sankaran proving) in succession (about 1-3 months between each prescription); mostly in the CM and 200 potency scale.

                          Knowing this, however, will be of no use to you whatsoever because a remedy has to be chosen according to your symptoms, not mine.

                          Oh and ditto on the attacks thing. Symptoms were persistent, but I had bad days and worse days.

                          [ 28 June 2002, 07:42: Message edited by: Simone ]
                          Regards,<br /><b>Simone H</b><br /><br /><i>Aude Sapere</i><br /><br />"Never be a passive listener or learner" ~ Christian Gottfried Hahnemann


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                            Have to say: Calendula, fantastic. Really, really helped when my "open" wounds from surgery were healing. Had terrible reactions to the surgery and bandages and nothing helped but Calendula (mind you, used it externally [didn't know any better in those days] rather than internally).

                            And, yes, it could be different because it was caused by surgery. Although my first infection wasn't, the fistula developed after surgery. So, that may have been all the difference.

                            [ 28 June 2002, 00:52: Message edited by: Simone ]
                            Regards,<br /><b>Simone H</b><br /><br /><i>Aude Sapere</i><br /><br />"Never be a passive listener or learner" ~ Christian Gottfried Hahnemann


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                              Dear Star,

                              Calendula is a remedy that, in my book, you can't go wrong with after surgery, or a wound of any kind. I have no trouble recommending it. I could recommend it without even knowing what kind of "person" you are, what "remedy" you are...just like if you got hit on the head, I could recommend Arnica without having a moment's hesitation.

                              I would put a 30C of Calen. in a small bottle of water, take a sip, do this 3 times a day, shake or succuss before each sip, and give this a three day trial. If it's the right remedy, there should be some indication of it in that time space. With homeopathic treatment, there's no dogma--it's whatever way you respond to best. One dose might be all you need; or you may need to keep taking it. Be in tune with your body's responses and adjust your dosing accordingly as best you can. The important thing is, if you get worse, stop. If nothing happens at all, and you feel that you've given the remedy a fair trial, move on to the next most likely candidate--which may well be Staphysagria.